I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Atlantis

Nevertheless, Hu Feng did not intend to explain the mystery regarding the disappearance of the gods by simply telling the world that the gods died.

After all, Chiyou, Xiangliu and the water monster were all extraordinary existences that had lived for over thousands of years.

In order to make it as logical as possible and to explain why such an extraordinary existence reappeared in the mortal world, Hu Feng was determined to explain like this:

In all the records of myths and legends in the world, those supernatural beings like the gods did not die, but almost all of them left earth thousands of years ago.

Pondering, Hu Feng added a new setting:

Thousands of years ago, the gods had already detected a cosmic storm.

Unlike the ignorant and unaffected people, the extraordinary existence felt the horror of the cosmic storm.

The more powerful and extraordinary the existence was, the greater the impact the cosmic storms would pose.

Since it was difficult to estimate the duration of the cosmic storm, the Oriental Buddha called it the end of the era, and the Western gods named it the dusk of the gods.

Whether it was the heavenly land in the East, or the Temple of Olympus in the West, they all left before the cosmic storm came……

As for Chiyou, Xiangliu and the water monkey, they were unable to leave due to special reasons such as restraint, seal, and suppression.

However, the sorrow and the blessings were reliant; they were safe when the cosmic storm came due to the same reason.

Some of weaker existence also survived on the Earth.

Thousands of years had passed; the cosmic storm finally stopped covering the earth this year and left.

The disappearance of the cosmic storm made the extraordinary existence realize that the end of the era was over; hence, they could start creating trouble.

This was also the reason for the burst of spiritual mobile game ‘Ghost Gate’ in Shanghai, the awakening of martial artist Meng Jingyu, the Hyakkiyakou pervading in Japan, the water monster in Jiangsu!

It was conceivable that more extraordinary existence would also emerge in public.

Maybe those who were now far away from the Earth, would also find the coordinates of the Earth from the universe under the massive beliefs of the people, and decided to return.

“Yes, the logic is correct. It perfectly explains the root causes of the frequent occurrence of various supernatural events in the past year. It also secretly conceals the fact that there will be more supernatural events in the future.”

Hu Feng pondered thoughtfully.

He had confirmed the final answer to the disappearance of the gods, but if no one told the people, they might never know it even if they thought about it for a lifetime!

“I must find a middleman to tell the people in the world quietly why the gods disappeared.”

In order to make the mystery of the disappearance of the gods as objective and fair as possible, Hu Feng felt that it was necessary to find a pure foreigner who did not belong to the Eastern or Western civilizations.

“Let an alien act as a middleman to convey the message?”

“The aliens who had large meteorites as spaceships rushed towards the earth. When everyone thought it was the arrival of doomsday, they revealed their identities as alien lifeform?”

“When in contact with the leaders of the major powers, the aliens inadvertently revealed the mystery about the disappearance of the gods?”

Contemplating this, Hu Feng suddenly felt something was wrong.

Why would the aliens come to Earth?

Why would they want to contact with the Earth?

The aliens have nothing to do with the disappearing gods!

“I have to ponder about it.”

In the following weeks, Hu Feng pondered in the special care bed.

He finally combined the story of the aliens, the gods and the people of the earth, and madec combined them together, making the plan sound reasonable.

There were civilizations on the earth, and the mighty beings such as the gods were called spiritual civilization in the universe.

At the Atlantic Ocean, there was also the materialistic civilization of Atlantis.

The main member of this civilization was the mermaid family with technology as the main means.

During the early development of Atlantis civilization, they discovered the existence of spiritual civilizations on land and in other sea areas.

In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, the Atlantis civilization was ready to leave the earth and find a new home in the universe that was suitable for its own race and had no neighbors.

As the cosmic storm was about to come, the Atlantis civilization that left earth felt that the earth would be no man’s land if the spiritual civilization chose to leave.

At that time, the Atlantis civilization, with its advanced technology, only respected the spiritual civilization, but did not care about the human beings who were in the feudal era.

Moreover, they might not be able to find the planets with liquid water though planets were plentiful in the universe.

With a bit of ambition and caution, the vast majority of the Atlantis civilization had left, but a small group secretly stayed and lurked in the Atlantic Ocean.

The plan of the Atlantis civilization was simple.

If the spiritual civilizations, that was, the mighty gods, were gone, and they could not find a new planet with liquid water, then they would return to Earth right away.

However, they could not expect that though the spiritual civilization individuals still had not returned, ordinary humans also embarked on the technological road in material civilization, and they kept making a spurt of progress!

The most crucial thing was the nuclear weapons.

The Atlantis lurking on the earth understood that they could only get a planet with completely destroyed ecosystem if a war broke out.

Disappointed, the surviving mermaid family sent a message to outer space several decades ago, proclaiming that the Atlantic civilization would completely withdraw from the earth.

After decades of space navigation, the meteorite spacecraft of the Atlantis civilization finally arrived at the Earth, ready to pick up the compatriots lurking for many years.

Due to the rapid progress of science and technology of human beings over the years, the Atlantic civilization had tried to resolve this matter peacefully, so it would communicate with the people of the earth.

The meteorite spacecraft that they parked in the solar system was both an invisible warning to the people on the earth and a determination to pick up their remaining compatriots.

“Quite good! As long as the leaders and the alien Atlantis talk, they will inadvertently reveal the root cause of the disappearance of the gods!” Thinking about it, Hu Feng could not wait to implement it.

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