I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 142

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 142: Jesus

At the agreed time, in United Nations Headquarters.

Despite sudden events, more than half of the countries’ ambassadors had arrived, and the five permanent members were chiefs.

Thousands of invited journalists outside the United Nations building were ready to broadcast the meeting between the extraterrestrial intelligent life and the leaders of the major countries.

A first-line reporter affiliated with the Washington Post in the United States even imitated the astronaut Armstrong from the Apollo mission posted on the personal Twitter account.

“The establishment of diplomatic relations between the nations and the extraterrestrial intelligent life today is a small step in the history of American diplomacy, but a big step in the history of all mankind’s diplomacy!”

“In the universe, human beings are no longer alone.”

Under the gaze of the satellites and observatories of various countries, a relatively flat, diamond-shaped, three-kilometer-long, large-scale spaceship, flew out of the meteorite and headed directly towards the United Nations headquarters.

Under the gaze of numerous journalists holding microphones and the staff holding cameras, the silver-white battleships began to break through the atmosphere perfectly.

In the process, no airflow and sparks had been produced, and they suspended in a counter-gravity state at a low altitude of one kilometer from the ground.

A dazzling light emerged from the bottom of the battleship and it landed on the open space in front of the United Nations Headquarters building.

In the shade of light and shadow, an avatar resembling a mermaid showed up.

“Hello, everyone on Earth.”

“Since the earth’s atmospheric pressure, gravity, the mainland environment and other factors are not suitable for our direct arrival, so I had to arrive with the avatar.”

Robert’s voice was unusually loud and amplified.

His language seemed to be translated automatically into different human languages, and anyone could easily understand what he meant.

Journalists not familiar with technology only praised at their development, but the leaders of the countries looked more and more dignified.

After all, the silver-white spaceship and the avatar could be considered as bragging or the intention to launch an attack at any time!

With a high degree of vigilance and alertness, the leaders walked into the United Nations building with the avatar Robert under the escort of security personnel, followed by a group of journalists who were ready for a live broadcast.

The first meeting between the two sides started formally.

Robert seemed to have a deep understanding of the earth’s civilization as he did not hit around the bush, but simply told them that his superiors ordered him to arrive on earth to evacuate his compatriots.

There were no contradictions and threats between Atlantis and the human civilizations.

This remark not only shocked the leaders of the country but also stunned the people around the world.

Evacuate compatriots?

Was there an early Atlantis civilization on the earth?

Why hadn’t people discovered their traces?


Were the alien civilization Atlantis in the universe and the Atlantis proposed by ancient Greek philosopher Plato the same?

In this way, the human civilization had always developed under the surveillance of alien civilizations…

With all kinds of imaginary delusions that followed, some national leaders with heart disease could not help but start taking drugs.

President Trump took the lead to stand up and ask. “Mr. Robert, are the compatriots you mentioned the underwater civilization Atlantis depicted by ancient Greek philosopher?”

“Actually, we, Atlantis technological civilization, are also a member of the earth…”

It seemed that he wanted to create a suspense for the leaders of the countries; hence, he did not directly answer, but rather started recalling the history. “At that time, most of the world’s seas and continents were dominated by the human spiritual civilization.”

Not waiting for the leaders to ask about the spiritual civilization, Robert continued. “At that time, according to different regions, the powerful individuals in your spiritual civilization also gave themselves a variety of distinctive names such as Jesus, Devil, Brahma, Shiva, Taiyi, and Allah…”

At this moment, the entire United Nations Headquarters building was simply silent and everyone staring at Robert’s avatar was speechless because he was simply modifying the history of all mankind!

Who was Jesus?

The Son of God, the Son of the Savior, was now the highest in the Christianity of the Western society.

Other names were also the highest gods from Indian mythology, the highest gods from ancient Chinese myths, and the only Gods of the Central Asian civilization.

Since he claimed that Atlantis was a technological civilization and the ancient earth human beings were spiritual civilization, was it that the modern civilization in the world was also a technological civilization like Atlantis?

According to many legendary miracles that Jesus performed while he was alive, President Trump continued to analyze keenly.

Technological civilization, of course, changed reality with matter.
Perhaps spiritual civilization referred to changing reality with spirit?

The miracle of Jesus’ ‘five fishes and two cakes’ showed the believers the miracle without any channels and means…

This was clearly an event of spirit changing reality!

A variety of inferences hit upon his mind, President Trump became skeptical.

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