I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 105

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 105: Weird Dream

Since Hu Feng had confirmed his plan, he began to carry it out.

At night in Shiga and Kyoto, tens of thousands of people near the Meixiu Museum though were sleeping at home, they were inexplicably conscious and found themselves in an unknown venue, overlooking everything in a third-person perspective.

In the center of the venue, a tall figure wearing a traditional samurai armor and a cattle-faced mask, holding a cold weapon burning with flames, was fighting against a monster who claimed to be a ‘phoenix’.

After only a few rounds, the monster that self-proclaimed phoenix was defeated as its head was chopped off and fell to the ground.

At the same time, those who were asleep also woke up.

At first, these people only thought that they had a nightmare, but when discussing their own nightmare with others, they found out that they were not alone since almost everyone had the same dream!

What was more shocking to the local residents was that the monster claiming to be the ‘phoenix’ was the treasure of the Meixiu Museum, [the Edo period gilt inlaid glass phoenix].

After they had this weird dream, this treasure disappeared mysteriously and the monitoring machine records in the museum were empty.

As the Hyakkiyakou had just passed, such a large-scale weird dream involving tens of thousands of people was obviously a supernatural event caused by non-human factors, suddenly occurred, making the local police in Shiga and Kyoto dare not to neglect the situation.

After temporarily closing the Meixiu Museum, they quickly reported to the higher level, requesting the dispatch of those professionals who were working in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Just a few days later, the onmyojis sent by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department carefully searched the Meixiu Museum with various spell to detect the demons, but they still found nothing.

In view that there were no casualties in the weird dream, the property loss was just a mysterious disappearance of an antique, and no clues could be found in the Meixiu Museum, the onmyojis couldn’t investigate further.

After filing the report to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the onmyojis stopped the investigation.

This incident seemed to add a novel material to the Japanese urban legends after it started spreading on the Internet, nothing further happened.

However, in the eyes of the chaebol group all over Japan and the American capitalists in Wall Street, this was likely to be the unintentional exposure of ‘Jiang Li’!

The tourism became booming in Kyoto and Shiga since the foreign tourists (international agents, spies, etc.) and people from other countries (gangsters, private detectives, etc.) came over and boosted the local tourism.

After looking for him in vain, many thought that it was just an accidental incident of Jiang Li, and it would not happen again in the future, but a similar situation on a larger scale happened again!

However, the location and of the missing item was very different this time.

In the Tokyo National Museum, [Misatuki Munechika], the famous sword known as one of Japan’s top five famous swords, and was said to be owned by Toyota Hideyoshi, also mysteriously disappeared.

There were no signs of invasion in the National Museum, and the alarm monitor was useless.

Around the National Museum, nearly 30,000 people had the same strange dream at night as they also witnessed a tall figure wearing a traditional samurai armor and a cattle-faced mask, fighting against a Japanese rogue who claimed to be Misatuki Munechika and killing him in the end.

Two consecutive supernatural event related to Jiang Li not only made people living near the museums in various parts of Japan panic and filled with unease, they also made politicians and capitalists in countries such as the United States and Japan feel that there was a rule behind the behavior of Jiang Li!

In the President’s office, White House.

“Look at the list of artifacts that disappeared mysteriously in these supernatural events, and then think about what we learned before, what Jiang Li once personally emphasized to the onmyojis in the battle against the Shuten-doji!”

Waving the report, President Trump looked very excited and repeated what Jiang Li once said to the onmyojis.

“What I need is a ghost gourd containing pure yin, it’s a piece of authentic antique which can date back to more than 1300 years ago.”

In the office, the military representatives, the FBI, the CIA, the assistants of the president, the Secretary-General and others looked very serious as no one interrupted Mr. President and they all stared at President Trump.

After repeating what Jiang Li said, President Trump looked overjoyed and said. “Can you find common ground in these incidents?”

“Mr. President, I personally think that the common entities are the antiques!”

Komi, the head of the FBI, stood up and said. “Perhaps Mr. Jiang Li, who is resurrected, urgently needs the pure yin from these antiques which our scientific research machines cannot detect at present?”

Making a snap, President Trump rushed over, patted Komi’s shoulders casually, and greatly appreciated him. “Exactly, you are right!”

After praising him, President Trump looked around everyone’s face and smirked. “Since Jiang Li needs these ancient antiques, how can we not satisfy him?”

“Order the think tanks that serve for the interests of the United States to come up with a plan aimed at Jiang Li in 12 hours!”

Frowning, President Trump waved his arms in an airy manner. “Jiang Li completely disappeared after the battle against the Shuten-doji, obviously he doesn’t want to be in contact with the outside world. But even so, I still want him to bite the bait.”

“I am going to get his secret of resurrection!”

“Your will, Mr. President.”

As a prominent member among the American capitalists, also the supreme leader of American politics, Trump, who was very wealthy, did his job in a freer manner unlike any other American president in the past.

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