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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 95 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 95

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 95: The True Intention

“I’m afraid that your mindset was no longer to satisfy your hunger. You were experiencing a change in your mental health. Even though you no longer require it, you need it to satisfy your desires.”

Zhang Mu continued. He was challenging the leader’s bottom line, “this change came very quickly and because of that, you developed fear and suspicion, leading you to train these people. You lost your sense of belonging and was very lonely.”

The silver-hair leader smiled, “you are right. However, what is the point? You talked so much but you are still under my control. What can you do?”

“I knew from the first evolver that I ate, which is the Era Merchant’s memory, that you are a very powerful person. The items in the Merchant store were all taken by you. You must be a very smart person too. Why are you trying so hard to provoke me?”

Zhang Mu didn’t seem frightened and said, “since you knew what I want to do, why are you still playing along? Do you find it interesting?”

“You are right, I find it very interesting.” the leader ignored Zhang Mu’s gaze and continued himself, “I don’t know how your brain works but you have guessed correctly some of my thoughts. If I don’t already know that you are a plant-type evolver, I would have guessed that you are a psychology-type evolver like me.”

“Yes, I am very lonely now. I actually feel a sense of intimacy when I see you.”

“I was thinking that your brain must be very nice to eat too,” the leader suddenly said this and Zhang Mu immediately felt nervous. He couldn’t keep up with this powerful guy’s mind. One moment ago he was saying he felt lonely and now, he was thinking about eating Zhang Mu up.

Zhang Mu still couldn’t control his body. He felt that this guy’s spiritual power was on another level. A thought came into Zhang Mu’s mind.

Although the guy in front of him had not reached Level 2 yet, his spiritual power and strength were already on that level.

There were no other reasons why he could control him for so long. The last psychology-type evolver he met was the one outside the Xi’an Merchant store. That guy could only control a walking dead. He didn’t have the spiritual power to directly control evolvers like Zhang Mu and might even find difficulty controlling a normal person. Hence, he didn’t control Zhang Mu in the end and used Yuan Rui to threaten him instead.

However, this leader of the North city had controlled him for almost 15 minutes. This had nothing to do with a person’s willpower anymore. It was a battle of strength and spiritual power.

Zhang Mu used to think that he was ahead of the rest of the people in the world but he took a slap in the face in this small Luoyang city. He smiled wryly in his heart. He underestimated his opponent. He had thought that he just had to help Wang Liang destroyed a new base that was inhumane enough to kill their own race. Who knew that he would discover such a big secret and even got caught?

However, Zhang Mu knew one thing for certain. There was no such person in the future. He assumed that certain acts of his in this Luoyang city caused this big BOSS to survive when he should have died.

Zhang Mu didn’t know that he would get punished so quickly for changing the history. He didn’t know what to say. He gained many benefits but also dug a hole for himself.

The leader looked at Zhang Mu who was in a daze and his greedy eyes regained its composure. He turned back into a normal man and no one could spot any difference.

He looked at the ring on Zhang Mu’s hand and his eyes immediately lit up. He couldn’t hide the praises he had as he slowly said, “at the start, I don’t know anything about Era Merchants. I met an evolver who survived a mutated beast attack by faking death. I was so hungry then but I don’t want to eat anything else.”

“I don’t know what was an evolver or what is an Era Merchant, but when I bite into his flesh, I knew that the taste was different. It was much better than that of a normal human. Within the stench, there was a stream of warmth that slowly integrated into my body.”

“I didn’t realise it at the start that my body was getting stronger. Only after that did I felt that my body was longer so tired and flimsy. I felt like I was 20 years old again.”

“The body of the person could no longer satisfy me. I slowly shifted my attention to his brain. By then, I was filled with power and just needed to use a bit of energy to break open the hardest bone in our body, the skull. I slowly sucked the brain juice and casually enjoyed it.”

At this moment, the leader’s eyes were suddenly filled with regret and excitement, “the more I suck, the more understanding I had about this world. I seemed to have open a new door to the future.”

He finished his sentence and shifted his gaze towards Zhang Mu, “I knew about the Merchant store and who the Era Merchants were. I knew about you, the first Era Merchant who wiped out all the Merchant stores in Luoyang city.”

“However, the ring that he had on his hand, which looked the same yours, suddenly burst when I was eating halfway and I was shocked by it.”

“I was engrossed in the taste of the brain and didn’t place too much importance in that issue. After I finished the brain, I regretted. The Merchant Ring was proof of your identity.”

He finished and move towards Zhang Mu. He looked at Zhang Mu in the eyes and slowly took off his eye-patch, “tell me how to become an Era Merchant and I will not kill you.”

Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60) and Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119) are Available at Amazon!


Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 60), Book 2 (Chapter 61 to 119), Book 3 (Chapter c120 to c179) are Available at Amazon!

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