I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 110

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 110: 3 Heads and 6 Arms

Holding the Male Suzaku Blade, Hu Feng slightly shook his wrists, and the stinky ghost air on the blade was eliminated, replaced by the flames that still burnt under the heavy rainfall.

Walking towards the remaining ghost soldiers, Hu Feng could see Oda Nobunaga, who was under the army flag and was surrounded by dozens high-ranked generals, dozens of meters away.

He was about 170 centimeters tall, riding on a tall skeleton horse, wearing a silver-white armor and wearing a U-shaped traditional Japanese flamboyant helmet.

His heroic face looked murderous like a tiger.

“Oda Nobunaga, your head is now mine!” Shouting, Hu Feng pulled out the blade.


“Go to hell!”

The generals and senior samurais surrounding Oda Nobunaga were irritated and screamed when they pulled out the samurai swords, polearms and other cold weapons as they couldn’t wait to kill Hu Feng.

Riding the skeleton horses, these generals and senior samurais already rushed over from all directions, Hu Feng had no space to evade around him, as he was besieged.

Oda Nobunaga had a confident smile, apparently he was very clear about the combat power of his subordinates.


Dozens of cold weapons in different shapes were coming at the same time, even a man with extraordinary abilities couldn’t handle it with his fists and was doomed to die, not to mention that these strong enemies were riding horses, so they were naturally on a lot higher level than the Nightmare Samurai.

Many people who witnessed the Nightmare Samurai being in a desperate situation could not help but try to close their eyes as they didn’t want to see the bloody tragedy.

But at this moment, Hu Feng moved!

His body grew as the wind kept blowing and he became a giant of more than 10 meters tall in an instant.

Not only the height advantage of many ghost soldiers and senior samurais was completely eliminated, they also became disabled in front of Hu Feng because they could not reach Hu Feng’s knees even if they jumped desperately!

The flesh on his shoulders creeped and two identical heads with cattle-faced mask emerged.

In addition to a pair of eyes on the front of each head, there was a twinkling eye on the forehead with a bright pupil, and horns grew on the back of each head.

On their foreheads, cheeks, shoulders and even all visible muscles without hair protection, metallic luster emerged.

At the ribs of the upper body, there were also four new strong arms.

Hu Feng waved the Male Suzaku Blade in midair and something incredible occurred.

5 new Male Suzaku Blades emerged from the afterimage, and were taken away and held by the other five arms.

Just revealing a small part of Chiyou’s magical power was enough to easily deal with the tough situation in front.

“Arc Slash!”

Like a trio, the three heads uttered simultaneously.

Though it was just an ordinary kendo move, raging flames appeared under the 6 identical Male Suzaku Blades.

Burning everything, 6 arc-shaped shock waves were alternately released, and all the generals and senior samurais in front screamed and turned into ashes in the raging flames.

Even Oda Nobunaga in the distance had to condense the ghost air all over his body, which barely prevented him from the aftermath of the flames.

Even so, Oda Nobunaga’s horse fell down totally ill, and it seemed to be dying very soon.

His silver-white armor became gray, his helmet was burnt into black ashes, and there was only he left under the army flag.

“Let me end the Sixth Day Devil and send all of you back to hell.”

The voice of the Nightmare Samurai reverberated throughout the audience as those Japanese people were particularly obsessed.

“50 years of life, everything seems like a dream……”

Reciting the favorite words, the green flames in Oda Nobunaga’s eyes burned fiercely, and he suddenly laughed smugly as if hearing the most ridiculous and funny joke in the world.


Numerous Japanese people witnessed that Oda Nobunaga smirked slyly at the Nightmare Samurai, and he scrunched his face to roar. “I manipulated the world like a game of chess, you’re just pawns for me, and how dare you now curse me?”

Before he finished the sentence, the decorated army flag over Oda Nobunaga’s head started burning with green fires fiercely as if touched by his emotions, the color gradually deepened, and the raging flames engulfed everything combustible.

Eventually, the army flag towering into the sky burned into dark, thick and oily green fire in a very short time, falling in front of Oda Nobunaga.

Reaching out and grabbing, he swallowed group of dark green ghost fire.

The ghost air over Oda Nobunaga’s body began to swell, his entire body grew as if he was a balloon, and he was almost equally high as the Nightmare Samurai.

Oda Nobunaga was not a great swordsman, and he had no strong fighting experience since he was mainly a commanding general in the battle.

However, after swallowing the ghost air highly-condensed with the burnt army flag which symbolized the bloody wars, Oda Nobunaga had the confidence to kill the enemy.

Stretching his hand to his waist, Oda Nobunaga drew out a blade called Heshikiri slowly.

Although he had many famous swords before his death, he still used Heshikiri when burning the Toruyama Buddhist Temple and killing monks.

Ghost air was constantly pouring into the Heshikiri, Oda Nobunaga stared at the Nightmare Samurai, and there was only the desire to kill him in his eyes.

“Go to hell!”

All the Japanese people heard the scream of Oda Nobunaga.


The Heshikiri in his hands burst out of infinite glory, and the speed he waved was amazing, faster than what anyone could imagine.

The whole world seemed to be cut off by the sword, the heavy rain became stagnant, and the thunder even shook for this.

Expressionlessly, the Nightmare Samurai looked at the world changing the color and the mighty blade, but he didn’t move at all.

Seeming to be the illusion, numerous Japanese people vaguely saw a mouth appeared on the position of the breastplate of the Nightmare Samurai and it uttered.

“Ordinary people can never endure your flaming sword, but not to me, I’m Dihong!”

“Go back!”

This time, almost all Japanese people had seen clearly that the armor was really talking.

And with the simple two words, the Heshikiri that Nightmare Samurai had nowhere to escape suddenly came out of Oda Nobunaga’s hands, reversed the direction, and attacked towards Oda Nobunaga.

In the eyes of the audience and even Oda Nobunaga, the momentum of the sword was spectacular!

Different from the momentum when Oda Nobunaga attacked, the sword looked even more invincible.


Unexpectedly, Oda Nobunaga desperately wanted to control the Heshikiri, but suddenly found that everything he did was in vain.

The flaming blade seemed to be unknown to him.

Oda Nobunaga’s gaze was slightly stagnant, and Heshikiri had indeed returned.

But it didn’t to the sheath, but on the chest through the heart, and the wound began to spurt out ghost air, like a living person who bled quickly.

“I often ponder, the world is floating……”

His body gradually became weak, and he lowered his head and his voice became silent.

Looking at the soul of Oda Nobunaga falling down, the Japanese people sighed and couldn’t help but felt secretly curious about the armor of the Nightmare Samurai that could talk like humans.

As long as the enemy of the Nightmare Samurai died, the Nightmare Samurai would disappear mysteriously, and all the people who were forced into the dream would wake up in cold sweats.

But today, everything changed.

When those who knew about the urban legend of Nightmare Samurai were confused, the Nightmare Samurai began to utter in everyone’s ear.

The seal under Mt. Fuji is about to wake up.

If the innocent people want to survive, they should leave as soon as possible……

Even if they only heard his voice once, no one could forget it as if the sentence was engraved on their minds.

After the remaining sound disappeared, everyone in Kyoto awakened from their dreams.

However, the impact of the Nightmare Samurai tonight was just beginning to spread.

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