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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 5 Chapter 2

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Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439


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Volume 5 Chapter 2: Male Adv Part 2


Right after I ran off towards the inn….


After I had calmly considered it, I had no means of going straight to the inn because, well, I didn’t know where the inn was located.


Fortunately, it was famous, so I immediately knew where the inn was after asking a passerby-er. It didn’t take up too much time.


(But to think I would have that kind of surprise. Well, whatever. After all, I actually got a room at an inn, so let’s just think about dinner tonight.)


While thinking about my meeting with 『Rice』that would happen today, I slowly pushed open the inn’s door.


—– clang clang


Was it a bell to let them know that a customer had arrived? The inn’s door opened as the bell rang out pleasantly.


What lay behind the door, was a shock even greater than the shock from before.




[Welcome to 『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』]

[ Welcome ~ , Ah, the ojii-chan from before ~ ]


What appeared next to the voice was a white haired woman who possessed beauty not unlike a goddess, and a cute girl that I had seen not long ago; standing there was the daughter of Ririka-dono, 『Aika』-chan.


(Why is she here?! Now that I Iook, Ririka-dono is also here?! She is the one person I don’t want to meet right now…….)


[….? Is there anything wrong?]

[ …….. ? uwa ! ! ]


It seemed that I was so engulfed by my thoughts that I hadn’t realised the woman had moved closer to me. A well featured expressionless face that seemed like a goddess’s face neared mine. It’s impossible for someone to not get surprised by this.


[ ? Umm ~ Do you have some kind of business here today?]

[Ah, that’s right. I am supposed to have a reservation here today……..is the master of the inn here?]


For now, rather than the beauty in front of me, staying in the inn is a much more pressing concern.


[Umm, the landlady of this inn is me, but ….


(What?! This person is the landlady of this inn!? Where did the theory that the inn’s landlady = an aunt who has a nice physique go!?)


Mr guest here doesn’t have any reservation right? Today is the first time we have met after all.] -carla


[Aunt with a good physique ………. eh?]


I had thought that I could immediately stay in this inn the moment I heard I had got a reservation in this inn, but my expectations were betrayed by those surprising words.


[The inn is already full for today there are other customers who already reserved a room after all …. ]

[ ….. Eh? But, I heard from the guild staff that they already had a reservation for this inn, you know?]


I clearly heard it from the guild staff member, she said that [We already reserved an inn].


[Umm, I am very sorry. Our accommodation is built upon mutual trust between us and our customers, so all the reservations have to be done by the customers that come to this inn and have it processed on the information desk…..we do not accept bookings through a third party representative…. ]


Regardless, for those who have missed out on staying here, they will be given a one use only magic teleportation tool 『Far Distant Voice』, so that when they reserve for their next visit, they will succeed.

We are able to book a room as long as it is within 3 days, and within this time it is said that no matter how empty the rooms may be, no one is able to stay there. I was also surprised to hear that even if it’s the emperor himself, would not be able to stay there (during this time).


(What…..she….said? What about my lodging place for today…..no, my meal is….)


[Ah ~, that’s right, since one of the guild got deceived by the fake reservation scamming group that recently became a problem, I wanted to tell you that we still hadn’t made any reservation. But you just ran out from the guild while shouting as you pleased……

For now, we already re-made your reservation at『Delight Garden Pavilion』, that will be your inn for today, you know?] – Ririka


Ririka-dono who spoke frankly to me was different from when she was inside the guild. Thus, I fell to my knees.


(No way…….. the heavenly meal …….. the meal that is created using 『rice』~ )


[Rice ~ ] -Aika


—- poke poke


[ …………. ♪]


While I am hanging my head and had my expression changed, Aika-chan poked my cheek as if it was something interesting. She made a really nice smile.


( Uoooooooooooooo. Please stop itttttttttt .don’t poke my cheek with that cute smileeeeeeeeee. It makes oji-chan want to poke Aika-chan’s cheek too you knooooooooowwwww  )


Let me reaffirm myself, I am absolutely not a lolicon.


Over my head, the adults were having a conversation.




[Wait, Ririka-san, how come I have never heard of a such a thing? It is a fake reservation scamming group, right?]

[Well, you know, we already know where their base is…….after we resolve the current condition everything will be OK, alright…….]


Even as Ririka was flustered by Carla’s changing aura, she still managed to give and inoffensive and harmless answer.


[Even then, how come I, who was the person most related to it, was not notified?]


[Ahh, umm…..ah…perhaps it’s better not to hide it……well, honestly, if this problem became known to you, and it affected your inn, well….there was some talk that you would blow away the location of the base as soon as you knew. If it’s about your inn or customers, Carla-chan would lose all restraint…..]


The guild’s treatment of Carla could also be likened to how one would handle a 『Freezing Explosion Stone』. They were both beautiful and pretty, but if one mishandled them, then the result would be a great accident.


[Don’t be like that….do you think I am someone who does things like that without discrimination?]

[Well, if you ask me, you have already surpassed the boundaries of a human…..*cries*]

[Did you say something? Or rather,you already know where their base is, right? Where is it? When will you go? Today? Tomorrow? Right now?!]


The light had already vanished from Carla’s eyes as she edged closer and closer.

Ririka was able to muster an answer through her teary eyes.


[The place is in the south side of commercial district. It’s a two story building that is placed quite deep in second back street ~ *sob*

It has this 『The guide toward the dragon emperor』sign on it, so it’s really easy to know when you have arrived. Though, we haven’t decided when we will go there….Carla-chan, please don’t march there by yourself, okay ~]


Carla’s ‘highly irritated’ eyes returned to normal at Ririka’s answer, then turned and spoke calmly.


[I won’t do it, there’s still this inn after all …..

Rather than that, dear guest, please don’t become dejected like that and please take a seat.]


That was the moment she remembered his presence.




[You just said about 『Rice 』right ?] – Carla



『Carla』, the landlady of this inn asked me as I took a seat in the chair, but……『Carla』? It seems like I have heard her name somewhere before…….actually, besides that, her hugging Aika-chan would make a really good picture, eh?

Or rather, erotic. Especially with the OPPAI (ED: No joke, full caps in raws) that look really soft while being squished when she hugs Aika-chan.


[Yes, since I heard that this inn serves that legendary ingredient only to people who stay at this inn, I was looking forward to eating it.]


While doing my utmost to not think about the OPPAI, I managed to say my reason for coming here.

It was much harder than expected.


[Then, one more thing, 『Aunty who has a nice physique』, what do you mean by that, I wonder?]


So, she really heard me muttering that……


[Well, umm, that’s …. ]

[That is?]

[I heard that this place is called 『The goddess’s inn』, umm, since it’s already normal speculation that every landlady at the inn is an “aunty that has a nice physique”, I think that it was just auntie that have slightly slim body …..

It was really surprising that someone this beautiful was the one who come out]

[Well, Carla-chan is really beautiful after all~ ]


Thanks for the nice follow Ririka -dono.


[Is that so. Well, I also don’t fall quite that far away from that aunty with nice physique thought ~ . I am very sorry.

Also, about that 『Rice』, you can order it without lodging at this inn you know ?]


……. ………… eh ?


[ Will you wait just a little bit? Since it’s about time ……….. ]


The shock that I received was perhaps, the greatest shock in my life.





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