I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 106

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 106: Nightmare Samurai

In less than 12 hours, plan A, which was specifically designed to bait Jiang Li out, was confirmed.

According to the plan, they would ship a large number of antiques to Japan, store all of them in the Tokyo National Museum, and then promote it through news media channels such as newspapers and the Internet.

In the first month, they wouldn’t provide any protective measures to those antiques, allowing Jiang Li to hunt at his will.

The purpose was to bait him out!

With these flawless antiques stored in the National Museum, they wanted to gradually dispel the mistrust of Jiang Li.

Then, while continuing to supply Jiang Li a large number of antiques, the United States would control the onmyojis, set up magical monitors in the National Museum, and try to establish a channel to contact Jiang Li with text slogans.

The core ideas of the American think tank had always been clear.

If you want to get his secret of resurrection, you must first establish contact with him, so that it will be possible to obtain the secret.

President Trump signed the relevant licensing documents, commencing plan A as scheduled.

Everything went smoothly as it seemed Jiang Li was unknown about the plan.

When a large number of antiques were transferred to the National Museum, and the Japanese side publicized about it on the news and media, hundreds of thousands of Japanese people in the vicinity began to have a weird dream again on that night.

Same traditional samurai armor, the same tall figure, and the same cattle-faced mask, but the only difference was the enemy of this mysterious samurai – not a person, but a group of people in different shapes.

When the mysterious samurai eliminated all the enemies with east, a large number of people were once again awakened from the dream with cold sweat dripping from their bodies.

Correspondingly, in the National Museum, the antiques shipped from overseas disappeared.

The general manager of the United States responsible for implementing the plan was particularly excited and confirmed that Jiang Li bit the bait.

With the expectation, the general manager urged to transfer more antiques to refill the empty National Museum.

As time went by, residents near the National Museum almost collectively saw the mysterious samurai killing enemies in their dream every two or three days.

Gradually, the residents spontaneously considered that the mysterious samurai might be exorcising like onmyojis, but his behavior was far different from that of the onmyojis as it was carried out in the countless dreams of the residents.

Since they didn’t know the name of the mysterious samurai, some people simply called him [nightmare samurai] in awe, which meant that he was the samurai who killed monsters in their dreams, making people wake up with cold sweat.

As the general manager who carried out the plan kept refilling antiques, the phenomena of the appearance of the nightmare samurai and a large number of people collectively having weird dreams was also becoming more and more intense.

It eventually became widely known on the Internet and a wonder of Tokyo!

Many netizens who were particularly interested in supernatural events rushed to the vicinity of the Tokyo National Museum and were willing to pay a high price to stay at the local residents’ houses.

From Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other places, famous horror novel writers and directors shooting spiritual films were also unwilling to let go of this rare supernatural event as they were eager to spend a lot of money renting houses near the National Museum for a long time.

For the vast majority of ordinary people, since they had no money to board or rent local houses, yet they still wanted to experience the behavior of [nightmare samurai] pulling them into a dream, they could only wear some warm clothes and sleep in a nearby park.

Tsuburaya Company, which shot the Ultraman Superman series, and Toei Company, which the Masked Superman series, also temporarily made new plots involving the urban geek with the great reputation of the [nightmare samurai], trying to attract ratings.

After supplying Jiang Li tons of antique for a month, the general manager began to recruit those onmyojis and arranged various magical circles to film with the camera in and out of the National Museum after informing President Trump.

As for the hidden miniature monitoring equipment, they set up numerous of them.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away from the National Museum, they also set up a secret base along the coast, and a large number of American agents and spies who carried out the plan A lived there.

They were always meticulously monitoring the antiques in the National Museum.

The reason why they set up a base so far away was because they were afraid that Jiang Li might discover it if it was too close.

What’s more, once Jiang Li arrived, people near the National Museum would be dragged into the dream, if these professionals were dreaming, who could pay attention to Jiang Li’s movement in the National Museum?

On the night which the American agents and spies considered normal, Jiang Li suddenly showed up in the magical circle set up by the onmyojis!

Even though all the entrances to the National Museum had long been closed, Jiang Li still showed up mysteriously.

Those monitoring equipment and camera interfaces were all useless at the moment, as if they were being interfered with.

“Mr. Michel, the target has appeared. Repeat, the target has appeared!” The highest-ranking agent immediately sent a message to the general manager.

“Everything clear! The target has found and interfered with the machines on the surface, but the magical circles we set in the hidden places under the floor and between the walls perfectly showed the appearance of the target in real time.”

Mr. Michel, the general manager of Plan A, was very excited to order his subordinate. “Don’t act rashly, act according to the original plan!”

Without any extra move, the agents and spies were concentrating on observing the filming magical circles.

They could see that Jiang Li stood upright in the same place and closed his eyes silently.

Almost at the same time, all agents and spies clearly saw that dark-colored airflow of grayish green, dark green, dark brown, and dark gray started to surge on the antiques.

After careful observation, they could vaguely see that these antiques were slightly trembling, seemingly wanting to escape but in vain.

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