I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 144

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 144: Seven Realms Project

After Robert finished his speech, the spokespersons of the five permanent members of the UN started a secret discussion.

The five permanent members and their controlled countries conducted a vote for Robert and people all over the world.

Then, the result of the United Nations decision came out:

137 voted in favor, 22 abstentions, and 9 voted against.

The minority obeyed the majority, as the leader of the five permanent members, the ninth secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio, officially announced the earth unanimously agreed to the request of Robert to evacuate his compatriots.

As Robert began to act, many similar-looking Atlantis compatriots emerged from the deep ocean of the Atlantic Ocean under the observation of the satellites of the major countries.

Eventually, they entered the silver-white space battleship.

Handing over the control of Robert and the meteorite to the system, Hu Feng no longer cared about the remaining trivia.

After his preparations, the mystery of the disappearance of the gods was clearly more appropriately explained.

In the future, if there were other supernatural events, people and leaders of the world might be suspicious.

Since he was done with the mystery of the gods, he decided to return to the previous track to deal with the existence of Chiyou and Xiangliu.

If he could not arrange a reasonable ending for Chiyou as soon as possible, Hu Feng felt that the Seven Realms project he was going to implement would be greatly disturbed.

After all, no matter how many supernatural beings he created in the Seven Realms project, they would be inferior to Chiyou, and there was no way for them to deal with each other.

Excessively weaken the current strength of Chiyou?

Still desperately trying to strengthen the follow-up supernatural ability?

Hu Feng felt wrong with either way.

“I have to calculate what I haven’t completed in the Seven Realms project in mainland China so far.”

When he first got the system, Hu Feng carried out various projects, but they were unrelated.

Now he was determined to organize the follow-up projects carefully, he started the Seven Realms project today.

Demon: The Water Monkey

Magic: No

Ghost: Spiritual Mobile Game

Monster: No

Fairy: No

Buddha: No

People: Meng Jingyu

Maybe I can combine Chiyou’s project with the Seven Realms project and implement it together?

After all, I have considered making a larger supernatural event in mainland China, soChiyou can take the blame…

Hitting upon the idea, he immediately found it intriguing.

“In the current Seven Realms project, the three that have been created – the water monkey has died, and only Meng Jingyu and Ghost Gate are unknown.”

“The ghosts released by the villains role in the mobile game were taken away by the mages to hell, but the mobile game has not been destroyed, and I didn’t end the story of the mages or the underground hell…”

“I can take advantage of it to completely end the stories of Chiyou, Meng Jingyu, the spiritual mobile game and the underground hell.”

“So I can arrange the new project like this!”

Hu Feng resolutely began to conceive.

“The water monkey was unwilling to give up after the failure of the 9 furnaces plan. He colluded with the negative emotions of numerous netizens on the Internet in China, and the information gathered by massive data streams became the ‘cyber evil spirit’. The cyber evil spirit is not willing to be active only on the Internet as it is eager to have a real body, trying to rule the world starting from Asia. For this reason, it has divided as a part of the data stream and created a mobile game called ‘Ghost Gate’, but it was destroyed by the mage from the underground hell.”

“As the released ghosts escaped in front of the mage, the cyber evil spirit deeply realized that if they wanted to develop their own forces, they must eradicate the underground hell.”

“Lacking information, the cyber evil spirit have been acting in a low-key manner.”

“After contacting with Chiyou, the cyber evil spirit learned that the gods had already left, and heaven was empty, and so was the underground hell.”

“The so-called mage was only the projection created by the conjecture by the death of people throughout thousands of years.”

“Chiyou confused the cyber evil spirit that he would help destroying the mages as long as it broke the furnace barrier.”

“The cyber evil spirit began to cooperate with Chiyou with rapid development.”

“They look for the players who abandoned the game, threw the players into the virtual world of games, movies and animations, modified their memories, and desperately extracted a great amount of human negative emotions to help it grow up. Eventually, they established a huge army, opened the gateway to the underground hell, killed all the ghosts, and occupied the underground hell.”

“In China, as Meng Jingyu could not find his lover, he began paying attention to the rumored underground hell…”

Hu Feng became more excited. “The 12 Zodiac totem inheritors and even the members of the National Special Bureau could be the investigators, as they kept collecting various clues step by step and eventually finding Chiyou, hidden behind the cyber evil spirit…”

“Xiangliu could serve as a small boss. Since it’s greatly restricted in mainland China, it’s naturally impossible to be comparable to its past.”

“Finally, it would be a big battle!”

“Chiyou vs. 12 Zodiacs (Xuanyuan Sword), cyber evil spirit vs. Meng Jingyu.”

Hu Feng concluded the project.

Chiyou was seriously injured and fell unconscious.

The Zodiac inheritors could no longer use fit skills for decades.

The infatuated Meng Jingyu could not find his lover, so he disheartenedly decided to die with the cyber evil spirit together, and then the latter returned to its original shape, leaving only a group of pure and solidified data flow sphere.

The underground hell restored its former silence, and another potential crisis in Asia and the world was solved.

“The original form of the cyber evil spirit may be able to make a big fuss later. I remember that the VR games were popular in 2017, but it seems that the price is high and there are many technical problems. In the end, it is still difficult to get close to ordinary people’s lives.”

Checking his plan, Hu Feng thought.

“Maybe I can make a VR game with the original form of cyber evil spirit?”

“But if there is no need to promote it to the public, even if I succeed in making the VR game, it will be controlled by the state. In addition, they will use it to train military exercises or simulate actual combat. It is impossible for ordinary people to have the opportunity to contact…”

“Forget it, I’ll think about it later.”

Realizing that it was not so simple, Hu Feng no longer thought about it.

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