I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 131

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 131: Dayu’s Monument

After an instant, Turtle Mountain began to shake violently and everyone mistakenly thought it was an earthquake.

“Dayu, you’re cheating!”

A thunderous roar came from under the ground of Turtle Mountain.

Despite the bad weather, the echoes were still clearly heard and the grievance and anger simply sounded unsettling.

The zodiac totem inheritors immediately found that the source was from Turtle Mountain, hence they urgently sailed the boat over.

Under the thundering, people in the vicinity could clearly see a monkey-like monster roaring furiously on Turtle Mountain.

On the top of the sky, a bronze giant furnace with patterns of mountains, rivers, trees and beasts were looming in the clouds.

The dense black chains derived from the giant furnace firmly locked the monster’s neck, making the latter struggle, but its range of activities was limited, hence it was unable to leave the peak of Turtle Mountain.

A golden elliptical bell tied to the nose of the monster would ring whenever it shook its head, and the far-reaching sound attracted people’s attention.

When the eleven zodiac totem inheritors sailed to the vicinity and looked up at the bronze giant furnace in the clouds, they were excited to perceive the specific location of Yangzhou furnace!

It was conceivable that as long as this Yangzhou Ding was restored to its original place, the barrier in the ancient Yangzhou region would gradually recover.

“Dayu! Come out and let me go!”

At this moment, the monster shouted murderously.

Throughout the distance, they were terrified after carefully observing the dozen-meter-tall monster.

“Is it true that it caused Yangzhou furnace to shift?”

“What is the origin of this monster?”

“The body is too big…… We can’t be compared to it…… If we can’t dodge its attacks, we’ll die!”

Observing through the satellites, the headquarters of the National Special Bureau evaluated and guessed the true identity of the monster.

Opening the military individual terminal, the zodiac totem inheritors quickly started reading, and the captain took the initiative to explain.

“Water monster in Huai River, resembling a monkey. Collapsed nose, convex forehead, white-headed and green body, good leaping ability, loves making trouble……”

“It is rumored that it was captured when Dayu was dealing with the floods, and he locked its neck with a big iron rope, tied a golden bell to its nose, and put him at the foot of Turtle Mountain to stop the floods of Huai River.”

“That’s it! The water monster!” Carefully observing the appearance of the monkey-like monster, they deeply confirmed that there was no mistake.

A dazzling lightning crossed.

Some zodiac totem inheritors found a row of lustrous bizarre characters on the black chain tied to the monster.

Thanks to the fact that they learned a lot about the ancient Chinese culture in the headquarters of the national special bureau, they could recognize the general meaning of the ancient characters, including Oracle!

But when they saw the shiny characters on the chain, they couldn’t recognize it at all.

As if recalling something, Wu Zijuan looked to her teammates. “I remember that the ancient writing experts seemed to have mentioned that it’s different from oracle……”

“It’s from Dayu’s monument!”

“In the legend, these are the secret characters he created after dealing with the floods.”

Reminded by the captain, the rest of them seemed to recall a little memory.

The snake zodiac inheritor added. “I remember it! Dayu’s monument, the monument on the peak of the Heng Mountain in Hunan Province! The font contains the great power of Dayu!”

No longer hesitating, Wu Zijuan immediately contacted the headquarters, asked to investigate the ancient characters on the chain with satellite, and checked the font on Dayu’s monument, striving to understand its meaning as soon as possible.

Agreeing to her request, Director Guo ordered the totem inheritor squad to evacuate to a safe place because he had already obtained the approval of the head No. 1 that he would contact the Nanjing Military Region, and launch a massive thermal weapon aimed at the monster.

In the speech, Director Guo also stated that if they weren’t considering the residents in Jixian County where Turtle Mountain was located, the first batch of firepower offensives would not be a death concerto composed of ordinary firepower such as anti-aircraft artillery and rockets, but a nuclear warhead departing from the secret military base of the Taklimakan Desert which symbolized the highest nuclear power of China.

But in the next second, very unexpected to Guo’s surprise, Wu Zijuan made it clear that they should not bombard the ground with the firepower.

“Do you know what you are talking about? Captain Wu, are you confused?”

In the face of Guo’s questioning, Wu Zijuan reminded. “Director, can you see Yangzhou furnace thousands of meters above the monster with satellites?”

“What? Yangzhou furnace is above it?”

Director Guo was obviously stunned, but he quickly asked. “Impossible! There is nothing in the satellite image?”

Pouting, Wu Zijuan solemnly said. “100% true! We all see it……”

“Director, we can’t guarantee whether the modern firepower’s offensive force can kill the monster and also not destroy Yangzhou furnace! Director, we really can’t take the risk.”

“We’ll try to remove Yangzhou furnace, and then we’ll see!”

Director Guo was silent for a while, then he responded. “I have already announced the suspension of the offensive in the Nanjing Military Region.”

“I don’t object to the idea of trying, but I hope you don’t force it.”

“The head No. 1 stresses that this mission is very important, but he hopes to see that all the eleven people return safely!”

“I can guarantee the completion of the mission.” She raised her hand to salute and turned.

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