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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 92 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 92

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 92: The Truth

Although he was stunned, Zhang Mu didn’t stop moving. He moved backward and kept changing his direction. Although it seemed as though he was retreating, he was actually circling the evolvers. The evolvers were like mutated animals now.

Zhang Mu saw anger boiling in their eyes as well as the desire to eat him up, bit by bit.

“Still not coming out? Seems like this is not enough. I thought that you would have a heartache after your only two wind-type evolvers were killed but you didn’t.”

“Let’s see how many of your subordinates have to die before you come out of your hiding place.”

Zhang Mu sneered at the silver-hair middle-aged man who still hadn’t appeared. He was more cautious than Zhang Mu expected. Even after Zhang Mu displayed such abilities and killed the rare wind-type evolvers, he could still hide behind the scenes calmly and kept baiting.

Zhang Mu started his next step. To destroy all the cannibals.

Zhang Mu stopped moving and placed his hand in front of his chest, quietly waiting for the evolvers’ arrival. Within two seconds, they were in front of Zhang Mu.

The man in the white shirt breathed heavily and gave a sinister smile, “why have you stop running? Aren’t you very good at it? Have you gave up and decided to be our dinner?”

Zhang Mu gave a gentle smile, “what if I want to join you?”

The man immediately calmed down and considered the credibility of this statement. He shook his head after a while and said, “it might be possible if you had shown your true powers earlier. Then you just have to eat a human with us and join us.”

“I really see potential in you, little guy. But it is impossible now. You killed the fat man and the two wind-type evolvers that our leader placed high importance in. I can only kill you to answer our leader. If not, I will be in trouble too.”

Zhang Mu smiled even brighter, “they were killed by me so easily. That shows how useless they are. Am I not worth as much as three useless evolvers?”

“That is somewhat true. You are very powerful but no matter how useless they are, they have been implanted the…”

The white shirt man suddenly stopped breathing and his face turned red. He took a while before he regained his breath and said, “I almost said too much. No, you can’t join us. Prepare to die.”

Zhang Mu was actually very curious about the half-finished sentence. What exactly was implanted?

At this time, the man realized that something was wrong, “Wait, you do not want to join us. You are trying to stall time?”

Zhang Mu’s grin got wider and he snapped his finger and said, “correct! Let me reward you with a little red flower.” and instantly, veins started to shoot up from the ground. Zhang Mu planted them when he was moving around just now.

The unlucky evolvers immediately got penetrated by the veins. The white shirt man managed to dodge the first round of attack but still got tied up by the veins. In just a second, more than ten evolvers died. The man tried to struggle but the thorns on the veins cut deeper into his skin.

Zhang Mu didn’t use all his full strength and left some survivors. These people recovered from their shock and started attacking the veins crazily. However, they didn’t know that their comrades had already become corpses and continued attacking the veins with their energy or weapons.

“I am a plant-type evolver too, why? I am not convinced.”

The man shouted angrily after his futile attempts at escaping the veins. He stared at Zhang Mu with blazing eyes and then looked down at his Piranha. He realised with fear that the Piranha on his chest which had its roots in his heart was getting smaller and smaller.

“What is happening? What have you done to my Piranha? You are sucking its energy.”

Zhang Mu was curious too. When the Bloodvine Lotus came into contact with the Piranha, Zhang Mu felt that the Piranha didn’t give any resistance and was completely subdued by the Bloodvine Lotus. It didn’t have any chances of releasing its acid and let the Bloodvine Lotus sucked up all its energy.

Zhang Mu was amazed that the Bloodvine Lotus had such an ability when facing other plants.

Thinking about it, if the Bloodvine Lotus was not so domineering, there wouldn’t be so many powerful survival bases fervently chasing the evolvers who had Bloodvine Lotus and killing them.

The man started scolding Zhang Mu and then changed to insulting him. When he realised that his energy and his life was being sucked away, he finally started pleading.

This guy didn’t learn the good qualities of a human but kept the part of it that was afraid of death.

Zhang Mu looked at the man in disdain. At the same time, he was really agitated. He had killed more than ten evolvers and this guy who looks like the second-in-command was also dying. Yet, there was no action taken.

Could he have guessed wrongly and the silver-hair middle-aged man was not here? Did he overestimate him?

Zhang Mu started to feel irritated as he looked at the remaining cannibals. He prepared to use the Bloodvine Lotus and killed all of them.

Just at this moment, a voice sounded beside his ear, “Era Merchant, you are getting overboard.”

Zhang Mu realised he missed out something. The mastermind knew his true identity. He knew that he was an Era Merchant.

Zhang Mu wanted to speak but couldn’t. He had lost control of his entire body.

No wonder the evolvers became cannibals and were so afraid of their leader. This guy was a psychological-type evolver!.

Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60) and Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119) are Available at Amazon!


Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60), Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119), Book 3 (Chapter c120 to c179) are Available at Amazon!

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