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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 114

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 114: Forbidden Spells

The telephone lines of the National Meteorological Agency and the local police stations were all occupied at this moment.

Residents near Mount Fuji were at unease to ask whether it was just an earthquake, why was there a strange bloody sky and how did ten suns appear, and what was the strange rain that made people crazy.

In addition, many asked the police for protection agianst the monster ninjas.

But when the police and the Self-Defense Forces fought against the shadow ninjas, they found that hot weapons didn’t work on the latter.

On the contrary, the shadow ninjas could not only show up from within the shadows at any time, but also freely attack and kill them.

Their shurikens and kunais were also lethal, and there was nowhere left to escape.

After a fierce battle, a large number of police and military personnel had to retreat.

Not bothering to catch them, the shadow ninjas ignored people around them and prepared to go hunt for the onmyojis.

At the same time, less than 100,000 onmyojis received warning notification from the endowing notebooks at the same time:

The ancient powerful evil that couldn’t be called by its real name, [Orachimaru], will wake up completely from the Mount Fuji after six hours.

It’s dark servant [Shadow Ninjas] have begun to be resurrected, they have the ability to enter and leave the shadows, and kill every onmyoji.

The 3 Japanese ancestral artifacts can cause lethal damage to them.

Like numerous onmyoji, Ono Sumika was so shocked that she couldn’t close her mouth while reading the warning!

The reason was because of the name [Orachimaru]!

As early as becoming an onmyoji, Ono Sumika had discussed what kind of powerful demon might be the powerful evil that couldn’t be called with its real name with a group of onmyojis, some onmyojis mentioned at that time had mentioned Orachimaru.

But no one then thought it would be right because in the Japanese myths, it was killed and people found an artifact from its tail, which then they named it Kusanagi Sword, which later became renowned as one of the three Japanese artifacts.

But now.

Such a powerful monster would appear from Mount Fuji in six hours, so how are the onmyojis supposed to control it again?

Even Ono Sumika, now known as the best onmyoji, had no such courage.

When dealing with the Shuten-doji, they didn’t have such psychological burden since someone had already accomplished it during the Heian era.

But now, they had to face Orachimaru, which even the gods in Takamagahara barely defeated!

Frowning, Ono Sumika only felt tricky and difficult to face this situation.

Upset, she suddenly realized that many strange figures showed up behind her, she thus shouted subconsciously.

“Who? Who are you?”

Without any answer, five shurikens flew over in the same direction.

Sizing up, she found that the opponents were five shadows without the facial features and were dressed like ninjas!

Casting onmyoji spell to protect herself, Ono Sumika turned quickly to battle.

Since she had improved rapidly after Hyakkiyakou and had the unilateral infinite demon power supply from the shikigami Royal Nine-tailed Fox, Ono Sumika killed them very easily.

After their death, the five ninjas turned rotten sharply, as if they had re-integrated into their shadows.

“……Are they the Shadow Ninjas, the servants of Orachimaru, that the endowing notebook just reminded me?”

Recalling the information she had just read, Ono Sumika felt awkward.

Ono Sumika opened the endowing notebook and entered the onmyoji forum.

Sure enough, those who suffered the attacks of the shadow ninjas like her had posted in the forum and expressed their feelings.

“I almost died! The shadow ninja’s kunai pierced my skin, and it was only a few centimeters from my heart. Fortunately, I killed that guy in time!”

“Everyone, please pay attention! When I was fighting these servants, I found that they could move invisibly as long as they touched the shadows. I was almost killed by the shadow ninjas behind me.”

“It’s best not to be alone! I was alone and besieged by three shadow ninjas in a room. If I didn’t have a shikigami who come out in time to block the darts, I would have been dead now!”

Some onmyojis who had turned themselves to the Japanese government couldn’t wait to stand out and publicize. “Don’t be afraid! Join the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Dozens of onmyoji colleagues will accompany you 24-7. From now on, you will no longer be afraid of any shadow ninja. Enjoy the super high benefits……”

Responding to him were fling abuses or ignorance.

Ono Sumika put away the endowing notebook and became anxious.

With 5 hours left, how should I deal with Orachimaru?

The 8-footed Jade they borrowed from the emperor was gone as Nine-tailed Fox disappeared after wearing it.

Could they seal or suppress Orachimaru again with the two remaining artifacts?

Since having no such power like the gods of Takamagahara, Ono Sumika was afraid to accept the reality.

“Calm down, I must stay calm!”

As an onmyoji for so long, Ono Sumika also read a lot of metaphysical books on onmyojis, knowing that the ancient demons such as Orachimaru or Tsukumogamis could directly plunder the spirits, eat flesh and blood, and feed on [fear] that human had which would greatly enhance the strength of the demons.

If the onmyojis once had [fear], they would not only be unable to defeat Orachimaru, but also provide a new power to the latter.

In front of Hu Feng, Ono Sumika’s thoughts were exposed to him.

Hu Feng actually gave her a forged memory that Abe no Seimei gave a powerful forbidden spell to his descendants.

Ono Sumika suddenly hit upon the idea as she recalled that her ancestor gave her the forbidden spell through the 8-footed Jade in the Imperial Palace, but she almost ignored it since she was eager to fight against the Shuten-doji then!

“Although this forbidden spell costs a lot, as the best onmyoji in Japan, if I give up, can I count on others to stand up and fight against Orachimaru?”

“It’s urgent, I should make a decision quickly!”

With a little consideration, Ono Sumika rushed to the Imperial Palace, not only for the two remaining artifacts, but also for the preparation of the necessary materials for the forbidden spell.

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