I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 139

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 139: Change of Meteorite

China, also a superpower, monitored the starry sky day and night.

As the meteorite abnormally accelerated and changed the orbit, the headquarters of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, as well as the branch research institutes throughout the country, started calculating overtime and predicted that the meteorite would eventually fall into the Atlantic Ocean in less than a week.

When they found that the disaster would not take place in the eastern hemisphere, the head No. 1 undoubtedly let out a sigh of relief.

As for the subsequent natural disasters such as the global tsunami that might be triggered by the meteorite, though it would cause certain impacts on China’s coastal areas, it was still within the acceptance of the state.

In the Office of the National Highest Leader.

“Head, should we warn the European countries near the Atlantic in advance to give them a meteorite warning?”

Without a positive response, the head No. 1 turned to look at the relevant person in charge of the National Space Administration. “It seems that only US has established international space station in outer space, right?”

“Yes! The Chinese space station of China, codename Cangchong No.1 will be completely completed in 2022 according to the five-year plan. At present, only one construction project is completed.”

Upon hearing this, the head indulged.

“We can predict the meteorite impact disaster many days in advance, based only on the observatories across the country.”

“With more observatories than ours and a unique international inter-station, it’s impossible for the United States to be unaware of this.”

“But nothing happened now. Obviously compared to the notification to the European countries in advance, the United States is more willing to see the former suffer.”

“Although the UK has already announced its departure from the EU, who can guarantee that the British people will not be feverish and ask for EU membership again?”

“A European continent damaged by meteorites, the fragmented EU countries, will be far more in line with the ultimate strategy of the United States to permanently dominate the world than the current Europe.” Reaching out to the desk, the head decided.

There had never been a sentiment between the countries, and interest was always the first priority.

If the US wanted to rip off the European countries, it was totally okay for China to ignore it.

In addition to the necessary withdrawal of the overseas Chinese, the head already knew what to do.

When China and the US reached a consensus in an invisible situation, the international situation became calm, and there was no news of any meteorite coming.

In Europe, many countries lacking personnel and funds, did not discover the meteorite until the last two or three days before the horrible impact!

72 hours later, the large meteorite with a diameter of more than 200 kilometers would eventually fall into the Atlantic Ocean, and all European countries in the coastal areas would suffer from the impact.

Possible subsequent disasters were raised and discussed by naturalists and climatologists, and the whole continent of Europe fell into anxiety.

In desperation, many European residents in the coastal areas began to move wildly inland, and those poor slums who had no money to leave or had nowhere to go started the carnivals.

Supermarket, restaurants were robbed, and they did not even let go of the vending machines……

The underworld leaders simply announced that they would take over the coastal cities after the evacuation of government personnel.

The chaotic events such as the collective sex party and the crowded drug abuse among the young people emerged endlessly……

The cult militant group began to be extremely active, and they started promoting everyone’s original sin, as only by adhering to the sect gods could they survive the natural disaster of meteorite.

A large number of shootings, arson, rape, murder and other catharsis took place on the streets…

Some states close to the Atlantic Ocean in the US indeed had a panic, but under the control of President Trump, all the riots have been suppressed, and a large number of people began to evacuate and the basic social order was preserved.

As time went by, the news that a large-scale meteorite would hit Atlantic Ocean had gradually attracted more and more people from all over the world.

The news media organizations started new programs and invited astronomers to make reports.

Among them, the Voice of America’s ‘The Countdown to Meteorite Hits’ was the most famous.

The Chinese channel also invited many experts and professors to explain the origin of the meteorite, its changes and how to survive after it hit the earth.

Just when people around the world kept receiving the news of the meteorite, something stunned everyone occurred!

The meteorite stopped at a distance from the Earth in outer space quietly.

It was not a joke!

As long as you could afford a telescope, anyone could see the large meteorite numbered Y199831 in the starry sky.

What happened?

The meteorite stopped in the dead space?

Those who believed in Catholic Christians in the US considered it God’s gospel.

Other religious believers also considered it the power of their own gods.

As the arguments heated up on the Internet became endless, even radicals threatened to be tied up with explosives and send the pagans to hell tomorrow.

A large number of people in Europe only felt that the hope and surprise came too fast.

In the eyes of scientists, if the gods showed up and performed miracles, they would believe in their power.

After all, there had recently been large-scale supernatural events in Japan and China.

However, if no gods stood out, maybe there might be another reason for the abnormal change of the meteorite!

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