I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 12

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 12: Alert! The Cyber Cult Disguised as Mobile Game

In Shanghai suburbs. In an open underground bomb shelter.

Series of stuff that could dispel evil spirits in folk customs such as the mahogany sword, the boy’s urine, the black dog blood, the gold coins, the beads, the wooden clapper, the hand-written sutra, and the statue of the gods, were gathered.

It could be said that almost everything that can be obtained in a short time was there…

They hung these on the walls and placed these in every corner.

Since someone would enter the bomb shelter late, they had to leave enough open space in advance, it was afraid that the caves will be filled with these.

The shelter was blocked by thousands of criminal investigation brigades, armed police brigades, explosion-proof police and other officers. Everyone was armed.

In addition, from Nanjing Military Region, the Allied Mobile Forces of the 24th Army and the Armed Helicopter Brigade of the 63rd Army were rushing in the name of military exercises, and they were expected to arrive in half a day.

There were also many religious people who come from religious places and dressed up differently.

They were also preparing on the ground.

Among them were the monks wearing yellow-brown plaques and holding rosary beads, Taoist priests wearing blue robe and holding the white whisk, and bishops holding the Bible and wearing silver cross on the chest.

In addition to the three famous religion, including Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity, other masters of different costumes were also numerous.

“Do these people really have the talents? They look a bunch of swindlers?” Sitting in the command center, Captain Zhou looked at the situation outside the tent and whispered privately and with his peers.

“Who knows?”

“The superior just wants to play it safe!”

“For the first spiritual murder attempt in the country – ‘Ghost Gate’, we should play it safe.”

“If there’s an accident, it would be the time for these swindlers.” Captain Zhou realized that the country couldn’t determine which religion was really capable. They wanted to see which religious people were swindlers with this case.

“By the way, how is the network from media news, physical newspapers and magazines, those propaganda channel that criticize Ghost Gate, warning people to stay away from the cult which is disguised as mobile game?” Suddenly thinking of this, Captain Zhou looked at the peer in charge of the matter.

“We have already launched 300,000 newspapers. The online news reports are also being followed up quickly. With the CCTV TV channel and the WeChat, these channels will spread the news simultaneously, and the results will be absolutely extraordinary.” With a self-confident smile, he handed a newspaper that was put on the market to the captain.

Receiving the newspaper, Captain Zhou turned to the front page.

The dark and bold headline was in his sight.

Alert! ——【Cyber cult disguised as a mobile game is now spreading its culture, and the hackers behind it steal the players’ wealth】

According to the reporter’s personal experience report, a cyber cult named ‘Ghost Gate’ in Shanghai recently was spreading indiscriminately in the disguise of a mobile game.

The developer is an overseas hacker organization.

Once the user downloads the mobile game, the virus invades the mobile phone.

Since then, the user’s bank card, Alipay, WeChat, QQ and other account passwords will be stolen…

So far, there have been reports of 367 victims, and the direct and indirect losses amounted to 200 million…

If your friends and family unintentionally download this mobile game, please remove it immediately for property security and personal privacy!


Looking at the newspaper, a call from the superior broke the silence.

“Yes, I am Zhou Qijia, the captain of the first brigade of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, also the man in charge of eliminating the hotbed of ghosts!”

“Thank you for the head of the central government, we have prepared everything.”

Hanging up the internal encrypted call, Captain Zhou started to order.

“The situation has changed. We can no longer wait for the group army to reinforce the Nanjing Military Region. At 12:45, we will let the first Pioneer Death Squad enter the air defense!”

“What? This is totally different from the plan in the morning.” His colleagues were confused.

Captain Zhou stared at them and said. “This is the command of the superior, just do it!”

“Captain, don’t be so angry! I know that boy you are optimistic about it. In the first Pioneer Death Squad. If we start the operation before Nanjing Military Region reinforcements arrive, it really increased the risk of the death squad.”

Seeing that Zhou’s captain was angry, Director Li of the Political Department of Shanghai stood up and said. “But everything has its pros and cons. The temporary plan at 12.45 may be stemmed from those religious people who persuaded the Central Committee.”

“At 3:00 p.m., isn’t it generally considered to be the highest time, point of yang?”

“If the death squad land at the time, facing the strong yang, the probability of ghosts appearing will be greatly reduced. ”

Captain Zhou was expressionless. He only hoped that the action would be smooth and safe.

He also wanted Fu Lu to return safely. At 12:30, five volunteers, including Fu Lu, who served as the first pioneering death squad, began to write suicide notes in their respective rooms.

“Dear father and mother, if you see this letter from the country, I think I am no longer alive…”

At 12:40, with his body covered with all kinds of religious items, and drinking the holy water, the curse ash water, and the Buddha’s spring, the five wore the earphones that could communicate with the outside world and walked into the bomb shelter with their phones.

At 12:45, after quickly registering the game accounts, the four members of the death squad had entered the novice guide interface.

Different from Fu Lu, they had never played a spiritual mobile game, while Fu Lu was very familiar with it.

But today wasn’t a day for ignorance and laughter.

“If my sacrifice is valuable, helping the country to completely destroy this mobile game and saving more innocent netizens who are considered to be reserve prey without knowing it, I am willing to do so.”

The moment when he entered Ghost Gate, he already had the awareness that he would be killed cruelly by the ghosts that suddenly popped up on the screen on the spot.

At the same time, Captain Zhou and others in the command center were staring at the big screen. That was the monitoring screen of the five-member death squad members in the air-raid shelter.

A minute passed.

Five minutes passed.

Twenty minutes passed.

Quite unexpectedly, despite the fact that there were still two eye-catching permanent buff【increasing the chance of ghost haunting by 100%】,【Max fatigue value】 on the character attribute panel, there was no murderous evil spirits around Fu Lu.

Even the other four members of the death squad didn’t encounter any ghost at all. “Send the second team.” Captain Zhou said.

Soon, 30 volunteers also occupied the airspace in the air-raid shelter and began to use the mobile phone to register Ghost Gate.

Ten minutes passed, but no one died or got injured.

“Are we wrong? This mobile game is actually not malicious to people, so it will not take the initiative to harm people?”

“No, if this is the case, then those ten players who encountered hidden NPC and drawn books made of human skin wouldn’t be killed by the ghosts!”

“Does this mobile game actually have a restriction? For example, only players who have encountered hidden NPC and got ghost books are the targets to be killed?”

“I think it is possible!”

“Ordinary mobile games want to make money, so they hope players to play the game 24 hours a day…”

“The game acts in a diametrically opposite way. They deliberately create the fatigue value, limiting the player’s game time!”

In the command center, there are peers who thought deeply and speculated. “In addition to encountering hidden NPCs to trigger the Easter Eggs with unlimited fatigue value, isn’t the mobile game encouraging players to trigger it in disguise?”

“No matter what it is, the most important thing for us now is to destroy this mobile game and not let any of its intentions succeed.”

“A mobile game without players is like a fish leaving the water. It is only a matter of time before it dies.” Although we can’t attack the game from the physical level, we should definitely do it by draining its water!” Captain Zhou raised his head and his eyes looked firm.

“Temporarily stop the follow-up team entry, let the 35 people who have entered the air-raid shelter find ways to let tens of thousands of players leave the game right away.” Through the headphones, this command immediately passed to Fu Lu’s ears.

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