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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 117

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 117: Crucial Time

When the Kusanagi Sword almost stabbed its eye, its pupil flashed with a red light and the gloomy coldness began to spread.

Eight heads opened their mouths and spat out endless coldness, the ink-like stinky water was spurted out, and the sky suddenly turned dark.

Ono Sumika was very close to the Orachimaru, but she was already unable to approach it.

The dull feeling shrouded her mind, and she only felt the need to supply a large amount of demon power, otherwise the sheltered body of the incarnation of Sasuke would break sooner or later.

“You’re blind, I am not the Orachimaru, and that weapon is not the Kusanagi Sword. It falls in your hands, and it really humiliates the soldiers from the past!”

‘Orachimaru’ twisted its snake heads, and 8 heads approached Ono Sumika to stop her way of retreat from different angles.

Its proud and overbearing words seemed that it had attempted to kill Ono Sumika and seize the Kusanagi Sword. “Don’t be too crazy!”

Ono Sumika flashed with dazzling light, her whole person was integrated with the Kusanagi Sword, and the acceleration provided by Sasuke and her spells made her speed reach the limit.

‘Orachimaru’ was not shocked but spat its tongues out indifferently. “Who are you? It turns out that you’re a descendant of the indigenous gods. No wonder that you feel familiar.”

“In the past, the indigenous gods attacked and sealed me when I was injured. Today, I will let you pay for this!”

Twisting its body in a smart way, the Orachimaru immediately started fighting against Ono Sumika.

The Japanese people and even the foreign governments watching what happened in Mount Fuji only felt extraordinarily confused!

The Orachimaru didn’t admit that it was the Orachimaru, and it even faintly revealed that the sword Ono Sumika was holding was not the Kusanagi Sword.

Is there any hidden myth?

Those sensitive people had already noticed it.

Ono Sumika was electric fast as she kept stabbing on its body and every attack was aimed at its weakest part.

However, in addition to consuming a lot of demon power, the Orachimaru wasn’t anxious, but kept dodging with ease.

Everyone could see that Ono Sumika wasn’t on the upper hand.

Even when Sumika wanted to stop close combat and quickly distanced from the Orachimaru, so that she could cast a Sasuke’s wide-ranged spell, it would immediately approach, hence she couldn’t get the chance.

“It won’t work like this. I can’t do this for a long time.”

Perceiving that the body of the incarnation of Sasuke had already consumed two-fifths of the strength, Sumika bit her teeth and resisted one slap of the snake tail, then she quickly distanced from it.

Even the sacred body of Sasuke took most of the force, the remaining force still made Sumika couldn’t help but vomit blood.

Quick inspecting her body, Sumika found that her internal organs had been displaced and her spleen was almost broken.

Taking advantage of this moment, Sumika raised her hand to cast a spell for the treatment, stood upright, held the sword with both hands over her head, and the surging airflow started gathering.

The Orachimaru apparently noticed that she was attempting to cast her ultimate spell, but it didn’t interrupt her.

On the contrary, it also prepared to attack.

“Izayoi Slash!”

Infusing almost all the power of Sasuke to the spell, the sword was flickering, she slashed the sword down overbearingly, pink cherry blossoms followed the sword, and the deep night seemed to be oozing from sword light.

The dazzling and gorgeous attack overwhelmed everyone.

Even if the sky was filled with ten suns and the blood rain, it seemed to be completely torn by the sword.

It could be said that Sumika’s attack showed her determination.

But unfortunately, her opponent seemed to be more unpredictable and skillful.

Faced with the shocking attack, there was no fear and despair in the pupils of the Orachimaru, on the contrary, there was infinite brilliance.

The blood rain was getting more and more dense, and the 10 suns were becoming more dazzling.

Bathing in the sky was most suitable for its own body, Orachimaru moved and winded in the air, and loud whistles burst in the air.

In an instant, the eight snake heads unified and raided as their sharp teeth which were dazzling.

The speed at which it stroke was at least three times greater than before!

Sumika had no time to react since the body of Sasuke was destroyed by brute forces from the outside to the inside, and she couldn’t attack anymore……

A horrible snake head bit the sword from the side with sharp teeth, and she became helpless.

“You will die!”

Sumika fell into desperation because she had already seen the bloody mouth that rushed towards her and heard the conclusion that Orachimaru put.

Most of the Japanese people who were watching with mobile phones and TVs couldn’t help but turn their heads at the moment as they were too sad to watch anymore.

Even the best onmyoji was no match for the Orachimaru with the help of the incarnation of Sasuke.

Some people even wrote their suicide notes, and even considered whether they should commit suicide because they really didn’t want to end up being eaten by the Orachimaru like Ono Sumika.

The foreign governments that secretly observed the battle in Mount Fuji through satellites had convened an emergency meeting.

Some heads of states also secretly made up their minds that they should immediately establishes a blockade line at the border once Japan was really ravaged by this giant multi-headed snake, if necessary, they would bombard it with direct remote nuclear weapons.

When almost everyone thought that Ono Sumika was dead, a figure that no one could imagine showed up in the air!

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