I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 14

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 14: An Attempt to Become A Mage

“Friend, are you okay?”

“Friend, answer me? I am the tenth person who got the book and got chased by ghosts. Now I am working with the country?”

However, no matter how Fu Lu sent private messages, the latter was silent without any reply.

“Maybe he has been killed?”

“Reading his post in the forum, there seemed to be nine ghosts around him?”

“So, in the order of killing, isn’t it my turn now? And it’s not a single long-haired female ghost, the ghosts that successful killed the other players before will also come to kill me!”

“A total of ten ghosts will soon be chasing me?” Fu Lu was shocked by his inference.

Disguised as the non-existent person who got the ninth book, Hu Feng began to work on ending his own hand-made game.

“First of all, a total of 73,000 players should quit the game and automatically enter the Ghost Forum. Countless bloody handprints will appear on the forum background. The 300-second countdown appears on the forum and starts”

“Then let the infinite blood flow out of the mobile game icon, forming the sentence ‘You can’t escape.’ I believe that after seeing the horror scenes in succession, all player will believe in the existence of ghosts!”

Thinking about it, Hu Feng continued to describe.

“Create nine evil spirits. They are always in the boundaries between illusion and reality. They’re not afraid of hot weapons. They should attack Fu Lu with the long-haired female ghost…”

“After everyone is shocked by the fierce ghosts, I will become a mage from the underground world to save the world, finishing all the ghosts with ease. Then, I will leave mysteriously and calmly.” Hu Feng was overjoyed.

He could even imagine the shocking expressions of everyone when the mage appears.

“As a result, not only I can convince people and country that ghosts exist in the world, but they will know that the underground world is real. It is really a good idea!”

In the attitude of loyalty, the system intelligence AL still reminded “Host, through simulation calculation, your current total 571.93 points are not enough to support you to complete all the ideas…”

Hu Feng smirked.

He suddenly thought that his fudge value was only three-digit.

He couldn’t spend them arbitrarily.

But he was optimistic.

He immediately came up with an idea. “You don’t have to worry, we can do it step by step!”

“Though my fudge value is not enough to create nine ghosts traveling between illusion and reality, not afraid of hot weapons attack, and the mysterious and powerful mage.”

“But it’s still enough for the bloody handprint in the forum background, the 300-second countdown to the forum, and the bloody sentence coming out from the mobile game icon.”

“As long as I successfully threaten those 70,000 players, I will gain tons of fudge value!”

Saying, Hu Feng snapped his finger and looked energetic. “Come on, the miraculous scene I simulate in my mind, bring fear and horror to them!”

Suddenly, everything changed!

More than 70,000 mobile gamers who were playing ‘Ghost Gate’ suddenly found that all game maps became black and couldn’t be entered.

All characters, skills, equipment, etc. were also frozen and unavailable.

After three seconds, each player automatically quitted the game and entered the Ghost Forum.

“What’s wrong? Is it a bug?”

“My record! I almost cleared, it was so close!”

“Is it the game server problem? I have 5G network. There’s no problem for watching videos and browsing webpage!”

“I am so furious! Compensation, the official should compensate for my loss!”

Everybody was angry in the forum.

Many players even asked the game operator to compensate the players.

At the next moment, the scary screen that everyone, including Fu Lu, couldn’t imagine, appeared.

Numerous small and bright red bloody handprints appeared on the background of the forum, making people feel uncomfortable.

Especially for patients with Trypophobia, it was simply unacceptable.

In the middle of the Ghost Forum, a bloody 300-second countdown started.

299! 298! 297!


“What happened? I have a bad feeling.”

Many players were frightened.

They were apparently stunned up by this sudden situation.

In the command center, everyone was also stunned and couldn’t say a word.

Although these government officials, police elites, and party members and cadres had long read the files of Fu Lu, they also knew that this action was specifically established for the first supernatural case since the founding of the People’s Republic of China…

But reading the information couldn’t compare with experiencing and seeing the incredible supernatural power themselves.

“Don’t be afraid. I knew it, it’s alive! It’s angry!”

Taking a deep breath, Captain Zhou, one of the chief commanders of this operation, quickly came out of his trance.

“The posts of the members of the death squad we sent guided players to leave, which deeply irritated it, so it leads to the current situation.”

Inside the air-raid shelter, the members of the squad who directly looking at the horrible changes in the forum looked at each other at the moment.

They were all very anxious.

“Look at the screens of their mobile phones” In the command center, someone yelled.

Captain Zhou squeezed himself in front of the monitor and widened his eyes.

From the app ‘Ghost Gate’ in the mobile phone screen of Fu Lu and others, scarlet blood flowed wildly almost everywhere.

On the ground, the blood solidified into three words, which frightened people: You can’t escape!

The entire command center was shocked and silent.

Everyone’s clothing was wetted by their sweats.

At the same time, in Shanghai City, tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, who played ‘Ghost Gate’ to find fun, were also terrified to look at the strange things happening in front of them.

On the icon, drops of blood flowed out with weird smell.

Some fell on the solid wood desk, some fell on the paper documents, and some flowed directly on the ground…

But no matter where it fell, the thick blood eventually became three clearly visible words: You can’t escape!

At this moment, almost all the players were going crazy.

What are they seeing now? What creature’s blood incredibly flows out of the mobile phone screen? And it still condenses into this malicious font?

This was a spiritual haunted event!

“Help, there are ghosts!” Almost all players’ first reaction was to panic and scream, even throwing away the phones.

They ran away as far as they could, as long as they didn’t see the bleeding mobile phone!

“Liu Yue, a female mobile game player, believes that there are ghosts in the world and contributes spiritual power +13.83.”

“Yu Dekun, a male government official, fear of ghosts in the world, contributes spiritual power +22.61.”

“Yue Wenwu, a male mobile game player, shocked by the fact that ghosts exist, contributes spiritual power +7.9.”

“Wu Chenxi, a male hand game player, passes out because of the ghosts, to contribute spiritual power +2.11.”

As predicted, along with the emergence of the supernatural phenomenon, a large number of mobile gamers believed it and escaped.

The amount of spiritual power contributed to him skyrocketed.

The system notice kept refreshing.

“System, why is there such a situation that the contribution of spiritual power is different? It is puzzling.”

Hu Feng also found a problem.

In the face of the same phenomenon, the spiritual power that people contributed was very different.

“Different people have different life experiences, so that they have different degrees of acceptance of【ghosts】, that’s why the spiritual power provided is also different.”

The system explained it with an example, which was easier for him to understand.

“Some people receive materialistic education from an early age. They never believe that there are really ghosts in the world. When the haunting events appear, his worldview is simply impacted hard, so his emotion is extremely out of control and the spiritual power provided is quite a lot.”

“Some often hear ghost stories. They always sweep the graves to the souls of the dead. Their subconscious has already slightly recognized the existence of【ghost】.”

“When the haunting events really occur, since their emotions are still changeable, they will provide a certain amount of spiritual power, but not too much.”

“Because they aren’t convinced by you. 【Ghost】have long been in their subconscious minds.”

“I see.” Nodding his head thoughtfully, Hu Feng then looked at the five-digit fudge value and excitedly rubbed his hands.

“37848.92!” With so many fudge values, he finally had the capital to create nine ghosts!

And he could become a powerful and mysterious mage, crushing the fierce and invincible ghosts in front of the world!

Keeping low profile had never been his style.

As long as he wasn’t exposed, Hu Feng didn’t mind showing up in the identity of famous people in myths and legends in front of the world and the country!

Being a mage was just his first attempt.

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