I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 1

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Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: Crimsonwolf8439


For all the eagerly waiting people, a surprise! Well not really, I suppose. The mini-release three weeks back just nicely covered for it. So, technically, this is an expected chapter! This a standard release, so there is still one more in the queue! Don’t worry, Mr. Anonymous! You get more!

Volume 4 Chapter 1 – Everyday at the Inn 1


Author’s Notes:


This is a sudden time skip.

But I guess it is alright to read?


『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』 Inn.


A lone inn that stood silently in the commerce district of the royal capital Khanklan.

A place which was separated from the commerce district’s main street; an area which was quite far from the clatter of the city, was at present, receiving the attention of the world for a single matter.


The inn was quiet even when it was the peak of business hours and was tinged with it’s usual calmness. The lone shadow of a man could be seen heading towards the inn.




A beautiful girl stood deep in thought at the counter.


(…… Really, a lot of things have happened, haven’t they ~ )


A trip to another world, becoming a student, and also becoming an adventurer. I really must thank Unshin.


The mistress of this inn who gave her gratitude toward Unshin, who was not there, was『Carla Grace』.


Her calm noon came to an abrupt end because of the appearance of one man.


—–  BAM !


[Carla, I’ve come ~ . Please make me the dearest imperial dream! (read: omurice) Also, please become my wife! ]

[Welcome, Kail ….. I’ll make that order right away, but I’ll not become your wife, okay? Also, please don’t break the door ~]


Entering the inn with a vigour that would normally have caused the door to break, the man approached Carla.


Although there might have been some who already realized after hearing the name of the man, combined with his green hair, but he was in fact –


The Oo-klan kingdom king, [Kail – Ooklan], himself.


He had been chosen as king at the age of 18, and had held the seat of power for 8 years, making him now 26 years old.


After he was chosen as king, many of the nobles sent in their daughter through every means so that she could marry Kail and become the queen, but he did not even bat an eyelid to wards these matters and even became infamous as a g*y king with the lack of any women around him. However, after meeting Carla, his character completely turned around a 180 degrees.


[Oh, sorry sorry. Since I always come here everyday thinking that I finally have a little bit of chance you know ….. ]


Contrarily to his vigorous entrance, Kail closed the door softly while muttering.


Yes, he visited Carla’s inn everyday.


It was not like Kail himself did not have any interest in women. However, every time he attended banquets as the son of a noble, he hated the way that women would scorn each other over beauty-related matters.

No matter how beautifully they dressed themselves………no, it was because they dressed up so beautifully that the ugly part within them was revealed.


Because of that, no matter how beautifully dressed a woman appeared to be in front of him, he would not care for them.


In fact, when he first met Carla, he felt the same way.


[That’s impossible, right?…… Yup, it’s done! The dearest imperial dream(omurice) has appeared! Eat it quickly, then go back to do your governor business.]


The reason that the sole man who didn’t respond to Carla’s beauty (or rather it would be better to say that he indeed reacted but was reluctant to see the filthy part inside) came everyday to propose to Carla was due to a really simple reason. That was……..


It’s none other than the food that Carla made was absolutely delicious.


[Ou. No matter when I see it, it always looks delicious, eh?]


The first time Kail had a taste of Carla’s cuisine was from the bread that some noble presented to him.

It was different to the bread he had eaten up to then; it was soft, fluffy and squishy. Even though it had already turned cold, the bread didn’t even become hard. That bread made Kail captivated by it.

He immediately called for the servant who had presented the bread to him, but quickly realised it was not that servant who had created the bread. For Kail who could not forget the taste of that soft and fluffy bread, he searched thoroughly for the one who made it and thus he arrived at Carla’s inn.


[There’s no need for flattery, so just eat quickly. The afternoon break already ended, right? Or perhaps you’re just free?]


Kail acted fast after he knew that Carla was the one who had made that bread. He went directly to her inn, and started to negotiate with Carla.

At first, Kail asked her to work at the castle as a chef over there, but he gradually had his heart completely grasped by Carla’s natural beauty and her ability to cook.


Carla had by no means rejected his offer to work at the castle (or didn’t mean to anyway), but….


[I understand. So you didn’t want to work at the castle. Then I’ll give up for that …… then , please marry me! Or rather, let’s get married!! ]


……and that was it.


Carla had truly and completely captured Kail’s stomach.


Even though he had been rejected by Carla so flippantly [I will not give up you know ~ ] he always left this kind of parting words, and thus he always appeared everyday and proposed to Carla …….. was he really that free ?


[ foi fio foi. The he ho hay hi  (Oi oi oi, there’s no way I) …..


[Please talk after you properly swallow it ~ ] (ED: Insert Lenny face)


….. Gulp ………have free time, right?]


Although I didn’t understand what he said in the first half of his sentence, I think my guess hit the mark. 


[I always slip out from the castle just to eat lunch at this place, you know? Can’t you show a bit of sympathy to me? ~]


This is our usual conversation.


[I am grateful for that, but I won’t become your wife okay?]


Today, the king lost in an honorable defeat …..


Would there be a day that Carla would be united with the king….?


Is this alright?



Author’s Notes 2:


From here, the [OP Inn] will properly start it’s “Inn” part of the story.

Although I think there would be a lot of people who would be shocked at the sudden time leap,

  1. I want to quickly write about daily life at the inn.

      2. I the author thought to write something spin off-ish like story telling the school life part.

or because such kind of reason, I quickly started to write about the inn.


I’m very sorry towards everybody who has been expecting the school part.


Since I’ll also properly write about the school part as extra stories, please treat me well at that time.


Also, I have decided to call this series [OP Inn] from now on. (Op inn)

if there’s any other better nickname, i look forward to it.


1/26 some typo fixed, thanks to garam masala-sama

1/27 updating some part of afterword.


Thanks for reading!

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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