I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 134

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 134: Destroy Yourself

Legend had it that Dayu had witnessed the water monkey dominating the Huai River area when he dealt with the flood, it persuaded the residents to worship the Huai Water God, and it claimed to be the King of Huai.

The ambitious water monkey also strived to expand the forces, constantly revived the flood, and combined the Huai downstream with the Yangtze River.

It was said that since he dominated from the south of Tongbai Mountain to Yunmeng swamp. Every demon there obeyed its orders and served for the King of Huai.

Dayu was furious at the arrogant water monkey, summoned the gods, and personally issued orders to the beasts and dragons to capture the water monkey.

Although unable to approach Turtle Mountain in order to help the dragon totem inheritor in the sky besiege the water monkey, the other inheritors on the ship not only watched the battle but also started searching for various legends about the water monkey.

To be precise, they tried to find out the exact weakness of the monster, and inform the dragon totem inheritor, or simply took the opportunity personally to weaken its strength.

Unfortunately, regardless of how they searched, they couldn’t discover its weakness from the myth.

Moreover, even in the myth, Dayu required a comprehensive plan to capture the water monkey, which showed that it was a demon living up to its name!

“Captain, why do we feel that this dragon totem inheritor has started moving slower and slower……”

“He was hit again! This is already the 4th punch……”

Witnessing the battle between the monster and the dragon for a long time, some careful teammates couldn’t help but murmur.

The captain hence became slightly annoyed and anxious, walking back and forth in the cabin.

After she reported the news about how the dragon was an ally, and it was suspected to be the dragon totem inheritor, the national special bureau headquarters authorized her as the first-line observee.

If she felt necessary, she could call the headquarters, and the firepower attack could reach immediately within 20 seconds while the accidental injury range was absolutely within 100 meters!

Actually, Wu Zijuan had wanted to call for support more than once, but they could not find an opportunity because the monster was too agile and clever!

It had always tried to get close to the dragon for a melee fight; hence, out of fear of accidental injury, Wu Zijuan couldn’t do anything.

Now, Wu Zijuan looked up and saw the dragon totem inheritor becoming a bit exhausted, which made her worry.

“It’s about time!”

Deliberately covering up his own strength, Hu Feng tried to lengthen the battle as much as possible, and the thought was suddenly hit upon in his mind.

At the next moment, Hu Feng deliberately showed the monster his defensive flaw, exposing his weak abdomen.

The water monster screamed and rushed over right away.

The chains tied on its neck was stretched to the limit, but the water monster seemed to turn deaf to it!

It forcibly resisted the uncomfortable feeling at its neck and attacked the dragon’s abdomen.


Being hit by an impulsive attack, Hu Feng spat out lots of dragon blood in the air, it fell heavily on the ground, and the monster walked quickly to Hu Feng’s side, saying arrogantly.

“Even though Dayu limited my strength, I, the King of Huai, can still take you down with ease!”

Seeing this, the inheritors held their breath and didn’t know what to do.

Especially the captain, she wanted to call for fire support, but the dragon and the monster were too close to each other.

If the bombardment couldn’t take down the water monkey, but ruined the Yangzhou furnace in the sky and the wounded dragon on the ground, the result would be simply unacceptable.

When she was hesitating, Hu Feng moved.

He struggled to raise his head and asked in a low-pitched voice. “King of Huai?”

“You flooded the mountains and caused many innocent lives to die, even though, do you live up the name of the king?”

“Go to hell!”

Not answering, the water monster showed him its sharp claws, ready to kill him.

He didn’t dodged at all, but the dragon balls under his jaw shined, and a thin layer of golden light curtain arouse spontaneously, protecting him from the attacks.

“You don’t deserve the name!”

“You are just a water monster!”

Unable to kill him, but still having to endure his sarcasm, the water monster was also completely annoyed.

“So what? In Huai River, I’m God!”

It screamed angrily. “You are nothing. After I break the barrier, I will let you pay!”

The water monster violently impacted the light curtain, attempting to tear and destroy it.

Hu Feng raised his head and seemed to be yelling at the people around him. “Today I will completely eradicate you……”

“Everyone, please help me!”

In the view of the water monster, the dragon was confusing as it started talking to itself even when its end of life came.

However, the inheritors felt his voice repeatedly echoing in their ears, telling them the tyrannical sin.

Images of floods launched by the water monkey showed up in people’s minds, and the voice of the dragon was persuading them to help it.

When they felt the same feeling, they suddenly found out that they were turned into countless dazzling light spots, plunging into the dragon in the air.

The golden light curtain did not stop any of these alien light spots.

Though the monster wanted to intercept, but it couldn’t do anything.

In the blink of an eye, the inheritors all entered the dragon body.

Like the first-person games, they felt that they seemed to become the dragon now, and the face of the water monster in front of them was clear.

What was slightly different was that the players could control their characters in the game, but they seemed to be witnessing the real dragon controlling everything.

“Please help me!”

Again and again, Hu Feng, like a tireless repeater, screamed repeatedly in the air.

Even his voice became hoarse, he still kept shouting.

In the process, light spots from all directions flew over from time to time!

The water monster was a bit panicked.

To be precise, it was a little scared.

It was clear that it was still on the upper hand, but it really perceived a sense of crisis when the light spots kept coming.

Nevertheless, if it couldn’t tell the threats specifically.

At this moment, nearly 800,000 residents on the banks of the Huai River faintly felt someone introducing the sin of the water monkey and a hoarse voice was persuading them to help it!

As long as they felt slightly same, they would become countless light spots from the bottom up, turned into a long rainbow which flew into the distance, and disappeared in place.

Such a strange, almost unbelievable large-scale event had immediately caused panic among people in the Huai River Basin.

On the Internet, someone took pictures of people becoming light spots as a propaganda to declare that the end of the world had arrived since so many ordinary people had disappeared bizarrely.

However, some considered them joking since it was too unbelievable.

As for the national government, they had far more information than ordinary netizens, and they were more aware of the events in the Huai River Basin.

After repeatedly contacting the inheritors, but still unable to establish communication, the head No. 1 immediately set Jixian County as the primary strike site for nuclear weapons, and secretly announced that the entire Jiangsu Province region must enter the first-level military alert.

Once the negative existence emerged or the water monster intended to escape, they would immediately try to launch the nuclear weapons.

Countless light spots fell into the body of the dragon, hence the water monster was unconsciously alert to the limit, and it could perceive the dragon seemingly contained infinite light and heat in its body, and its injury was rapidly recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It felt like running away, but the layered chains made it impossible.

Nearby, an invisible repulsive force was faintly created for the purpose of it, and under the oppression, the flood and dark clouds originally controlled by it were unknowingly annihilated.

“Not good!”

It even now had a feeling that today might be its own doomsday.

The golden light curtain that shrouded the dragon disappeared and the dragon leapt into the air.

Condescendingly overlooking the water monster, Hu Feng swung his slender dragon body and shouted loudly. “The water monster, what is your sin?”

Suddenly, the sky and clouds were discolored.

People in his body and in line with his sights only felt that the water monster was only an incompetent criminal awaiting its trial.

“God gave you a chance; hence you could survive after being put under the mountain by Dayu…”

“But you didn’t repent for your sins; instead, you revived the flood and endangered the world…”

In an instant, the water monster felt that the invisible repulsive force that was specific to itself seemed to expand to the limit and the anger of the tens of millions of people pressed against it.

Hu Feng let out his last sentence slowly.

“In this case, you must destroy yourself!”

“Destroy yourself!”



The water monster suddenly exploded from the inside out and its stinky flesh and blood were scattered on the ground.

The dragon in the sky was quietly gone.

The Yangzhou furnace above the sky slowly descended and eventually disappeared above the Turtle Mountain.

On the clouds, tens of millions of rainbows returned along the way.

On the top of the Turtle Mountain, Hu Feng slightly adjusted and controlled his own consciousness, creating a situation in which he fainted out.

On the water, the boat driven by the inheritors sailed towards the Turtle Mountain.

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