I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 108

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 108: Oda Nobunaga and Shadow Ninjas

The soul of Chiyou, the mythical figure from China, thousands of years ago, possessed traditional Japanese samurai armor?

At all costs, they had to get the armor and send it back to Washington State in the shortest possible time.

Any technological weapon that might harm the soul of Chiyou on the armor wasn’t allowed to use.

The commander responsible for plan A who received this order almost went crazy!

Not to mention that it was a self-contradictory that they weren’t allowed to use weapons to harm the soul, but yet they had to achieve it at all costs.

The commander and all agents inside the secret base were simply stunned when receiving the order because no scientists could prove what kind of technological weapon could harm the soul invisible to the naked eye.

Precisely, they couldn’t even prove the existence the soul!

Assuming that the soul really existed, weren’t all the technology weapons possible to hurt the soul?

The flame of the hot weapons might burn the soul? The super-fast kinetic energy of the bullet leaving the muzzle might tear the soul? Electromagnetic radiation interference waves might direct distort the soul?

It wasn’t clear which kind of technological weapon would cause harm to the so-called soul.

Daring not to take responsibility for accidentally harming the soul, the commander simply ordered all agents to not use any hot weapon as the onmyojis would be responsible for arresting the soul and the agents only required them to work.

With the infinite wealth and the throne of the American political leaders, President Trump basically could achieve anything he wanted.

But unfortunately what he encountered this time was the boss who could control and create supernatural events.

Before those American agents forced the onmyojis to set up magical circles to arrest the [nightmare samurai], Hu Feng had already had an insight into everything.

As for the so-called secret arrest, he didn’t care about it since it was actually impossible for it to succeed.

It could even be said that if it weren’t for his good temper, he would have long exposed plan A to the news media.

Therefore, it was a waste of time to care about it!

“It has been a month. It’s time to temporarily end the appearance of the nightmare samurai.” Hu Feng pondered.

Too lazy to pay attention to these agents who were destined to fail their arresting plan, Hu Feng had concentrated his attention on creating a larger event in Japan with the samurai armor.

In view of the strange behavior of the nightmare samurai looking for antiques and making them disappear, Hu Feng still planned to start from this point.

But he no longer considered ordinary antiques as he wanted to pursue something at a even higher level.

After searching, finally a famous antique aroused his interest.

That was the stamp of Oda Nobunaga, an unparalleled historical figure in ancient Japan.

From the initial understanding of Oda Nobunaga, Hu Feng knew it from the game ‘Nobunaga’s Hope’.

In the analogy of Chinese historical figures, Oda Nobunaga should be equivalent to Cao Cao.

They were so arrogant that they believed that they could conquer the world, but both were eventually killed by their subordinates.

However, Hu Feng felt that Oda Nobunaga couldn’t compare with Cao Cao.

After all, when Cao Cao was alive, the Sima Yi family submitted themselves to his rule, and only dared to rebel after Cao’s family was in straitened circumstances.

In contrast, Oda Nobunaga, his subordinate suddenly rebelled right before the upcoming reunification of Japan, thus he died with regrets.

At first, Hu Feng couldn’t understand why tens of thousands of rebellious soldiers besieged Oda Nobunaga, but after reading tons of Japanese books, he began to realize that Japanese only obeyed their immediate superiors, not all their superiors.

This was also the reason of many rebellious incidents happened in Japan.

Hu Feng now planned to have a one-on-one match between the nightmare samurai and Oda Nobunaga in the dreams of tons of residents with the stamp of Oda Nobunaga in the Kyoto Museum.

This magnificent battle would not only temporarily act as an end for his task of collecting antiques, but also make everyone in the world know the inexpressible evil mentioned by the onmyojis with lots of residents acting as a witness.

That was, Orachimaru, which would appear from Mount Fuji.

The ultimate catastrophe in Japan, also the unknown as the evil that all the onmyojis would confront, was coming!

As for the powerful subordinates of the Orachimaru, he wanted to add a new character, the Shadow Ninja!

Different from ordinary Koga and Iga ninjas in Japanese history, the Shadow Ninjas were proficient in killing and fighting against the onmyojis.

Maybe the Orachimaru couldn’t appear in every corner of Japan, but space was meaningless to these shadow ninjas since they existed in the shadows and would exist as long as the shadows existed.

“In the final battle against the Orachimaru, there are onmyojis, samurai and ninjas…… Ha-ha……” Hu Feng laughing evilly.

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