I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 4

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Chapter: 2/3

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Volume 4 Chapter 4 – Daily Life 4


Author Pre-word

The continuation of the daily life.


The questionnaire is still up!


It surprised me that the impressions of my writing suddenly went up!


Well, here is daily life 4.



After I arrived at the kitchen, I begun to ponder what I should be making for breakfast.


[Let’s make a light meal this morning. Bread and salad……and corn potage? That should be enough.]


It’s a really breakfast-ish light meal.



STEP 1 Making the bread.


The process to make a loaf of bread is as follows. Prepare the ingredients, make the dough, knead it, fermentation (1st round), split it and shape it into a round ball, fermentation (2nd round)/bench time, mold it and finally, bake it. That’s the way to do it.

Although there are other smaller details when creating bread such as creating small cuts while benching it (2nd round), I’ll leave those out.


All the information I got was from the【Disordered Information Network】.


Hmm? It’s been a long time since I mentioned that skill? Well, I guess so.


I bake this prided bread of mine in the morning, afternoon and at night. Since it’s a waste to have bread left over, I only bake on order. However……..


Uhn, this process known as fermentation really takes a long time…… (TL ; +/- 5 hours if i remember correctly)


In this world that didn’t have soft, fluffy bread, things like yeast didn’t even exist. Therefore, I had to create my own natural yeast. When I was able to make a yeast that was considered satisfactory, I tried to make bread but………


But this natural yeast…….compared to the yeast that is used and produced by the earth, the power of the mushroom is overwhelmingly insufficient. At the very best, to make bread, it needs at least 12 hours of fermentation.


Back then, I was endlessly frustrated over it. I had thought that this recipe could be well received by the local bakeries, and practiced.


I seriously apologize to all of the original otherworlders that I mocked in the past.

This could be even more troublesome than trying to monopolize the market myself.


And so it is for this reason that I want everyone to understand that making bread is really time-consuming. (TL : you know what else is time consuming? Eating a clock.)


So, with this kind of conditions, how did I manage to make bread on the order?


Well, I used magic.


After making the bread dough by kneading it quickly, I make the dough into a ball and cast magic onto it.


【Time Compression】


It’s a magic that can accelerate time around an object in a fixed space. There is no one who can use this magic except for me. (ED: I need this for my studies. Seriously.)

……As to why I know this, maybe I’ll tell you some other time. (ED: this author breaks the fourth wall too much this chapter.)


Right now, I have to focus on making the bread.



Step 2  Making corn potage. (ED: Potage is a form of soup. Popular in Japan from vending machines.)


This step is for creating the main meal, corn potage.

Since the bread only needs to be baked after this, I set it aside while casting 【Preservation】magic on it.


Does everyone know how to make corn potage? It is surprisingly easy to make.

  1. First, stir-fry some chopped onions.
  2. When the onions are tender and have a sweet aroma, add in the corn.
  3. Saute the corn, and when it is a reddish-golden colour, add bouillon and water in large quantities. (Of course, the bouillon is also hand-made. )
  4. At the same time, ad in some bay leaves. (I can usually find this)
  5. When the water is boiling, taste the corn. It should be sweet.
  6. Reduce the fire, and mash some bay leaves up. (This is the most troublesome part. If there was a mixer it would be easier though.)
  7. Strain it.
  8. When it is completely cooled, then your base is completed! (You can also preserve it in cold storage aka fridge.)
  9. Pour the base into a pot, adjust its thickness with milk, add in some fresh cream (also home-made)
  10. Flavour it with salt, and you are done!


With this, you too, can make a delicious corn potage at home! (ED: I feel like I’m watching a cooking show now……)


Well, for the potage itself, it would have been faster to just buy it, but of course, such things do not exist in this world.


Ah, while I was focused on work I had not realised that time had flown by, eh?


Some customers should be waking up soon. Let’s quickly finish the last touches.



Step 3 – Create the salad


There should be no need to tell you how to make salad. (ED: Senpai teach me pls)

Furnish it with home-made mayonnaise and it is done.


Mayonnaise, it’s popular. (ED: I recall a novel where it was poisonous or something)



The dining room of the inn was full. Everyone who was here was looking forward to Carla’s food.


[Thank you for waiting. This is today’s breakfast ~]


[I was waiting for it ~]

[I was coming looking forward to this you know  ~ ]

[Simple is the best! ]

[Marry me ~ ] – (TL : this one tried to make the king his rival …. )

[…. Wai – You, it’s unfair to steal a march…..]


Although there seems to be a big variety of subjects, ignore it ~, ignore it ~.


The food lined up in front of the customers.


[Here you are. Then, please say the prayers. ‘Itadakimasu’ ~]

[[[[[ ‘ Itadakima~~ su’ ]]]]]


In this inn, unless you say [Itadakimasu] and [Gochisou-sama] you cannot eat.


————- It’s to the extent that even the king himself is no exception.


There were already several people who had been kicked out because of that. Even the king himself was kicked out several times. However, the customers never decreased because the food was delicious.


After that, the customers left the inn in satisfaction.


Well then, time to clean.



Author’s afterword


The impressions increased.


While battling my fear, I read the reviews one by one.


Since there was some good advice, I looked forward to it.


I am also looking forward to the questionnaire.


  1. Carla continues to manage the inn alone.
  2. Increase the employee



  1. Introduce another otherworlder.
  2. Don’t add anyone new.


It seems there are more votes for 3, but our main character will still be more OP!


Well then, treat me well in the next chapter too ~.

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