I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: The Absence of the Dragon Totem

“The daily patrol would last for more than half a month. What are we looking for?”

“Why don’t the superior directly tell us?” Officer Zhang said irritably.

Since it was late at night, he simply lit a cigarette and mimicked his superior ordering the normal officer. “The 78th red-headed document. From now on, all the police officers on vacation must return to their duties, and the number of original recruiting police officers will triple……”

“24-hour shifts, search for a series of large-scale places such as local neighborhood, unfinished buildings, business districts, schools, kindergartens, etc. Once one noticed abnormal events related to the following 11 animals, make sure to report immediately!”

“These 11 animals are Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig…and… Dragon?”

Frowning, Officer Zhang murmured. “I have seen the first 10 animals. But Dragon? Are the superiors sure that it’s not a typo?”

“Stop it! You and I are just police officers. We need the salary to support our families. What does you complaint help?”

His partner reminded him with a slight dissatisfaction. “Also, stop smoking. We’re still on duty.”

“Okay, okay, you are right. If I get caught by the inspector team, we’re all done.”

Throwing the cigarette to the ground, he stepped on it hard as if he was venting the anger about how he was forced to work day and night.

Getting back onto the patrol car, Officer Zhang started driving, and the two continued to patrol the street.

Looking around, they were all basically residential houses.

It’s almost 11 p.m., there was not much light inside every household, and it seemed that they were all asleep.

“Tonight, it seems like another ordinary day.”

As he just said, he was stunned on the spot, then he incredulously rubbed his eyes and watched the scene in front.

Noticing his peer suddenly became silent, his partner turned sharply.


These rats were getting crazy!

At a glance, Officer Zhang’s partner was screaming in horror.

Under the moonlight, many fat rats removed the nearest sewer manhole cover, jumped out of the hole without making any noise in an orderly manner, and marched towards the neighborhood.

“Idiot, keep quiet!”

The exclamation made Officer Zhang come out of his trance, he thus covered his partner’s mouth and fled the scene as far as possible.

“Don’t disturb these rats, and quickly send a message to the General Administration! It’s time for us to make some meritorious deeds!”

“Did you forget our very special patrol mission recently?”

“These rats with such abnormal behaviors are definitely problematic!”

With his explanation, his partner suddenly realized.

10 minutes later, when the dense police cars and the heavily armed plague prevention staff arrived with all kinds of pharmacy sprayers, everyone was almost shocked by the scene of the silent rat gathering! “Is it a rat meeting?”

“100,000? Or 1,000,000 rats?”

“All the rats in our city are here? It’s all over the place!”

“It’s no wonder that the residents in the neighborhood didn’t call 911. These rats are really so quiet. It’s too strange!”

With careful observations, some careful police officers also found out that though these rats rushed into the neighborhood, they didn’t attack or harass people unanimously.

Calling the manager in the area, they clearly saw that all the rats were crowded outside the security door of a household on the 7th floor with cameras and maps.

It vaguely gave people a very strange feeling, as if these mice were protecting the household on the 7th floor.

Checking the information registration, they learned that the residents of that household were a very ordinary family.

In addition to a couple, their child, an elementary school student, also lived there.

Although these rats had not attacked the security door with their sharp teeth, rushed into or had intentions of biting the living yet, the police couldn’t guarantee that they would keep so quiet.

“Prepare the fire truck with the ladder. There are too many rats in the corridor, so we can’t get in. We should rescue these hostages trapped by rats from the window!

“Then immediately arrange the residents here and even those in nearby neighborhoods to collectively evacuate and disinfect the area. If we don’t dispel or eliminate so many rats with germs gathered here, the consequences will be really unimaginable.”

The person in charge began to direct the operation, and various matters began to be arranged in an orderly manner.

But very unexpectedly to the police, the operation to rescue the hostages and to dispel the rats went out smoothly.

As the members of the nearest branch of the National Special Bureau learned about the anomalies involving animals in the area, they rushed over right away.

After the top secret documents of the 12 Zodiac Totems were transmitted to the major branches, the national special bureau branches across the country could not wait to find the 11 lucky zodiac totem inheritors.

Although it was uncertain whether the abnormal gathering of the rats tonight indicated the emergence of the Rat totem inheritor, the members of the branch were willing to give it a try.

In view of the family members who lived there, someone was likely to be the lucky one to obtain the [Rat totem], so they conducted the interrogation with the help of the national security bureau.

The kid was just separated from his parents and saw strange brothers and sisters coming in, so he was completely panicked.

“I won’t do it anymore! Where are you, Mom and Dad? I don’t want to be locked down by the police! I promise not to call the little rat to scare my mother!”

The members of the national special bureau branch immediately revoked the interrogation of the couple, let them comfort the mood of their kid, and started asking questions.

Returning to his beloved family, this eight-year-old child gradually calmed down and honestly responded to the parents’ requests to answer various questions from the members of the national special bureau branch.

After several inquiries, all the members of the National Special Bureau Branch were very excited since they got a big one!

It turned out that the primary school student was actually the inheritor of the Rat totem.

The rat gathering tonight was an external manifestation of his inheritance.

He summoned the rats because he wanted to scare his mother.

The three major abilities of the [Rat totem] were, [Ear Rat], [Society] and [God].

According to his own description, he acquired the abilities about 7 days ago.

At that time, he thought that he was a new generation of Kamen Rider, so he had been secretly thinking about how to be a hero of justice in the city.

The following months, under the efforts of the national special bureau and the police officers, the Zodiac inheritors who had difficulty covering their own abilities were found one after another.

When treating these Zodiac inheritors, the police of the Public Security Bureau claimed that the existence of the Zodiac inheritors wasn’t conducive to a harmonious society and that imprisonment was inevitable, then the national special bureau would imply them that joining the national special bureau would earn themselves with hundreds of welfare privileges.

The 10 Zodiac totem inheritors being found could only join the national special bureau reluctantly.

After asking for the head No. 1, Director Guo also regarded the 11 Zodiac totem inheritors as a trump card of the National Special Bureau.

All of them were arranged to a superb squad, and everyone would practice fighting all day long.

The think tanks of the PLA General Staff, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Strategic Analysis were striving to maximize their strengths by analyzing, discussing, and combining the various capabilities of the eleven Zodiac totem inheritors from all aspects.

Excellent tactical training and guidance made them gradually master their own abilities and get used to fighting with teammates and companions.

However, a very important contradiction showed up.

The [Dragon Totem] inheritor was still missing!

Dragon, the animal from ancient myths and legends, which symbolizes auspiciousness.

Modern Chinese people were proud to claim themselves to be descendants of Emperor Huang and the Dragon.

Internationally, most of the foreign news media referred to China with red dragons or pandas, which was self-evident.

Through the research recently, they repeatedly studied Chiyou and Emperor Huang, and a kind of rumor was also widely-known stated that the dispute between Emperor Huang and Chiyou could also be regarded as the battle between [Dragon] and [Phoenix].

Although it sounded like a joke, it showed that the Dragon totem inheritance was extraordinary!

Now the most powerful, noble and mysterious zodiac totem inheritance hadn’t appeared yet, Director Guo and others could not help but ask themselves if they weren’t working hard enough, otherwise, they would’ve long found the Dragon totem inheritor.

Or was it that the inheritance had not yet found a suitable candidate, hence it was not yet awakened?

No one knew why.

The head No.1’s order was very straightforward.

We must find the [Dragon Totem] inheritor at all costs!

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