I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 109

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 109: 1 vs. All

In Kyoto Museum, the weather in the middle of the night was muggy, lightning rumbled between the clouds, and the rain sizzled along with the wind, washing away the heat present in the air.

Ordinary Japanese people were sleeping silently.

But Hu Feng took action now.

Different from the past, not only those living near the Kyoto Museum, but all 1.5 million permanent residents of Kyoto were dragged into his dream.

“Where am I?”

“Help me! I can’t move!”

“God! Father and mother, why are you here too?”

“It’s the hottest urban legend on the Internet recently! This is not fake, but something real!”

As if fixed from a third-person perspective, those who were forcibly dragged into the dream could see others around them, and found themselves and others who also seemed to be in an unfamiliar open environment, but still they couldn’t move.

Of course, some thought of the online rumor of the [nightmare samurai], and they were both surprised and glad that they could actually experience this supernatural phenomenon.

Just as the people quarreled, an invisible shock wave swept everyone.

In an instant, everyone’s heart seemed to be pinched by something invisible, they suddenly became unable to scream, and something indescribable but fearful hit upon their mind.

It suddenly became very silent.

Without anything leading or guiding them, everyone couldn’t help but look up.

Space seemed to become meaningless at this moment, as everything far from them was clearly visible in the eyes of the public.

The outermost part was the building with anti-horse fences, trenches and mud walls.

An ancient Japanese army consisting of thousands of people arranged in a rectangular shape was inside the building.

Soldiers with pale faces held their weapons in their hands silently, and an army flag engraved with the word Yongle was situated in the middle, making them look even more gloomy.

There was no doubt that the highest commander of the army was standing in the middle of the army.

The weird atmosphere shocked these ordinary Japanese people, some even had cold sweats.

In the Warring States Period of Japan, the Ming Dynasty Yongle copper coins were one of the few currencies commonly used in Japan, and Oda Nobunaga, who despised the traditions, simply used Yongle to demonstrate his innovative concept.

Many people who had some understanding of the history of the Japanese Warring States were suddenly stunned to find out that this might be the ghost army led by Oda Nobunaga!

Moreover, because he once burnt down the Buddhist temples and killed the Buddha soldiers, Oda Nobunaga was advertised by countless monks in the folks that he was the Sixth Day Devil.

The Sixth Day Devil Oda Nobunaga was he resurrected?

And he also had an invincible ghost army, so what did the Sixth Day Devil want to do now?

Everyone who knew the identity of Oda Nobunaga was pondering anxiously, though they wanted to flee, they were invisibly bound, hence anybody couldn’t move at all!

When they were feeling anxious, a lightning bolt thundered in the sky, and everyone was shocked to find that a tall figure wearing a cattle-faced mask and the traditional Japanese samurai armor stood in front of Oda Nobunaga out of nowhere.

“It is the Nightmare Samurai!” Although it was impossible to make a sound, many people usually browsing the Internet recognized the identity of Hu Feng at their first glance.

Without any word, Hu Feng seemed to ignore the ‘audience’, and he quietly stared at the army, stepping forward steadily.

With the Nightmare Samurai getting closer and closer, everyone witnessed that Oda Nobunaga’s army began to move.

At the forefront, soldiers with long spears and fearful faces squatted down, started shooting with ghostly bullets, moved back while refilling the ammunition, and the soldiers behind moved forward to attack!

Seeing this, Hu Feng reached out his right hand, and the long blade held in his hands was covered in flames.

He rushed forward, slightly tilted the Male Suzaku Blade, and arbitrarily slashed forward.

A f​ire emerged in front of the blade and all the bullets had been burnt into ashes before approaching him.

But this was only the beginning, under the gaze of numerous people, he leaped and slammed the blade, suddenly covering the scene with flames.

The buildings outside the Oda Nobunaga’s army were all turned into ashes, the blade swept through the army, and hundreds of armed soldiers who were too late to dodge had been neatly cut into two halves.

The raging fire ignited from the wounds of these soldiers and they started screaming painfully.


Wearing a black armor, a commander boosted the morale after killing those wounded soldiers and then a team of pikemen began to launch attacks against Hu Feng.

Many armored bowmen began to shoot and their arrows flashed with green light, as they were quenched with poison or contained a curse of resentment.

Fearlessly, Hu Feng turned a deaf ear to the arrows that were specifically aimed at his limbs.
He rushed over and shuttled between the arrows, and several heads of the ghost soldiers were chopped off each time he waved the blade.

Those arrows didn’t actually hurt him at all as all hit his armor and fell onto the ground.

Suddenly the weather changed as the black clouds emerged in the sky rolling, and there was even a downpour.

In the dense raindrops, everyone could vaguely see that the Nightmare Samurai flickered, and Oda Nobunaga’s soldiers stopped him from falling down.

After dozens of minutes, millions of Japanese people looked over from different angles.

Except for the dozens of guards around Oda Nobunaga, there was no other ghost soldier surviving.

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