I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 133

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 133: While on Cliffs of the Yangtze Gorges, Gibbons Ceaselessly Cries

Unable to move and pull the Yangzhou furnace, coupled with the accidental discovery of the nearby dragon totem inheritor, they no longer stayed in Turtle Mountain, but left quickly.

However, when they just boarded the ship away from Turtle Mountain, the emergency call from the headquarters of the national special bureau came.

“Hey! Captain Wu, can we talk now?”

Looking at the furious monster on the top of the mountain, they started to leave the shore and really didn’t think that the other party could pose any threat to them.

“Well……we have checked the font on Dayu’s monument according the information you submitted, and we basically confirmed the meaning of the characters on the chain…..”

“What is the specific meaning?”

The researcher at the end of the communication uttered.

“Sealed forever!”


As if an illusion, when the researcher said ’sealed forever’, a powerful lightning rumbled in the sky.

In the white light, the water monster turned slowly and fixed its eyes on the crowd on the ship.

“I heard it… You must be related to Dayu. You have to die!”

The monster shouted, the flood tumbled fiercely, and the small ship seemed to collapse eventually.

With the command of the captain Wu, four totem inheritors familiar with water tried to perform their abilities and stabilize the ship.

Nevertheless, it didn’t help at all.

Under the direct gaze of the water monster, even if the four totem inheritors tried jointly, there was no way they could take control of the flood from the former.

The mighty tides were attacking the ship as if a small sailboat made of paper was devoured by the water in the lake.

More than one cabin was flooded; hence, the ship would be destroyed sooner or later!

“Don’t panic! Try to block the water inlet and stabilize the boat.” In the storm, Wu Zijuan shouted and commanded.

But they had no chance.

As the monster smirked cruelly, the horrible tide as high as 100 meters pervaded, and the entire ship was going to be destroyed!

Some girl totem inheritors could not help but start weeping, and some desperately closed their eyes, ready to wait for their dead end.

Including Wu Zijuan, everyone actually knew that they had no way to survive if being stuck in the floods controlled by the monster.

However, one second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds passed.

The expected scene of the cold, biting, turbid flood swallowed them didn’t happen.

Looking up, everyone was shocked to see that a giant dragon floating in the air blocked the tide in the front.

The dragon touched its beard and it blew.

With such a simple action, the tides dissipated on the spot!

Even the inheritors who witnessed it closely could hardly understand what happened, but could only watch as the 100-meter-high tide containing countless sediments and infinite kinetic energy disappeared as if a naughty child wiped it off with large chunks of rubber.

Instantly, there was only mist in the sky.

From the satellite monitoring center of the headquarters of the national special bureau, the meteorological data from this area shocked the experienced staff because the data showed that the flood turned into water vapor in less than a thousandth of a second, stretching over thousands of kilometers.

It was completely inconsistent with the process of liquid water turning into gaseous water under normal natural environmental conditions!

Incomparably horrified, people in the meteorological satellite-monitoring center couldn’t go out of their trance for a long time.

Wiping off the 100-meter-high tide, the dragon gently swung its tail and the mist was dissipated by the whistling wind.

More wind gathered at the bottom of the boat where they were located like obedient pets.

At the next moment, not relying on the power of the engine, the ship sprinted on the water like an arrow leaving the string.

While on cliffs of the Yangtze Gorges, gibbons ceaselessly cries, Ten thousand folds of mountains, my skiff has slipped them by!

Standing on the boat, Wu Zijuan had to admit that they seemed to have tasted the elegance of the literati on the Yangtze Gorges River from the past……

The wind ceased and the ship stopped.

Looking back, the Turtle Mountain had become a small black spot in the distance.

“Did we……survive?”

“Captain, the dragon…… Will it be……”

Surrounding Wu Zijuan, the 10 zodiac totem inheritors had a heartfelt gratitude that they could save their lives, but they couldn’t help but ask her if the other party was the dragon totem inheritor.


“Although it was the first time I met, I think everyone should have an inexplicable familiarity with this dragon like me, right?”

The 10 zodiac totem inheritors looked at each other and nodded.

Seeming to think of something, Wu Zijuan frowned and said. “There’s something that should be done! Immediately inform the superior, tell him that we consider the dragon our last inheritor, and ask for support to attack the monster if necessary. Everyone, get ready. We’re going to Turtle Mountain on a bigger boat.”

Some couldn’t help but ask. “Captain, we just escaped, why are we going back?”

Glancing at the person who raised the question, Wu Zijuan asked. “If you are trapped by the monster similar to the water monkey next time in a mission, but we leave you there, do you think that it is appropriate?”

However, when Wu Zijuan changed a larger ship that was strong enough to resist the ordinary tides, they still could not get close to the Turtle Mountain.

Thus they could only see the fierce battle between the dragon and the water monkey on the surface of the water thousands of meters away from the mountain, not because they were cold-blooded and ruthless, but due to the great danger of diffusion and aftermath!

They clearly saw that sometimes a whirlwind spat from the mouth of the dragon exploded and created deep unexplained cracks on the mountain, and regardless of the living wild animals or rock trees, all the physical existence weathered into countless bloody sand.

In this case, let alone helping the dragon deal with the water monster, it  might be life-threatening even if they got a little closer.

As the captain, Wu Zijuan must take both the pros and cons into consideration, not to mention the fact that there was not only her but also 10 other teammates on the ship.

Therefore, she could park the ship here helplessly.

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