I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 112

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Translator: Sheng Chen
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Chapter 112: Close Attention of the Chinese Government

Since the doomsday prophecy made by Nightmare Samurai was aimed at Japan, the Japanese people were discussing it and there were numerous debates regarding the issue.

As for the matter that the armor of the Nightmare Samurai talked, people were only slightly curious, but most of them either did not carefully study it or ignored it.

But abroad, whether it was the United States or China, it aroused an unconventional concern.

The United States attached importance because the emergence of Chiyou had verified the ideas of experts and professors who studied Chinese history as they wondered why the soul of Chiyou possessing the traditional Japanese samurai armor could bring the wearer back to life!

On the Chinese side, they were concerned if the armor that could talk and self-proclaimed to be Dihong was really Chiyou and why Chiyou would suddenly appear in Japan.

In the National Special Bureau headquarters, Director Guo frowned and looked extraordinarily dignified.

A supernatural event happened in Japan inexplicably involved an ancient Chinese mythical figure Chiyou!

It was said that the head No. 1 was shocked after hearing about the incident.

But it wasn’t over yet.

After knowing all the information about the Nightmare Samurai, the head No. 1 personally assigned the National Special Bureau the task of investigating the Japanese traditional warrior who claimed to be Dihong.

So today, Director Guo had to put down his trivial matters and urgently convene the elites to discuss about it.

Being annoyed, the office door was suddenly knocked, and the secretary came to report when all the staff were in the meeting room.

Arriving at the meeting room and distributing a report about the armor on the Nightmare Samurai who claimed to be Dihong, Director Guo sat down and looked around.

“The superior ordered that we must discover all the valuable information of the armor. Let’s take a look at the information and then sort out our ideas. We don’t have any time limit, so we must check it word-by-word in detail.” Director Guo then began to allocate the respective tasks to each unit.

The intelligence investigation department of Qin Wenhui, the section chief, was also assigned to a task to study whether it was Chiyou or not!

Qin Wenhui separated the task into 2 sections, one to investigate who Dihong was, and the other to search whether Dihong was Chiyou.

With the release of the task, the sounds of tying on the keyboards in the Intelligence Investigation Section became endless.

Qin Wenhui also began to search the intranet.

After several days of hard work, all the members of the Intelligence Investigation Section, including Qin Wenhui, were tired and had bloodshot eyes, but they finalized a paper with complete rigorous information and each argument was well documented.

The title was ‘On whether Dihong is Chiyou’.

Before submitting to the head No. 1, Director Guo considered it necessary to check first.

“Over the past, in the history books of all Chinese dynasties, there have been many historians who have researched and thought about the relationship between this person Dihong and Chiyou.”

“Some historians believe that Dihong is Chiyou, but some firmly believe that Dihong is Dihong, Chiyou is Chiyou, and they’re different.”

“What is the relationship between Di Hong and Chi You? Today, we will completely solve this mystery……”

“The earliest record about Dihong is from the ‘Historical Records’ written by Sima Qian, that was stated in, ‘Historical Records of the Five Emperors’.”

“It is well known that the historians of the Han Dynasty paid great attention to etiquette to those who could be named in the history of the Qing Dynasty. This etiquette doesn’t equal to the politeness we are talking about now, but the identity of the famous figure that must meet the Rites of Zhou!”

“What was the Rites of Zhou? Everything in the world must follow this etiquette.”

“When the Confucian disciples of the Han Dynasty advocated the Rites of Zhou, Sima Qian, who was influenced by Confucianism, must have known this. Therefore, in the process of compiling Historical Records, he must not violate the rules. All the information of all the characters is in accordance with what they did during their lifetime.”

“Let’s revisit Dihong.”

“Di, meaning emperor in Chinese, Sima Qian should know that this was the supreme status, and it was impossible for an ordinary prince to describe their identity with this word.”

“Hong, meant a large bird in Chinese.”

“As for Chiyou, many have different opinions, but there are two very different views.”

“First, people think that Chiyou may have been the subordinate of Emperor Yan or once joined the tribal alliance headed by Emperor Yan, but later Chiyou and Emperor Yan clashed fiercely and Chiyou eventually defeated Emperor Yan.”

“Second, Chiyou is the descendant of Emperor Yan. The two belong to the same tribe, and their names are the title of the tribe or its leader. Emperor Huang first defeated Emperor Yan’s tribe in the wilderness, the Chiyou tribe as a descendant of Emperor Yan, fought against Emperor Huang.”

“Here, after we verified it, we believe the second view.”

“Emperor Yan is the king of fire who advocated the sun. Chiyou, as a member of Emperor Yan’s tribe, not only belonged to the king of fire, but also the ancestor of the east, so he absolutely lived up to the word ‘Emperor’.”

“Together, only Emperor Yan himself or one of his descendants who made a significant contribution can be called Dihong.”

“And Chiyou himself, as the descendant of Emperor Yan, the chief and the ancestor of the three tribes, does have this qualification to be self-proclaimed as an emperor.”

“It is true that some historical books record that Emperor Huang was also called Dihong, but we have learned from many sides that everything was owned by the winner once the tribal leader was defeated in the ancient times.”

“For example, the dragon totem of our Chinese nation was the result that Emperor Huang defeated numerous powerful tribal clans and collected the cultures of the latter clans.”

“So we affirmed that Dihong was originally Chiyou’s name, but after he was defeated, Emperor Huang received everything of the loser, including Chiyou’s name Dihong. It is not surprising for Emperor Huang to become his new honorary title, hence it is not contradictory to argument.”

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