I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 132

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 132: Dragon Totem

At the foot of Turtle Mountain, the 11 zodiac totem inheritors abandoned the boat to climb the mountain, no matter how they performed their abilities, Yangzhou furnace was still immoveable.

After 10 minutes.

“Captain, is it really unrealistic for us to do this…..”

“We can’t make it at all! We can’t even touch the furnace at all, it doesn’t help!”

Some zodiac totem inheritors couldn’t help but whisper.

Wu Zijuan had to admit that it was impossible to move the Yangzhou furnace in the sky with their current abilities.

At this moment, the monster on the top of Turtle Mountain was gasping as it got tired when cursing Dayu.

With its breath, tides were created in the flood that pervaded the surrounding world.

When it inhaled, the flood began to rage and vortexes were born at the bottom of the water.

When it exhaled, the rising tides caused many flooded buildings to completely shatter and destroyed in an instant.

“Dayu! Don’t think it’s over!”

Looking around the floods angrily, it hit upon a new idea when seeing the boat in the distance.

It intended to flood Huai River, and let the natural disasters annex everything on the ground to retaliate against the pain that it had suffered from being suppressed for thousands of years.

“Water comes!”

It shouted, and the turbid flood started raging with trees, sand, garbage, stones, dead pigs and other dead animals.

Not only the squad and the officers in Jixian County, but everyone could see clearly that turbid tides were rushing over on the horizon.

“Tides! Tides are coming! Move to the higher places!”

“Hovercraft, someone has fallen into the water there!

“Sandbags, throw sandbags into dams. We have to intercept it. We must outrun the flood!”

“Lifebuoy, I need a lifebuoy!”

The tides in the distance had just begun to flood, but people witnessing the disaster and with poor psychological quality, had become panic-stricken to escape from the temporary platform here.

With his parents, Hu Feng, who was also on the temporary platform, also pretended to be uneasy.


There was no chance of responding to the flood, the tides were rushing closer.

Without stopping at all, the dam built by sandbags hurriedly could not be stop it for a second, but turned into countless sediments, adding more wreck to the flood peak.

A few seconds later, the temporary platform also collapsed, and the numerous people began to fall into the water.

Putting two lifebuoys he found on his parents, Hu Feng seemed to have no time to react, and he had been ruthlessly swallowed by the turbid flood, leaving only his father and mother to be saddened.



No one doubted Hu Feng’s whereabouts since it was impossible to survive in such turbid flood.

But at the next moment.


Golden light!

Infinitely bright and dazzling golden light illuminated from the underwater of the turbid flood.

The non-stop turbid flood suddenly ceased in an instant.

The rolling water stopped and the mighty tide disappeared silently.

People looked around in disarray, but the fact just appeared in front of them.

The flood had stopped!

Almost at the same time, on Turtle Mountain, hundreds of miles away, the 11 zodiac totem inheritors were all shocked since they all perceived the last zodiac inheritor. “It’s the dragon totem! It’s definitely right!”

Surprised, though unclear about the specific orientation of the dragon totem inheritor, they immediately reported the good news to the superior organization.

In the next second of the flood being stopped, a more magical scene stunned everyone!

Those who had already fallen into the ruthless flood flew out from the water safely.

Each of them was wrapped in a golden transparent bubble and involuntarily flew out the surface of the water, and finally landed on the shore.

The crowds were stunned and silenced.

They wondered if there was spirit or it was the country’s latest technology.

Even when they asked these lucky survivors, they were speechless as they confided that they saw the light surrounding them, after that they survived.

At this moment, Hu Feng’s parents shouted the name of their son and ran around to find their lost relative like others.

But people on the shore near the surface of the water faintly saw a slender figure swimming underwater, and ripples seemed to show that something was coming out under the water! 

Someone exclaimed and distanced.

“Is it a crocodile?”

No one answered, and no one said anything.

At this moment, everyone was deeply shocked.

A pair of deer-like horns on the head, facial features of human beings, golden dragon scales with brilliance under the throat, a smooth and crystal clear dragon ball under the jaw, slender limbs, and faint clouds winding around the body, as if to show everyone its beauty.

Looking at the crowds, the creature resembled a dragon or a human being slowly said. “Dad, Mom!”

Hearing his voice, Hu Feng’s parents sized him at carefully in shock.

“Son, is that you?”

The more they looked at the outline of his face, the more they felt familiar, hence Hu Feng’s mother asked.

“Mom, can’t you recognize me?” Smiling, Hu Feng approached quickly, and the people along the way felt as if they were pushed away by an invisible force.

Close to his parents, Hu Feng quickly told them some personal anecdotes.

Suddenly, his parents turned their eyes from shock to excitement and believed in his identity.

Looking closely at his appearance, Hu Feng’s parents couldn’t help but ask. “How come you……become like this?”

“In fact, I don’t know the specific reason…… At the moment when I fell into the water, I was desperately trying to struggle, but I couldn’t get out of trouble……”

Hu Feng pretended to be ignorant. “At the last moment of my drowning, I awakened the inheritance of the dragon totem……”

With a few words, he introduced his adventures and said goodbye to my parents.

Under the gaze, Hu Feng looked at the location of the distant Turtle Mountain.

Instantly, his body had already vacated, and the clouds that covered the sky were set against it.

He showed the whole body of the dragon totem in the air!

Thunderstorms, lightning, and winds raged.

A dragon with a length of hundreds of meters and golden scales!

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