I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Experiment of Area 51

4 days later, after the discussion with President Trump and members of the parliament, the Area 51, the organization which had been secretly engaged in the study of aliens and supernatural phenomena since its establishment in the 19th century, sent out a team of about 30 people to Japan with a large number of sophisticated instruments to conduct various inspection tests of the onmyojis under the gaze of Japanese security personnel.

Though the arrogant researchers were originally dismissive when hearing about the Japanese onmyojis, they still showed their high scientific literacy during the tests.

When their ship just arrived on the coastline of Japan, they straightforwardly refused the diplomatic luxury hospitality arranged by the Japanese side, but decisively requested to meet the onmyojis to conduct experiments.

After calling for Prime Minister, the Japanese Foreign Ministry officials couldn’t help but withdraw the banquet and begin to arrange a meeting with the onmyojis for them.

3 hours later, the venue was properly arranged, the instruments were all in place, and the onmyojis also arrived.

After the Japanese security personnel checked all the instruments, the unprecedented experiment to verify the extraordinary ability of supernatural people in human history had finally begun!

Casting onmyoji techniques, painting the summoning circle of shikigamis, holding the Buddha’s curse and clearing the body, cinnabar making…….

After all kinds of tests, the results of the experiment naturally showed that the onmyojis weren’t swindlers, but were extraordinary people with unbelievable power, which really shocked all the researchers!

But here came a new problem.

According to information collected by the American agents, the king of ghosts that showed up in Ginza, the Shuten-doji, was 30 meters tall, so how did they defeat such a giant even though they were capable?

In view of this, they began to interrogate all the surviving onmyojis who participated in the crusade of the Shuten-doji.

Due to the warning of the Japanese government, these onmyojis didn’t mention the existence of ‘Jiang Li’ and credited all the achievements to Ono Sumika, but the agents knew that they were obviously lying from the micro-expressions and small movements.

After the researchers tested the power of the spells of Ono Sumika, they judged that she had insufficient lethality.

Moreover, judging from the virtual three-dimensional image of the simulated giant Shuten-doji, even if it stood still, it was impossible that the onmyojis could kill it in just 12 hours!

The researchers boldly speculated that perhaps there were others who actually killed the Shuten-doji and the Japanese government had concealed the key point!

Therefore, the U.S. Embassy in Japan immediately sent the important news back to the United States.

At the same time in the White House, the assistant walked into the president’s office quietly with a secret document.

President Trump was originally browsing the messages that fans tweeted on Twitter and he also smiled as he looked up and saw his assistant. “Isn’t this my smart and capable genius assistant? Why do you look so worried?”

“Mr. President, please take a look at this confidential document. This is the secret information sent by our embassy in Japan 3 minutes ago……” Ignoring the consistent contempt of President Trump, the assistant handed over the secret letter.

“The content proves that the supernatural people in Japan who claim to be onmyojis indeed have extraordinary abilities.”

Then he had a mercurial turn of conversation. “But, considering how they defeated the Shuten-doji, all intelligence personnel agreed that the Japanese government absolutely concealed the truth.”

While listening to the assistant, President Trump started reading the secret document and suddenly looked shocked and envious.

He could never imagine that, in reality, there were people with super power like Marvel heroes!

But after hearing that the Japanese concealing the truth, President Trump had a straight face. “Is the information reliable?”

“Absolutely reliable! The high-level spy also reported the emperor, the prime minister and other high-level officials had a secret meeting for half an hour after the death of the Shuten-doji.”

He nodded solemnly. “And every onmyoji returning from the battle was quietly interviewed by the subordinates of the Prime Minister. The content of the interview was highly confidential and it was unknown to outsiders.”

“Our researchers from Area 51 also discovered that the ability of Ono Sumika is limited and the degree of lethality is medium. She couldn’t kill the Shuten-doji in just 12 hours!”

After flipping through the document, President Trump pondered and frowned. “What is the secret they want to conceal that makes the Japanese government not hesitant to interview the onmyojis right after they returned from the battle?”

“Mr. President, we now have too little information, so we can’t judge.”

Looking at the assistant having wry smile, President Trump also knew that it was difficult for him.

Touching his chin and pondering for a moment, President Trump slammed his fist on his desk. “As long as the United States wants to know, there is no secret! Ask the Treasurer, Secretary Robert Rubin to my office.”

“If Japan is not obedient, we can only let it understand what it can do and what it is not allowed to do.”

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