I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 145

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 145: Chinese Dragon Group

Although Hu Feng no longer directly manipulated Robert, the mystery of the disappearance of the gods he mentioned still stunned the world.

In the intensive care unit, Hu Feng pretended to be ill and recovered from his injury every day, but he learned that he almost obtained a 6-digit fudge value every second from the system.

By the end of the day when Hu Feng was officially discharged, he accumulated more than 4.6 billion fudge value.

Hu Feng was quite satisfied with this, after all, for the following seven realms project and the VR games for the public, he required as much as possible.

At 8:30 in the morning, the ward door was suddenly pushed open when his parents were in the middle of discharge process.

Hu Feng looked up casually and saw the 11 zodiac totem inheritors headed by Wu Zijuan and many high-level figures from the National Special Bureau.

“Comrade Hu, I don’t know if you are interested in joining us, the national special bureau. The basic salary is 30 million RMB, and there’s also welfare subsidy…”

After greeting, Director Guo approached and showed that he would like to recruit him. “If you go out to carry out the task, according to the level of danger of each task, there will be items worth more than millions as extra rewards.”

“You see, they are also your companions. Everyone is a zodiac totem inheritor.”

Director Guo pointed to them and gestured to Hu Feng to look over. “You will have a good time with them, they are equally powerful. You don’t have to worry about being a freak in  society.” Director Guo retreated.

As Director Guo had already talked to Wu Zijuan that she must recruit him no matter what kind of concessions they had to make, she quickly came up with a smile.

“Hello, Hu Feng. I am Wu Zijuan, a member of the national special bureau headquarters, also the captain of the supernatural combat squad. You should know my basic information as we chatted these days.”

“But today is a formal occasion, so I should introduce myself – Wu Zijuan, Tiger Totem inheritor, from Hangzhou, Jiangsu…”

“Hello, I am the rabbit totem inheritor, Liu Junyi…”

“I am the horse totem inheritor Ren Yiqi…”

As they respectively introduced themselves, Hu Feng pretended to be ignorant and awkward, grabbing the back of his head and asking.

“Well, what is the National Special Bureau? How many national staff personnel are included ? What kind of work do you usually do?”

Director Guo said. “National special bureau, also known as the National Special Affairs Investigation and Processing Bureau, was newly established at the end of July, and the total number of  members in the nation is more than 15,000 people. We specialize in dealing with supernatural events such as the water monkey in order to maximize the safety of the people throughout the country.”

Informing him of the origin and responsibility of the national special bureau, Director Guo began to introduce the other inheritors.

“As you can see, these eleven young boys and girls who have won the inheritance of different zodiac totems are the biggest trump card against the supernatural events in our country.”

“Usually, after the occurrence of supernatural events, the nearby special bureau branch will send ordinary members to verify and investigate. If they confirm that they cannot handle it with physical means, they will report to the headquarters, and the second squad of the National Special Bureau teamed up with elites who have mastered the Kunlun Secret Martial Art of ‘Dragon Elephant Waves’ will deal with it…”

“If the second squad can’t handle it, it will be delivered to us, the first squad.”

Hearing this, Hu Feng pretended to be both curious and confused. “Director Guo, what do you mean by ‘Dragon Elephant Waves’?”


“This is a state secret!”

“Only those highly trusted by the party can learn and understand. At present, it’s the only cultivation method that can be promoted large-scale without any risk!”

Mentioning this, Director Guo blushed as if he was bragging.

Apparently, he tried to convince him to join the national special bureau with this.

“Oh, I see.”

Hu Feng pretended to be moved but hesitant, but in fact, he was trying not to laugh.

How could he not know the cultivation method he created when he was Meng Jingyu?

It was funny to see people protecting and cherishing something only they considered valuable.

“Of course, if you are willing to join us, you can learn the cultivation art as long as you keep the secret.”

“Assuming that your direct relatives, parents or lovers want to learn it, they have to obtain the approval from the superiors since it is related to the state’s high level of confidentiality. I hope that you can understand.”

At this moment, they even thought that the cultivation method had already touched him a bit, so he began to persuade him even more.

“I really want to work for the country. After all, I am a proud citizen of China.”

Pretending to think about the pros and cons for a long time, Hu Feng suddenly raised his head and said. “But I don’t like to be restricted.”

Director Guo was thrilled upon hearing the first half of the sentence, but he became depressed after Hu Feng finished the sentence.

Looking at Director Guo’s embarrassed face, Wu Zijuan decisively stood out and said. “It’s not a problem. Hu Feng, if you’re willing to join us, you can be the captain.”

“Then you…”

Not waiting for Hu Feng to finish, Director Guo said immediately. “Totally fine. Hu Feng, you are the captain, and Comrade Wu Zijuan will be the vice-captain.”

The original vice-captain, the ox totem inheritor Luo Yiyi was stunned.

What happened?

Why did no one even consider my feelings?

Am I a normal team member now?

Director Guo thought that he solved it, but Hu Feng seemed to have other opinions.

“I appreciate that, but I am lazy. I do even want to manage a 12-person team.”

“Then how about I will handle everything, and you can keep the position of captain?”

Frowning, Wu Zijuan immediately made a decision. “But you cannot refuse the scheduled normal training. Can you do this?”

Nodding with satisfaction, Hu Feng said frankly. “In this case, then I can join the national special bureau. But I want to change the name of the team, is it okay?”

“Doesn’t the name sound good now?”

Wu Zijuan asked.

“No, it’s good, but it doesn’t fit my opinions.”

Slightly sticking out his index finger and shaking, Hu Feng said loudly. “If possible, I hope that everyone can follow my advice and rename the team as ‘Chinese Dragon Group’!”

“In the past, I have read an online novel called Chinese Dragon Group.”

Not waiting for someone to answer, Hu Feng told him or her why he would like to make a change. “The story tells the story of a mysterious organization dragon group whose members are as omnipotent as we are now. The difference is that they are guarding China with their youth and blood secretly. Even after many years, their heroic deeds still impressed me…”

Seeing the delighted face of Hu Feng, Wu Zijuan and others really wanted to check if he had a fever now.

Hu Feng then asked. “Who opposes and who agrees?”

In the intensive care unit, everyone looked at him speechless.

They obviously knew that they did not have to be against it as long as Hu Feng was willing to join them.

“Good, that’s it.”

Hu Feng then concluded. “From now on, the team is now officially renamed as the Chinese Dragon Group. I am also the dragon team leader!”

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