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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 99 - Zenith Novels

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 99

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editor: Myro

Chapter 99: Finally Falling Into the Trap

It was still at the people’s square. Just that this time, there was almost no one in sight. There was an eerie silence.

Zero seemed to notice Zhang Mu’s curiosity and slowly said, “ever since the mutated animals attacked us, this area had become a spot where mutated animals would always come and visit. However, after the Era Merchant in the crimson blue cloak came, the situation changed completely. Almost all the mutated animals within the area were wiped out and those that were left retreated in fear out of the Luoyang City. After that, this area was encased by a certain power which prevented people from going near it.

“After that, rumors say that those people who were killed by the mutated animals died a terrible death and their hatred accumulated together to form this phenomenon. From the start, people were scared of the mutated animals in this area so when the rumor spread, everyone living around here moved away, including those regular-sized survival base.

I came here once before and wanted to look for the era merchant’s shop that was in the memory of the Era Merchant. However, even after using all my spiritual power, I still can’t enter this place. I could only give up.”

Zero explained in detailed to Zhang Mu in order to find out the truth from Zhang Mu’s mouth.

When Zhang Mu heard Zero’s last sentence, he sneered.

Is the Era Merchant’s shop’s boundary something that you could enter and leave as you please? If it was, there was no point in opening the shop anymore. That was because it was so powerful, no humans would be their match. Even if people more powerful than he became, such as those level 5 and level 6 evolvers, they would not be able to cross the boundary too.

If not, during Zhang Mu’s era when there were many high-level evolvers everywhere, why did they only target era merchants and not the Era Merchant’s shop?

This was because the boundary was too powerful. Normal attacks would not do any damage to the boundary. Of course, there were people who provoked the Era Merchant owner to attack them. However, there were not many people who did it.

Zhang Mu remembered that the number one fighter from a survival base who was a level 6 evolver wanted to get into the Era Merchant’s shop. The evolver followed an Era Merchant but was stopped outside the boundary. He was arrogant and immediately attacked the boundary, wanting to break the boundary set up by the Era Merchant’s shop.

A level 6 evolver was already considered the top tier in terms of abilities. That time, a level 4 Zhang Mu was just a dispensable ant.

Indeed, he was powerful enough. But, when the boundary of the Era Merchant’s shop was broken, everyone was stunned.

Time seemed to stop. A long gun slowly came out from the boundary. Although its movement was slow, the evolver was just like everyone else. He couldn’t break free from the boundary and could only watch as the gun slowly stabbed towards his throat and pierced into it. As his life dwindled away, his head started falling lower and lower.

The long gun shook as though it was shaking off a piece of garbage and the well-respected level 6 evolver was shook off the gun.

His body was discarded on the ground. None of the people around him had regained control of their body. They could only feel fear in their hearts.

After that, the long gun retracted into the boundary as if it never appeared before.

When the long gun disappeared totally, the people around finally managed to heave a sigh of relief. They felt as though a huge rock was placed on their chest just now.

However, the next second, everyone dispersed, They were afraid of provoking the person inside the Era Merchant’s shop again. The death of level 6 evolver was too shocking. Even the people from the same survival base didn’t dare to go any closer. They didn’t even have the courage to retrieve the body. If they were implicated, it would not be worth it.

The level 6 evolver was also an overlord when he was alive. Although he was restricted by the leaders of the survival base, he was still high above everyone else. Yet, he was killed just like that.

Who dared to go over and intrude the Era Merchant’s shop anymore?

At that time, Zhang Mu was among the crowd too. Although he knew that the Era Merchant’s shop owner would not do anything to him, he still wanted to keep his status a secret. In order to not appear too prominent, he retreated together with the crowd and left the Era Merchant’s shop area.

That was the first time he saw the owner striking and it formed a deep impression in his heart.

Zhang Mu kept repeating the scene in his mind. He kept repeating the unstoppable power of the long gun and scoffed at Zero’s statement. However, he didn’t show it. He still needed to complete a mission.

“Okay, we have reached. Let’s go in.”

Just as Zhang Mu wanted to walk forward, Zero suddenly waved his hand and looked at Zhang Mu funnily, “wait, I remember that in my memory, you era merchants have only one chance of entering the era merchant’s shop every month. Starting from the day Doomsday started, it has only been 28 days.

How can you go in? What games are you trying to play?”

Zhang Mu gave an indifferent look and irritating look and shrugged, “I am number one.”

“Is this reason enough?”

This simple sentence stopped all the suspicion that Zero had because he knew that the first era merchant had many privileges. He might really have some privileges in this area. He could only believe Zhang Mu now.

“I warn you, do not have any other intention. If not, you will die a terrible death.”

Zhang Mu didn’t reply to him. He just walked forward by himself.

Actually, this was not Zhang Mu’s privilege. All the era merchants could have this privilege. That is, to use their era merchant’s ring to enter the shop once before the date of the exchange.

However, the cost was high too. You would need ten gold leaves, which means that you need to finish all your missions. Normal people would not do such a stupid thing but Zhang Mu had no choice. This was his last chance.

This function was not announced to the era merchants. It was just being hidden by them but it still existed.

Zhang Mu reached forward with his hand into the boundary and his era merchant ring started to have a reaction. It started shining dimly.

At the same time, a space that was able to contain one person appeared in front of Zhang Mu.

As Zhang Mu was stepping in, his right arm was grabbed.

Zhang Mu didn’t struggle and let Zero follow him in.

In a corner where Zero couldn’t see, Zhang Mu smiled.

Finally, you have fallen into the trap.

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