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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 11

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 11: Helpless Network Supervision Police Department

In Criminal Investigation Corps office building, after being endorsed by the Secretary of the municipal party committee, Captain Zhou now had the privilege to command a flat unit.

“Network supervision police department?”

“I am Zhou Qijia from the first squad of the Criminal Investigation Corps. I hope that you can assist in a psychic case that jeopardized us tonight. Close the server of ‘Ghost Gate’. Provide us with all players’ IP address, real identity, mobile phone number and other information.”

“Yes, as fast as you can. We are now fighting against time and ghosts!”

After issuing the order through the public security network, Captain Zhou subconsciously looked at Fu Lu, who was eating noodles.

“Fu Lu, you once said that you drew the last book made of human skin from the hidden NPC at the meeting…” Captain Zhou walked over quickly.

“Do you still remember how many books are there in total? I am very skeptical that you aren’t the first victim of this case!”

“In other words, I think this is the killing sequence of the ‘Ghost Gate’! Whoever draws the book, will be killed by the evil spirits released by the game!”

Hearing what the captain said seriously, Fu Lu became nervous. “I remember that the hidden NPC had a total of ten books.”

“I saw the number ten in the forum from the post written by a player who first encountered a hidden NPC.”

“Do you know what the nickname of the first player who drew the book is?” Captain Zhou was overjoyed since he found the first victim.

This should be a helpful clue!

However, Fu Lu’s answer disappointed him. “How can I remember? I only remember that the title of the post was related to Easter Eggs with unlimited fatigue.”

“Well, then there’s no way, we can only pin our hope on the network department. Hope they can collect the information of all players.” Captain Zhou sighed.

At the same time, in the network supervision department, dozens of network police looked very anxious.

They stared at the screens silently.

When they found the information about the company publishing ‘Ghost Gate’ from the mobile game list, they sent people to the site to shut down the server and tried to block the mobile game on the Internet, so that players couldn’t continue to see or download. But something incredible happened!

No matter if it was Internet access restrictions or Trojan code attacks…everything seemed to remain still, and couldn’t be attacked.

From the beginning to the end, Ghost Gate still stayed on the leaderboard and was indifferent to all data attacks.

Time passed by.

“What are you waiting for? It has been almost 30 minutes. Can’t you handle a mobile game? Are all of you standing in a daze?” After receiving a few calls from the team leader, the head of the network police department came over angrily.

“Director, we are dealing with it! It’s too incredible!” The chiefs of several major network police groups explained.

“’Ghost Gate’ seemed as if it has never been on the Internet at all. We have tried all the means, but all in vain!”

“Director, you know our skill! Even if we attack the firewall of the US Department of Defense, they have to defend and counterattack with computing resources. It’s never impossible to keep quiet, right?”

Pointing at the mobile game icon on the computer screen, a section chief’s face looked like he couldn’t believe it.

“However, … I suspect it is not composed of data streams with 0s and 1s at all, it is a ghost of immaterial existence!”

“Director, please look. There is something more incredible!”

Someone first turned on the computer and showed up the page of the leaderboard.

Then, they moved the screenshot of the mobile game rankings sent by the Zhejiang network police department to the side.

Then they changed the computer login IP address to Inner Mongolia, and then opened the mobile game leaderboard page.

They put three web pages together.

“This first webpage is the national mobile game leaderboard in Shanghai, and the ‘Ghost Gate’ ranks number one.”

“The second screenshot page is the national mobile game leaderboard of the Zhejiang network police department, Royal of Kings ranks number one.”

“The last page is the product that Shanghai network police department deliberately modifies the computer IP address. On the national mobile game leaderboard, ‘Ghost Gate’ still ranks number one!”

“This…” The director was also deeply shocked at the moment.

His eyes looked stunned.

“According to our inference, only players in Shanghai can see and download ‘Ghost Gate’.”

“In short, we initially think that it has some intelligence, and the scope of hunting should be at most as big as Shanghai.”

“After all, assuming that it is really a dead machine, then the third time we should be successful when we logged in with IP from Inner Mongolia. The final result should be the same as the Zhejiang network police department, and we shouldn’t see the ‘Ghost Gate’.”

Ring! The phone on the desk suddenly rang.

The closest policeman picked up the phone and then looked over sadly.

“Director, the officers we sent to the scene to check the ‘Ghost Gate’ server called us. They said that the location, it was simply a desolated building, and they couldn’t find any targets.”

The entire network police office suddenly became silent…

In fact, when these Shanghai police officers attacked Ghost Gate with data stream for the first time, Hu Feng had already discovered it.

But he didn’t do anything at all. When creating the Ghost Gate, Hu Feng had thought about this in advance.

He chose to spend the extra fudge value to avoid anyone tracking the source on the data.

So now the attacks of the network police department would be simply in vain.

Hu Feng, who kept reading religious books to prepare for the fiction of the world’s myths in the future, now thought a Buddhist saying could explain the existence of Ghost Gate.

That was,【Not on this shore, not on the other shore, even not in the middle】!

“What? You mean that ‘Ghost Gate’ may be alive? And it also regards the whole Shanghai as its hunting ground?”

“All players information cannot be found, also its server cannot be invaded…”

“Well, I know. Thank you.” Hanging up the phone, Captain Zhou looked very disappointed.

As for the case that Fu Lu, the mobile game player who was almost killed by the female ghost, Captain Zhou originally considered the crisis of ‘Ghost Gate’, and didn’t want his department to get involved.

He hoped that the network police department could provide remote assistance.

But now it seemed that he shouldn’t put his faith in the helpless network police department.

We can do it ourselves.

Not waiting for Captain Zhou to issue orders, Fu Lu, who heard the conversation, felt like he had found some clues at the moment.

“Ghost Gate is alive? Does it regard the whole of Shanghai as a hunting ground? That being said, the player who get the books will be its hunting target…”

“So, tens of thousands of players aren’t its reserve prey?”

In short, every player situation could be life-threatening at any time?

Fu Lu was shocked by his own inference.

Quickly coming out of his trance, Fu Lu stood up righteously.

At the moment, he felt that he was a superhero fighting the evil forces!

He wasn’t fighting alone! He now stood on the same side with Sun Wukong, Altman, and the Spider-Man.

He now had endless courage.

He became passionate.

Fu Lu seemed to see himself shining with morale.

Standing up, Fu Lu kept talking about his inference.

At first, all the criminal police officers, including Captain Zhou, all thought he was joking.

But with his narrative deep. Captain Zhou and others were keenly aware that he was serious.

Tens of thousands of mobile game players were indeed at the mercy of life and death without knowing it.

If they didn’t care about them, they simply humiliated the term ‘people’s police’.

At the end of the day, Fu Lu raised his right fist and said in confidence.

“Captain Zhou, I think it is necessary to guide the tens of thousands of players who are obsessed with this game, out immediately!”

“I want to be the pioneer to do this job!”

Clap! The applause was heard, and every policemen on the scene was applauding.

Huff! Captain Zhou almost cried. He patted the shoulders of Fu Lu. “Young man, is there any interest in transferring to the police school for further study?”

Fu Lu never thought that he one day would be able to become a policeman. He was excited and moved.

But soon, he forced himself to calm down.

Gazing at Captain Zhou, Fu Lu said calmly. “When we solve this case completely, if I am still alive, I am willing to.”

“Then I am waiting to celebrate your police school graduation!” Putting on the police cap, Captain Zhou began to arrange the action plan.

Fu Lu also volunteered to join the first vanguard team, being the first to land in Ghost Gate.

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