I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: The Disappearance of Gods

Many experts and professors frowned slightly as obviously her explanation was somewhat difficult to understand.

Observing the face of the crowd, Wu Zijuan simply gave examples to further prove her thoughts.

“Everyone doesn’t seem to understand,  then let us look at an inappropriate analogy.”

“Security, cleaners, traffic police, teachers, presidents…”

“We say that labor is glorious, and every occupation mentioned above is also a laborer. Even the basic monthly salary of the president is only 100,000.”

“But in the real world, are these five major occupations equal? Does everyone treat these five workers equally?”

“A normal laborer may be able to try all the first four occupations, but they may not be able to become a president no matter how hard they work!”

Looking at the experts and professors around shocked by her idea, Wu Zijuan threw out new arguments.

“I think the dragon totem is equivalent to this fifth profession. The dragon totem inheritor isn’t too strong.”

“The truth is, the other totem inheritors are too weak.”

In the end, Wu Zijuan simply explained the relationship between the dragon and the zodiac in one sentence.

“The dragon must have been ripped off when it was classified as a zodiac totem by Emperor Huang since the dragons play an important role in the myths and legends.”

“It’s their blessing that the other 11 ordinary animals are classified as the zodiac since there are only a handful of stories of the 11 common animals in myths and legends.”

“The two cannot be compared.”

“So I think it would be impossible to make the other 11 ordinary zodiac totem inheritors become as strong as the dragon totem inheritor.”

Then Wu Zijuan sat down safely.

The meeting room was silent since everyone was still pondering over what she said.

After a while, Cheng Bingde stood up and broke the silence.

“This topic is over for the time being. I will present your speeches to the head No. 1.”

“We should discuss the second question of the meeting now. Why is there a problem with Yangzhou furnace, why did the water monster appear?”

This time, Cheng Bingde did not let anyone answer, but analyzed and stated his speculation personally.

It seemed that he was also prepared to let others help him with his point of view.

“According to the information provided by the national special bureau, the chain tied to the neck of the water monster was engraved with font found on Dayu’s monument, and the real meaning behind it is [sealed forever].”

“For thousands of years, the Yangzhou furnace didn’t move a bit, which is undoubtedly enough to explain that the power of [sealed forever] was never cut off.”

“I personally think that if the divine power of [sealed forever] was cut off, then it would have been normal that the water monster escaped from the seal.”

Knocking at the conference table, Cheng Bingde talked louder. “But today, the font still existed on the chain, but it showed up inexplicably on the ground, which was absolutely abnormal.”

“So I think there must be some foreign interference helping the water monster to get out of the seal.”

Then he changed the topic. “You should know the supernatural existence of Chiyou and Xiangliu, right?”

Looking at the people around, Cheng Bingde narrowed his eyes. “I have repeatedly gone through the satellite video from that day. Before Chiyou left, he reminded Xiangliu.”

Turning on the large-screen projection equipment of the conference room, Cheng Bingde indicated everyone to look over.

On the screen, the giant Chiyou moved his lips quickly.

He uttered fast, the voice was extremely quiet, and it wasn’t even audible when the volume was enlarged to the limit.

Pausing the screen, Cheng Bingde, pointed at the lips of Chiyou, took out the reports which he had consulted with the linguistic experts in advance, and distributed them to everyone to browse. 

Finally, he said in confidence.

“I have consulted more than 10 experts. They have repeatedly analyzed and researched before confirming what Chiyou said. He should be ordering Xiangliu to do something.”

When it came to this, everyone understood what he meant.

He was skeptical about Xiangliu sneaking into China and interfering with Yangzhou furnace.

Holding his forehead, Director Guo could not help but think.

Logically speaking, the nine furnaces and the barrier absolutely limited the involvement of Chiyou.

If Xiangliu interfered with Yangzhou furnace and released the water monster, it not only could achieve the idea of retaliating against the descendants of Emperor Huang, but would also weaken the barrier.

It was possible!

“Chief of Staff, do you have any specific evidence?” Raising his head, Director Guo asked.

After all, if Chiyou framed it, didn’t it show that Chiyou kept thinking about breaking the nine furnaces and destroying the barrier?

“There is no evidence; it is just my personal speculation.”

His response was straightforward, but his next sentence shocked Director Guo!

“But if I were Chiyou, I would never give up since the dragon totem inheritor ruined my plan.”

“Conceiving a new plan to break the furnaces is the thing.”

“So you want to say.”

Director Guo was astonished.

“If any supernatural events similar to the water monster and related to the furnaces and the barrier occurred in the near future, it shows that Chiyou was really behind the scenes.”

“You can say that again.”

“Such imagination, but I really didn’t think so much further…”

In the intensive care unit, Hu Feng, who already woke up, answered his parents and perceived the meeting, hence he learned Cheng Bingde’s conjecture.

Originally, Hu Feng intended to let Chiyou’s body double show up in mainland China after the event of the water monster, then the 12 inheritors would turn into Xuanyuan Sword, damage Chiyou severely, and wouldn’t be able to do this again in the several following years, ending the Chiyou incident.

Now, he felt that it was unnecessary to end the incident so soon.

However, before this, Hu Feng felt that it was necessary for him to solve the mystery about the disappearance of the gods.

After all, his previous supernatural events that attracted the attention of the world also caused many to start thinking about why the supernatural beings were originated in Eastern Asian countries, and why didn’t other gods in their myths and legends ever appeared?

On the Internet, the discussion turned heated.

Hu Feng also realized that this was a perfect opportunity to fudge the world and acquire a huge amount of fudge value.

Therefore, he intended to explain why the supernatural beings in other countries had not appeared with a lie!

In Eastern Asian civilization headed by China, in myths and legends, gods had a natural circulation.

The Buddha also had the idea about the end of the era.

The final chapter of Western Nordic mythology also had the so-called ‘dusk of the gods’.

In Greek mythology, there was the original god  Gaia, the mother of the first generation of the earth.

The second generation was a god system dominated by the twelve Titans.

The third generation was Zeus-based gods of Olympus.

Since there were 3 generations of gods, it proved that the third generation of Olympus would signify the end.

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