I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 104

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 104: Modified Chinese Zodiac (End of Volume 2)

Time flies by, as the American and Japanese capitalists kept looking for Jiang Li, followed by the investigation of China, Hu Feng also planned to carry out his next plan in Japan.

That was, with the incarnation Jiang Li, he would hunt for the well-known Japanese swords and antiques at night.

In the process, Hu Feng would bring those sleeping near the famous Japanese antiques into the same dream from a third-person perspective, let these people witness how he defeated the spirit on the antiques and then hunted for its pure yin.

With the system’s power, the research of several countries on Jiang Li were known to him.

In the discussion of the General Staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, they considered the traditional Japanese samurai armor as the source of Jiang Li’s resurrection, Hu Feng thus felt that he could make good use of this.

For example, he could let the soul of Chiyou possess the armor.

In this way, Hu Feng was also pondering that perhaps his armor could be upgraded and deformed in the process of collecting pure yin.

For example, transform the armor into the cattle-faced armor with horns, if necessary, the armor would talk speak, so that the world would be more convinced that it was possessed.

It was precisely because the soul possessed the armor, it sensed the inheritance of Jiang Li, and thus the soul of Chiyou enabled him to be resurrected.

As for why the soul of Chiyou wasn’t in mainland China, but came to Japan and possessed an old Japanese traditional armor, Hu Feng felt that it was necessary to make good use of it.

After all, after his plan ended in Japan, he must return for his next plan in mainland China.

Moreover, seeing people worship Emperor Huang crazily due to the news of onmyojis that spread in China, Hu Feng had a general plan for the future.

That was, Emperor Huang’s 12 zodiac inheritances.

Rat, cattle, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig!

In the past, defeated in a battle, Chiyou’s head was chopped off by Emperor Huang, and his body and head were buried separately in different locations.

In order to avoid his resurrection, Emperor Huang secretly left the 12 zodiac inheritances on 12 pieces of animal copper plates.

Once there were signs of resurrection, these inheritances would spontaneously seek for those who were identified with the inheritance of Emperor Huang and ask them to fight against the soul of Chiyou to prevent him from taking back his body.

However, the soul of Chiyou already knew his plan, but it kept lurking and waiting for the opportunity as it was afraid that Emperor would completely destroy it.

During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, coastal merchants colluded with the invading Japanese for the sake of profit, and Qi Jiguang was ordered to form a military crusade, and thus defeated the Japanese.

The soul of Chiyou took the opportunity to possess the samurai armor of a Japanese body, which was then brought back to Japan by the surviving Japanese.

In a foreign country, the soul could not be supplemented by the constant strength provided by the corpse, hence its strength dropped dramatically.

In order to protect itself, the soul forced itself to shut down its senses, letting relatives of the owner of the armor bury it in the grave as a funerary object, and fell into a long sleep.

After more than 600 years, unlike any other rusty armor, the armor possessed by the soul seemed ancient but remained the same.

When the soul of Jiang Li, who was killed in a car accident, inadvertently touched the armor possessed by Chiyou’s soul in the tomb, the soul sensed its inheritance and eventually regained consciousness.

By using the residual power to reshape the body and the weapon, Chiyou’s soul entrusted him to collect pure yin to repair the soul.

Thereafter, as Jiang Li, who was proud of his inheritance of Emperor Yan, collected Japanese antiquities everywhere to hunt for pure yin, Chiyou’s soul was restored little by little.

After the recovery of Chiyou’s strength, his originally plain armor began to change.

The armor was thus transforming into the cattle-faced armor with horns.

When Orachimaru showed up in Japan and ravaged the world, Chiyou’s soul commanded Jiang Li to borrow the 8-footed Mirror and Kusanagi Sword from the Japanese Emperor with the excuse of eliminating Orachimaru.

With the power of the 8-footed Mirror, the soul was almost fully-recovered.

With the Kusanagi Sword, Chiyou defeated the Orachimaru and made it his subordinate, then he returned to the Chinese mainland to retrieve his own body.

At that moment, it was time for the debut of Emperor’s Huang’s 12 zodiac inheritances!

Hu Feng finally had the opportunity to debut as a high school student without being suspected by anyone.

Among 12 zodiac inheritances of Emperor Huang, the most powerful, and most well-known [Dragon Inheritance] would belong to him.

Hu Feng seemed to be the luckiest one among the 12 teenagers enshrined in the inheritance of Emperor Huang, as long as the government wasn’t a fool, Hu Feng believed that they would definitely recruit him, moreover, he might be invited to serve as a senior leader of the special national bureau.

But in fact, he was actually boss behind-the-scenes, who created all the supernatural phenomena that existed in the world!

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