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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 94 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 94

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 94: Self Delusion

Zhang Mu listened to the middle-aged man’s story and was not the least moved. His cold voice was filled with disdain, “such a joke. You could have eaten the bread and survive, why did you eat the girl? Okay even if that time you were forced to eat human meat, what about the times after that? Were you forced to? Stop lying to yourself.”

Zhang Mu’s words pierced right into the leader’s heart. The leader acted like he didn’t hear anything and just continued, “That time, I was thinking about the difference between bread and human meat. If I like human meat more, why can’t I just eat it?”

“What do you say, young Era Merchant?” in spite of the insults by Zhang Mu, the leader didn’t display any signs of guiltiness. He continued looking and Zhang Mu with a smile.

“This is the reason why you keep eating humans? Oh please, you are just a mutated animal with human skin. You think that humanity will forgive you?” Zhang Mu continued provoking the man in front of him. He spoke slowly and calmly as though he was saying a fact.

The leader’s smile got wider as he looked at Zhang Mu’s attitude. The eerie smile covered his entire face and suddenly, it stopped.

“I don’t know where you got your courage from. To think that you are still bickering with me at this point in time. Are all Era Merchants so stupid and useless?”

Zhang Mu caught a hint in his sentence. He knew other Era Merchants. Who is it?

“What do you mean? Have you seen no. 2 or someone else?”

Zhang Mu had his suspicion all along and this suspicion was reaffirmed by his insignificant statement.

“If you meant someone who had the same ring as you, I guess I do know such a person. After all, he is already in my stomach and his memories have assimilated into my mind.”

“You can’t deny that the brain of an evolver is really tasty. Every bite I take. The evolver’s power and memory will slowly assimilate into my body. I will forever remember my first taste of an evolver. It was really delicious,” the leader thought back about the taste and was enthralled by the memory.

Zhang Mu was really shocked this time. His mind started thinking about a lot of things and it was getting complicated.

This person could assimilate other people’s energy and thoughts to become his own. Does that mean that he could keep adding on to his power? No wonder his is so powerful and his aura was so strong that Zhang Mu thought he had reached Level 2.

Psychology-type evolvers were very rare. Zhang Mu felt that the king of this type of evolver had appeared. He didn’t improve his ability through his own hard work and accumulation and used such obnoxious methods so it’s hard to predict what would happen in the future. But as of now, Zhang Mu felt that he had exceeded the human threshold and would not lose to any mutated animals.

However, Zhang Mu was certain that behind his calm appearance, he was afraid. He was afraid of becoming less and less human and Zhang Mu could use this point to provoke him and find a way out of this crisis.

“Are you scared? You scared that you are going too far from the right path but couldn’t give up eating humans. That’s why you found such monsters to comfort yourself right? But I don’t understand how you are able to find such monsters? Do cannibals attract each other?”

The silver-hair leader got calmer when he heard Zhang Mu’s insults and said blatantly, “Yes, I felt lonely. But you were wrong about one thing. These people didn’t have the same hobby as me. I was the one who trained them.” The leader turned around and looked at the crowd behind him. His face was kind. Zhang Mu felt a chill running through his body.

This is so disgusting. These people were all cultivated because he felt lonely and needed people’s recognition and support. No wonder there is so many of them right after the Cataclysm, Zhang Mu was enlightened. But as a psychology-type evolver, he does have the power to play with normal people’s mind and turn them into monsters who desires human meat.

“They are all my children. You killed so many children that I work hard to bring up,” the leader turned around and stared at Zhang Mu with a sinister smile, “do you know how I cultivate them?”

“I immersed them in darkness first and let them think that they have been hungry for so long. Every day, only a bit of meat will touch their lips and they can only lick their lips for some food. When they were nearing the brink of death and had almost given up hope, a small piece of meat was sent into their mouth. The piece of meat slowly got bigger until one day, I gave them a whole arm of a human. They will pick it up and eat it even though they knew that it is human meat.”

“But so what?”

Zhang Mu mind had stopped working. Has this man gotten so cruel and cunning already? Has his character become twisted or was his heart so strong that he can endure such things?

Whichever it was, the situation was equally bad for Zhang Mu.

However, the man didn’t see to want to kill him. Although he cultivated his subordinates, he didn’t want to interact with them as though it would bring down his status.

If that was the case, he could continue talking to him, “that can’t be possible. If all of them got controlled by you and followed your plan, then they must be quite useless. Why did you cultivate such a useless bunch of people?”

The reply by the silver-hair leader caused Zhang Mu to feel numbed in his head.

“There are people who are more strong-headed and refused to follow my plan. But guess what? I fed these people to my children, one piece at a time.”

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