I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 103

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 103: The Mystery of the Resurrection?

While the United States and Japan were desperately looking for Jiang Li, it was impossible for China to be left out.

After bribing the high-level officials, the rough information about Jiang Li was sent to the office of the head No. 1 and was handed over to the PLA General Armed Forces Department for analysis.

As many staff officers were called to the meeting, the Chief of Staff, Chen Youwei, distributed the general information, image and file of Jiang Li.

The simulated picture of Jiang Li arouse the attention of the deputy chief of staff, Qi Jianguo.

After taking some time to look into the information and considering the surname of Jiang Li and pride as he self-proclaimed to be the descendant of Emperor Yan, Qi Jianguo took the lead to stand up. “Since you are all pondering, then I express my opinions first.”

Holding the picture of Jiang Li, Qi Jianguo went on. “Start from his name.”

“Emperor Yan, the legendary leader of the tribe with the surname Jiang. If Jiang is really his surname, it is extremely consistent with the history. ”

“As for the bronze cattle-faced mask he wears, the legend has it that Emperor Yan has a cattle-like face and horns on his head. From this we can judge that Jiang Li may be trying to imitate Emperor Yan.”

“Wait a minute, Minister Qi, you can’t ignore the objective facts, but discuss what you want to say!”

“From the information we learned, he and his parents have died in a car accident over a decade ago.” A chief of staff of the Navy system, who couldn’t help but stand up, refuted. “A dead person wearing a traditional Japanese samurai armor who can grow bird wings in the shadows of others……is he really imitating Emperor Yan?”

“Wearing the Japanese samurai armor? Growing wings in others’ shadows? These are completely irrelevant to Emperor Yan!”

“In summary, he’s by no means imitating the Emperor Yan. Don’t you think that this is only an unreasonable thought?”

As the Admiral refuted, all the staff members looked at Qi Jianguo in an instant.

Being stared at by the looks of questioning, wondering and concerning, Qi Jianguo took a deep breath, but did not reveal even a little nervousness and anxiety.

He said indifferently. “I am not forcefully analyzing him with separate information, but I feel that if we forcibly mix all information indiscriminately, it will be harder to discover the hidden meaning.”

The Admiral frowned slightly and stared at him. “Well, then can you explain, what is the meaning of the traditional Japanese samurai armor? What does the trick that grows wings in others’ shadows symbolize?”

Qi Jianguo flipped through the documents he found and erected two fingers confidently. “We have to analyze these 2 fact separately.”

“Like you said, Jiang Li is indeed a dead person.”

“But, you see that Jiang Li is always proud of being a descendant of Emperor Yan, right?”

Including the Admiral, everyone in the conference room nodded. “Undoubtedly, after all, all information has been repeatedly confirmed.”

Suddenly, Qi Jianguo looked around the conference room. “He never cares about his Japanese nationality, but why does he wear the traditional Japanese samurai armor?”

“Assuming that he really likes wearing armor, then why doesn’t he wear a traditional Chinese armor? The stone armor from the Spring and Autumn Warring States, the leather armor from the Three Kingdoms, the steel armors from the Han Dynasty…… There are numerous Chinese armors!”

“If he can even make resurrection, such an incredible thing, possible, then there’s no way that he can’t get his hand on the ancient Chinese armors.”

“Can someone explain why?”

Hearing this, almost everyone started pondering, but everyone frowned and couldn’t understand why.

Seeing that no one could answer this question, Qi Jianguo shouted in a resounding voice. “There is only one possibility.”

“That is, the traditional Japanese warrior armor plays an unusually important role for Jiang Li! Jiang Li can’t live without it.”

Qi Jianguo continued to boldly speculate. “As we’re curious of why he could be resurrected, but how about his parents?”

“Actually, I think the answer has already appeared in front of us!”

From a pile of pictures, he found a close-up picture of the traditional Japanese samurai armor of Jiang Li and indicated that everyone should look at him. “That is, the traditional Japanese samurai armor is sheltering and protecting the soul of Jiang Li, supporting him to live in the world.”

“In other words, the armor is his body. So even if he claims to the descendant of Emperor Yan, he cannot be without this body, otherwise he will not survive!”

With the loud statement of Qi Jianguo, the conference room was silenced.

Even the sound of breathing and heartbeats became clear and audible.

The staff members were apparently shocked by his hypothesis!

After a while.

“Minister Qi, in the history of Japan, many were buried with their own samurai armors.”

The chief of staff who once took charge of the strategic study for 5 years raised a question. “Assuming that a Japanese traditional warrior armor has a magical spell of resurrection, shouldn’t there be dead ancient people resurrected everywhere now?”

“No, maybe I didn’t make it clear, thus you have misunderstood.”

Qi Jianguo thought for a moment and said. “Ordinary Japanese traditional samurai armors are impossible to have such power. The armor worn by Jiang Li must have something special, but not known to us!”

“But in view of the fact that we have never witnessed Jiang Li, naturally it is impossible to specifically analyze the origins of his armor.”

Other staff members in the conference room apparently agreed with his idea.

“Well, let’s analyze his ability to create the wings in the shadows of others. What does it mean?”

“And his weapon, Male Suzaku Blade!”

“As the history book ‘Dong Ming’ records, Emperor Wu in Han Dynasty showed Dongfang Shuo the 3-meter-long Suzaku Blade, and Shuo said. ‘Emperor Huang cast the blade with the copper of the First Mountain.’ As Emperor Wu was afraid that someone would get the blade, the blade turned into a Suzaku from his hands and flew into the clouds.”

Qi Jianguo began to analyze in a gentle tone, and the Chief of Staff, Chen Youwei, quickly wrote down all the valuable points and prepared the summary before submitting it to the head No. 1.

Name: Jiang Li

Nationality: Chinese-Japanese mixed

Sex: Male

Age: 19?

Features: wearing a cattle-faced mask and a traditional Japanese samurai armor

Personality: arrogant, frivolous, casual

Weapon: Male Suzaku Blade

Suspected be recorded in the history book ‘Dong Ming’, Emperor Huang cast it with the copper from the First Mountain. The Emperor Wu in Han Dynasty has obtained the female Suzaku Blade and took out the show to Dongfang Shuo. The blade turned into a Suzaku and flew away.

Considering Dong Ming as a book filled with anecdotes, the information requires confirmation by experts from the history department.

Strength assessment: Unknown

Combat story: Defeat the Shuten-doji

The mystery of the resurrection: Jiang Li might have to rely on his traditional Japanese samurai armor worn by the body, but this is only a preliminary speculation.

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