I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 143

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 143: Dusk of the Gods

The other leaders or the spokespersons looked anxious.

However, Robert did not intend to stop, but uttered comments that were even more shocking.

“But after predicting the cosmic storm, these powerful individuals of human spiritual civilization also chose to leave earth, thereby avoiding the cosmic storm…”

“So from thousands of years ago, with the almost invisible cosmic storm sweeping the earth, almost no inheritance of spiritual civilization was left unscathed…”

“We originally intended to take over the ocean and land after confirming that the existence of powerful individuals of the spiritual civilization wouldn’t return after the cosmic storm…”

Pausing, Robert sighed. “I never thought that you would establish a new technological civilization after human spiritual civilization was weakened.”

“So my superior ordered me to come to revoke the plan to take over the Earth. I will pick up all the Atlantis compatriots lurking on the earth within three days. I hope that you can stop from interfering when we act. We have always maintained peace and love to the outside world, but we will never show our enemies any kindness.”

“The dusk of the gods!”

Hearing this, not only the Nordic journalists on the scene but also a large number of Nordic people in front of TVs and on the Internet felt shocked.

Now they were thinking about that Odin had to leave the Earth due to the coming of the cosmic storm.

It perfectly conformed to the annotations in Nordic mythology.

Even the god Odin would eventually step into the dusk and could no longer keep the power to take over the world.

In the past, Nordic people mistakenly thought that the so-called dusk of the gods naturally referred to the death of gods, but now it seemed that the gods could be immortal.

The so-called dusk of the gods was naturally a metaphorical point – due to the arrival of the cosmic storm, the gods had to leave the earth to avoid the disaster!

Soon, netizens in East Asia and China proposed on the Internet that the end of the era of the Immortal Buddha, perhaps suggested the cosmic storm.

Christian nationals also considered the Doomsday trial in the Bible to be the return of Jesus, who left to avoid the cosmic storm.

It then returned to test the beliefs of his original believers, rewarding the religious ones and punishing those who suspected their beliefs.

British Prime Minister Ralph suddenly stood up and asked solemnly. “Mr. Robert, I don’t know when the cosmic storm started and ended.”

“The time when the cosmic storm started should be thousands of years ago, and it ended this year, otherwise I won’t visit the earth now.”

“After all, though there was no data at present showing that the cosmic storm will also cause damage to the products of scientific and technological civilization, but we should be prepared!”

Thinking for a moment, Robert nodded very seriously. “In the universe, once the warship is disturbed by the storm, a slight deviation appears in the wormhole jump coordinates, or if we encounter other cosmic disasters, and then will it be a disaster?”

The spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent the news back to Beijing as soon as possible.

In the office of the head No. 1.

The head frowned and repeatedly thinking about the sentence, [the cosmic storm ended this year].

“It is no wonder that there has been no large-scale supernatural events since the late Qing Dynasty until last year…”

The head No. 1 said thoughtfully. “However, this year, there was the Shanghai’s spiritual mobile game, the secret martial artist awakened from the grave, and the Hyakkiyakou in Japan…”

“It turns out that it was due to the impact of the cosmic storm?”

Repeatedly thinking about whether the alien was deceiving deliberately, the head eventually considered it credible.

Picking up a pen, he slowly wrote a document and sent to the local.

“On the end of the cosmic storm and the subsequent impact on China and the world.”

“In combination with the alien intelligence from Robert, and the many events in China or Japan this year, perhaps more and more supernatural events may occur in all countries of the world in the future.”

“Like the Jane spinning machine in the industrial revolution in the 18th century, these supernatural events happening around the world may imply a sign of re-emergence of spiritual civilization on the earth. 80 million Communist Party members must be ready to meet the changing new world…”

In United Nations Headquarters Building.

President Trump had thoroughly understood the intention of Robert as they only wanted to pick up the Atlantis compatriots lurking for many years, and they would like to solve it peacefully.

Clearly clarifying all the causes and consequences, President Trump indulged in a moment and asked. “Mr. Robert, how many days does it take for you to evacuate your compatriots? Where will the evacuation take place? Do you need supplies or manpower to help?”

Without any thoughts, Robert seemed to have planned everything and quickly replied. “3 Days. My compatriots are lurking in the Atlantic Ocean. I will deal with the specific evacuation myself and I will not bother you.”

“After we finished the evacuation, we will leave forever.”

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