I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 102

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Translator: Sheng Chen
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Chapter 102: The Heat

A few days later, the United States, which had a big trade war with China, seemed to adjust its muzzle faintly to beat its younger brother, Japan.

The major news media in America began to publicize.

“Recently, the yen-to-dollar exchange rate has risen sharply. Compared with the previous period, the yen has appreciated decrease by 30%. The sharp appreciation of the yen has led to a sharp rise in Japanese export prices. Japanese global trade competitiveness has declined and the economy is suspected of falling into Bubble crisis?”

“Wall Street bank executives claim that supernatural disasters frequently occur in Japan, which is not conducive to financial investment and has recently intentionally withdrawn a lot of money!”

“Japanese foreign trade was blocked, security companies closed down, the stock market became terrible and hundreds of billions of dollars of assets disappeared overnight. Numerous investors committed suicide!”

“The house prices in Tokyo have plummeted for the first time in 100 years. It is suspected that a large number of rich people have fled, and capital cash is massively outflowing?”

“Scandals in Japanese companies once again! The owner of Japan’s Kobe Steel Co. Ltd., which provides fuselage materials for heavy industry and automobiles, has publicly apologized for this. The source said that Kobe Steel’s practice of tampering with product data happened as early as 8 years ago!”

The behaviors of the United States not only tempted many countries which wanted to take advantage of Japan, China also took the lead and adopted economic measures to punish Japan.

The joint strikes of several permanent members of the United Nations, coupled with the dissatisfaction expressed by the United States, the major chaebol groups behind the Japanese regime immediately turned against and sold out their Prime Minister.

They not only signed a large new arms trade agreement with the United States in the name of the Japanese government, but also secretly leaked out the secrets of the Shuten-doji that were deliberately concealed by the emperor Akihito the Prime Minister.

The Japanese-Chinese mixed youth Jiang Li, who showed up mysteriously and joined Ono Sumika’s team halfway?

Claiming to be a descendant of Emperor Yan, he wore a samurai armor and a bronze cattle-faced mask, held a long blade which could control the flames, and he was able to grow wings in the shadows of the onmyojis which enabled them to fly.

He talked and behaved very arrogantly and had full confidence in his own strength.

Though he defeated the Shuten-doji, he wasn’t interested in the siege since he just wanted to obtain the so-called ghost gourd that was full of pure yin.

At the beginning, President Trump was shocked and confused to learn that Japanese Prime Minister had taken so much effort to conceal this secret.

Another supernatural person?

Although he is different from onmyojis, and he doesn’t seem to be Japanese, but why did they try to conceal him?

As the high-level American officials were puzzled, Japanese chaebols were also extremely fearful.

Since the emperor was the spiritual leader of Japan, these Japanese chaebols did not hesitate to intimidate the prime minister and his family at all costs, forcing him to tell why he was hiding.

Unable to bear the pressure, Koizumi Ichiro had to confess the details.

It turned out that he had already looked into Jiang Li with his privilege when he heard about his story from Ono Sumika and found a shocking fact!

More than a decade ago, Jiang Li and his parents had died in a car accident.

In other words, Jiang Li was a dead man!

How could a person who had died for many years come to life in reality?

Koizumi Ichiro first thought that Jiang Li must have had some adventure, that helped him resurrect and gain great power, otherwise it was impossible to fight against the king of the ghosts!

No matter whether it was the emperor or the Prime Minister, people like them always wanted to enjoy the secular power or the fortune forever.

In the past, no matter how much money you had, you could delay your death with drugs, but you would eventually die.

But now, how could they ignore this fact as they found a person who was suspected to be resurrected?

Sure enough they hid this secret, silenced all the insiders, and then secretly sent people to find and discover this person, trying to get the key to the resurrection.

It was a pity that it was exposed before they found out where he was.

“Jiang Li? Mysterious adventure? Came back to life?”

When the information leaked from the Japanese Prime Minister was sent to the White House, President Trump couldn’t help but feel excited about this speculation.

As for the follow-up situation caused by it, it was even more surprising!

The Japanese Prime Minister seemed to claim that he was ill and would temporarily retire from politics, in fact, he was escorted to Washington, and a large number of agents who were proficient in the induction and intelligence of the espionage were responsible for digging out the potentially-hidden information.

After all, the American side didn’t believe that this guy would be honest, and perhaps he still concealed some secrets about Jiang Li!

An American professor even stated that since Jiang Li claimed to be the descendant of Emperor Yan, then he must have often gone to Chinese restaurants in Japan.

Although it sounded ridiculous, the chaebol capitalists who were eager for the resurrection wouldn’t give up any chance!

In just a few days, all the famous Chinese restaurants were kept under surveillance of the CIA, and any Asian men between the ages of 15 and 25 would be recorded.

As for the identity file of Jiang Li, all his friends and relatives in Japan, in the Tokyo Police Department were also highly concerned by the CIA.

The cattle-faced mask, the samurai armor, the long blade and the so-called ghost gourd that contained pure yin were also researched by numerous researchers from ancient books day and night, trying to find the secrets of the resurrection.

In addition, all the onmyojis who had met Jiang Li were also under house arrest by the Japanese government.

Under the control of the American agents who were proficient in interrogation, they had too accurately recall every sentence, every move and every look of Jiang Li.

Though the Japanese government did not dare to directly put Ono Sumika under house arrest, they also secretly forced her to tell every detail of him by threatening her family.

The news media, private detectives and gangs employed by the chaebols have recently been searching for him.

On the international black market, even a valuable piece of information of Jiang Li was worth millions of dollars and American passports.

It could be said that in the face of the temptation of the resurrection, all the capitalists throughout the world became crazy.

Though the onmyojis and the Hyakkiyakou were very novel, nothing could be compared with the resurrected youth!

Throughout the Japanese history, even the great onmyoji Abe no Seimei still died like others?

These wealthy capitalists that only desired to live forever and to enjoy their lives.

Jiang Li, who was now returned back to life, has convinced many capitalists the possibility of resurrection, so how could they not be tempted?

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