I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 113

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 113: Ten Suns

Hu Feng looked down on Mount Fuji in Japan from the perspective of God.

The highest peak in Japan, known as the Saint Mount, was the symbol of the Japanese nation.

The volcano with a height of 3775.63 meters had been taken over by the Japanese government’s Self-Defense Force from its roots to the peak, and every inch of land was inspected and explored by scientific researchers with precision instruments.

A large number of recruited onmyojis also applied the spell of investigation under the command of the relevant man in charge to find out what was sealed inside.

Obviously, since the doomsday prophecy was made, and it had been widely spread, Mount Fuji became a top priority.

The Fuji Mountain Scenic Area, which was originally opened to the public, was now set as a military restricted area.

In the sky, multiple helicopters and fighter aircrafts were hovering day and night to search for suspicious objects on the ground.

Every key pass point near Mount Fuji was guarded by type-90 tanks of the Self-Defense Forces’ main battle tank division, and they did not allow anyone without a pass to pass.

The side of Mount Fuji adjacent to the Pacific Ocean was blocked by the most advanced Marine Self-Defense Forces.

After all, the politicians and chaebols, who believed in atheism, couldn’t ignore or neglect these supernatural things after the Hyakkiyakou since no one wanted a powerful supernatural monster out of nowhere who suddenly emerged and easily wiped out his family members or land property.

The trace of the Nightmare Samurai was hard to find, but no politicians could sleep well until they found out the authenticity of his doomsday prophecy!

It was precisely why Hu Feng, who had the perspective on God, could witness such a spectacular view.

“The last scene, let’s get started.”

Looking at Mount Fuji, Hu Feng thought.

The cloudless sky began to turn bloody red.

Every inch of land on the mountain was violently shaking, the mountain rock collapsed, the self-defense army soldiers, onmyojis and researchers fell on the ground, and some even submerged into the boulders or fell into the cracks.

Needless to say, everyone could see that Mount Fuji was shaking and collapsing.

Small animals such as rabbits and squirrels madly rushed out, and they even turned a blind eye to humans, who they always tried to hide from.

Birds between the shrubs and bats deep in the caves flew away as if winter came early or their natural enemies were approaching.

The vegetation and moss fixed in place quickly withered at the speed visible to the naked eye.

The supreme commander in charge of the military restricted area of ​​Mount Fuji had to order everyone to evacuate immediately after being shocked and panicked for a while.

The blood redness over Mount Fuji began to spread as if ink had fallen into clear water.

After a while, the sky above the entire country of Japan turned bloody red.

A variety of strange, grotesque distorted figures of ghosts and demons were looming in this bloody red sky, as if to perform a dumb show for the public!

Even if watching for a little while, anyone would feel that his mind seemed to be attracted to the sky and got swallowed up by the demons.

Therefore, no one dared to look at the sky anymore.

The high-hanging red sun in the sky not only stopped providing warmth to the earth, the position of the sun itself began to distort.

Then, under the astounding gaze of numerous Japanese people, the distortion of the sun gradually stopped, but a new sun appeared high in the sky.

Like an illusion, with the second sun appearing, people felt that the two sun couldn’t provide warmth, and the temperature became more lower.

But this was not over yet!

The first sun began to distort the space once again.

Not long after, another red sun appeared in the sky……

In the following time, meteorological satellites from all over Japan and even the world discovered a horrible fact.

On the surface of Japan, in addition to the strange and bloody sky like the Milky Way, there were 10 red suns hanging high and illuminating sunshine without any warmth on every inch of Japanese land.

However, in the territory of other countries in the world, there was still only one sun, and the sunshine was still warm.

At the same time, there was no thunder and cloud, but it began to rain heavily on the land of Japan.

The color of this raindrop was not the usual colorless and odorless like in the past, but like the red blood rain, which would quickly blend into the body after falling on the exposed skin.

People drenched with excessive bloody rain only felt that their five senses were blurred, infinite screams of ghosts echoed in their ears, whispers of ghosts began to appear in their minds.

People with weak willpower had either become completely vassal, irrationally destroying all the buildings they saw, or mourning on the ground.

Seeing the unfortunate experience of people around, the vast majority of people desperately sought to hide as far as possible to prevent their bodies from being exposed to the bloody rain, or getting directly exposed to the ten suns.

Ten red suns illuminated the ground from different angles, resulting in the phenomena of overlayed shadows of buildings in the major cities of Japan.

People in black walked out of the shadows of ordinary buildings.

They were gender-neutral and had no facial features.

They wore uniforms of black ninja costumes and were equipped with darts, shurikens and kunais.

Slightly looking around, these shadow ninjas who had no eyes at all seemed to be looking for their own goals, completely ignored the ordinary people close at hand, and ran freely on the streets, or climbed with shadow hooks on the buildings.

Some residents who witnessed these ninjas leaving quickly picked up their mobile phones and began to call the local police station, the hotlines of the parliamentarians, etc., hoping that the national government could control these humanoid monsters.

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