I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 5

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Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 5
Here’s an update of the main story!


then ….

In this inn which did not have many guest rooms, the cleaning and washing surprisingly did not take much time.

Did you do all of it yourself, you ask? Has everyone already forgotten about the miracle called 500 SPD (ED: Means speed, for those who aren’t gamers or just don’t know)

……Ah, right now though, the SPD had already been raised. There was a time when I was an adventurer.

While thinking about what I should be making for lunch today, I carried on with cleaning.

During cleaning and doing the laundry…….
During these hours, 『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』is changed into a battlefield.

In the 『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』, the time of cleaning and doing the laundry was already predetermined, or else it would have caused some dangerous problems.

“Morning – Past Noon – Right after dinner.”

It was decided to be these three times.

For the work during noon and after dinner, I only did easy things, so there was none of the so-called war-ish atmosphere in the inn.
You would be able to witness me doing the laundry and cleaning with the usual calming aura I have.

The problem was in the morning.
It had already been determined that morning was when I would be cleaning the whole inn.
To be precise, it was at 8 am to 9 am, this one hour.
During this time, I gave my customers two choices; either leave the inn for the time being, or just don’t leave their rooms.

So, why did I have to make such a rule?
As I was speaking, I was also sweeping the area around the front door, then wiping the whole inn with A damp cloth. (ED: A for emphasis. One.) While doing that, I was also washing the bed sheets of the guest rooms, while airing the already cleaned bed sheets in the backyard. On top of all that, I was also making the beds, while placing flowers inside the vases of the rooms.

You don’t understand what I am saying? Well, if you did look at what i was doing, everybody would say that too. If I was in the same situation as you, I too, would have the same impression.

Well, I just ran around the inn using superspeed. Furthermore, it was with no distinction between the wall, floor, or even ceiling.
It was a superhuman movement skill that made a person believe they were seeing some kind of shadow clone skill or the like. (ED: The Flash, anyone? Love that show.)

At the moment, in the eyes of normal people, I suppose they would have seen that there were eighteen of me inside the inn. It was somewhat scary.

The moment that someone takes a step inside the inn, if by chance, they bump into one of my clones, then I am sure that they would vanish from this world without even a speck of dust.
Actually, there was a merchant(?) who had planned something evil or the like, and two men that had entered were terminated inside the inn.
I suppose they were aiming for a time when I was alone. Surely they never even considered the possibility that it would be they who vanished from this world.

Well then, if I moved at such speeds, wouldn’t then inn be destroyed? Perhaps people will have those kinds of thoughts, and so here is a secret of the inn.

First, it’s about the structure of the whole inn.
Perhaps I have already said this, but this inn resembled the ones often seen in games with a bar inside it that was made of wood, along with mortar walls.
Normal wood or mortar wouldn’t be able to withstand my super speed at all. So why was the inn still safe?

….. Because it’s magic metals, that’s why.
The metal that looked and felt like mortar was called【Asteroid – Santrice】 and the metal that looked and felt like wood was called 【Mitalbell】. Those were the metals that the inn was made from.
These two metals; the look, feel and smell are totally ressemblent of wood and mortar, but when they are provided with magical power, their hardness was said to equal orichalcum, and so they were very rare and precious metals.
Since they have these properties, they are able to withstand my running speed.

Of course, the furniture was made using the same metals, so unless they were casted with weight-reducing magic, there was no way that normal people would be able to raise them.

…….Well, I was able to raise it though. Saying that made me kinda sad.

Well, next was the windows. They would normally break as well, but they didn’t.

In this inn, the windows were created from 【Gornuigone】’s scales, which were made into glass.

With this, even if it was slightly cracked, it would absorb the magical aura in the surroundings and automatically fix itself.
As expected from one of the strongest beings in this world; it is worthy of being something made from a dragon.

Let’s take a peek as well at the bed sheets that were washed at superspeed.
They were scrubbed on a washboard (also made of 【Mitalbell】) using superspeed, leaving nothing behind; not even a speck of dust.
Of course, the sheets were made of something special. They were created from the fur of a wolf known as 【Jinro】.
The 【Jinro】 had a special trait in their white fur; no matter what the did, they would not get dirty at all. (ED: Shoutout to Loni4ever sounds like u sis)

Isn’t this perfect to be made into a bed sheet? I wondered who had thought of such an ingenious idea. Was it a man? No, I supposed it would have been a woman. (TL : i don’t understand the joke! )
And so, even though it had a simple look, this inn contained enough valuable things to be able to purchase one small country.
Well, the cleaning and washing were more or less completed.

As for today’s lunch, I will use the 【Koke】 and maybe I’ll make some『Oyakodon』.

Author’s Afterword —

Well, there’s a lot of thing come out but all of it are coinage.
There’s no such thing in reality.

About the more detailed information about the material, i will add it later time at this place.

2/13 some fix on the wording
thanks to GaramMasala-sama.


and so I will write about the coinage that I mention before.

【Asteroid – Santrice】…. A word that’s created from combining steel – purge – ash – stone. since it seems that mortar is created from a slaked lime.
【Mitalbell】….. A word that’s created from combining Metal and Wood. a metal wood .. it’s cheap.
【Gornuigone】……. A word that’s created from combining Crystal and Dragon. You can just thought it as “Crystal Dragon”
【Jinro】…… from spirit wolf.
【Koke】(Jap : Koke) …….. from a chicken. (TL : Koke can also mean , the cry of the chicken)

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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