I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 121

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 121: 12 Zodiac Totem Inheritance and Furnaces

After the general settings of the new plan had been revised, Hu Feng was still not satisfied because some important details had not been confirmed.

First and foremost, it was the twelve zodiac totems!

It was conceivable that the country would focus on the process of how the inheritors obtained the totems once the zodiac totem inheritors got exposed to the national government.

If they are not able to figure it out, they would definitely not feel assured!

In view of this, Hu Feng felt that the external manifestation of the Zodiac Totem must be carefully confirmed so that he could successfully fool the country.

In childhood, Hu Feng once saw an animated film ‘The Adventures of Jackie Chan’ produced by Sony Pictures of the United States.

The story was mainly about Jackie Chan, his niece Xiaoyu and the antique shop daddy, etc., who pursued the zodiac charms in the world.

The zodiac charm in this animation was a stone engraved with the shape of the animal, containing ancient Chinese magic.

However, Hu Feng personally felt that this American film had nothing to do with China.

Even the so-called tokens form gods had nothing to do with Chinese history as it just wanted to fool the Chinese audience.

Perhaps in the eyes of American staff, the Japanese style is the same as Chinese style, and all Asians were the same, however, Hu Feng wanted to make his zodiac totem with authentic Chinese style.

Hu Feng thought that the emperor must have considered the long future when designing the zodiac totems.

Suppose Emperor Huang carved the zodiac totems on a slate, what if the slate was naturally damaged or weathered in the long run, or even destroyed by the culprits?

Would it be so easy to make the 12 zodiac totems of Chiyou disappear?

Or if the slate was long buried underground because the place of preservation was wrong, did it mean that Chiyou would no longer worry about anything.


Therefore, the external form of the zodiac totems must be independent of time, space and other factors, and always have to be safe and sound.

What was a constant existence for the Chinese nation since thousands of years?

Pondering, Hu Feng couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.


Since the Zhou Dynasty, few dynasties could last longer than 300 years?

Moreover, both the Yuan Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty were ruled by foreigners.

Where to find a dynasty that remained unchanged?


Pondering for a long time, Hu Feng suddenly hit upon an idea.

He recalled that the existence of the Chinese nation that had never changed in the past thousands of years!

That was the Chinese!

Among the four ancient civilizations of the world, ancient Babylon, ancient Egypt, and ancient India all became history.

The ancient Babylonians and ancient Egyptians all died and their land was occupied by foreigners.

The descendants of the ancient Indians were also at the lowest level of the modern Indian caste system, and they were called inaccessible people.

So, why could Chinese still be able to read and speak Chinese even though they were ruled by foreigners many times?

Why hadn’t the Chinese culture died out yet?

Why did American scholars who studied China claimed that there was no China at all, but a cultural integration that pretended to be a country?

Hu Feng concluded that it was because of the people!

Therefore, the external form of the zodiac totem could be stored in people!

There was no need for any animal charms.

As long as there were Chinese people who followed the zodiac signs and understood their zodiac sign, the zodiac totems would continue to pass down.

Everyone who knew their own zodiac sign was the hidden channel and inheritor of the totem corresponding to his zodiac sign.

The true inheritors of the totem were only the dominant totem inheritor.

“The number of each totem inheritor would be astronomical. Even if the national government can only investigate at all costs, they can only see that the inheritors using totem power, but unable to find anything!”

“The specific external manifestation of the 12 totems would be directly stored in the memory of people’s minds, and there was no absolutely entity for scientists to study!”

Hu Feng even felt like shouting bravo for his idea as he could even foresee that all the experts and professors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were unable to get anything useful, and all the staff of the National Special Bureau felt helpless!

“The furnace barrier plan of Emperor Huang may have to be carefully studied. After all, the territory when Emperor Huang still held the throne was completely different from the territory of China now.”

After solving the external form of the zodiac totems, Hu Feng suddenly recalled the furnace barrier in his plan.

However, about the carrier channel of [humans] to solve the problem of the inheritance of the zodiac totem, he was not afraid now.

“Maybe I can set that the 9 big furnaces were buried in the 18 provinces of ancient Han Dynasty, but 9 small furnaces were hidden in the heart of every Chinese who thinks himself as a descendant of Emperor Huang……”

“Simply put, the more Chinese people, the greater the pressure will be posed against the beasts and demons. The more people, the weaker barrier! ”

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