I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 148

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 148: Wrong

Under the command of the head, they played the video of the victims with the large projector in the conference room.

The video of the first victim nationwide, Wang Laoju, was also the first to be played.

On the screen, Wang Laoju looked around in panic in a yellow-striped criminal costume.

She was obviously in a completely strange environment.

To be precise, she seemed to be locked down in a simple cell.

The iron fence isolated him from the outside, and there were only a small bed and a night toilet.

The only source of light in the room was flashing, apparently showing the insufficient supply current.

“Let me out! I am not a criminal!”

“You caught the wrong person!”

Wang Laoju was desperately yelling loudly, but it still didn’t help as no prison guards showed up, which made her more and more depressed.

She obviously realized something was wrong.

“No, I remembered that I was in my room… Why am I in this cell now?”

“I see! The invitation to the Sun Prison on the computer screen?”

Uncomfortably groaning, Wang Laoju felt his head blasting, and he half squatted on the ground, unbelievably talking to himself.

“I… Am I in this sun prison now? How is it possible? It was just a game!”

The video was over, and the Secretary-General had distributed the documents to everyone in the conference room, all of which were related to Wang Laoju’s biography and information about the Sun Prison.

It turned out that Wang Laoju once played a trial of a single-player game of building a prison from scratch on an open space to control and managing the criminals sent by the government.

At that time, Wang Laoju named his prison the Sun Prison.
In the Sun Prison, Wang Laoju abused criminals and prison guards.

For example, she built toilets on the two sides of the criminal canteen, so the prisoners had to dine while watching the people taking shit, she kept the warden in the office, and authorized the prison guards to have the right to freely fire, and hence the prison morgue was always full…

Reading at the information on these documents, everyone in the conference room could not help but be shocked.

Unanimously, a question appeared in everyone’s mind:

In other words, Wang Laoju, the first victim, actually appeared in the game he played.

“The game kidnapped humans?”

Recalling the peculiar event in Shanghai in the past, the head No. 1 started to believe that Ghost Gate did it.

As he continued to watch the video, he saw that Wang Laoju was afraid, but the iron fence that blocked Wang Laoju suddenly let out a dull and squeaky sound, and it opened

“Can I go out?”

Wang Laoju couldn’t help but rush out of the cell.

Outside the corridor, there were cells on her left and right.

Wang Laoju looked over alertly and found all of them empty.

She looked at her front and it was the end of the dark corridor that whirled repeatedly.

Since human beings were afraid of black, Wang Laoju didn’t dare to move forward.


However, the head felt it weird and coughed. “Slow down the video when the victim was leaving the cell.”

The Secretary-General immediately rewound the video very slowly.

When Wang Laoju was desperately squatting on the ground, a dark stream, which was almost invisible, flowed from his feet to the outside world, and then turned into new cells and a tiled corridor.

The world outside the cell where Wang Laoju was originally imprisoned was completely chaotic darkness, but under the self-construction of the dark stream, more new prison environments were inexplicably born.

Almost everyone in the conference room was stunned.

After quite a while, a scholar muttered. “What are the dark stream flowing from the victim’s feet?”

Hu Feng said thoughtfully. “According to my observation, there’s nothing else in the cell, so the dark stream cannot be foreign objects.”

He went on. “The dark stream did not exist at the beginning, but was gradually emerging when Wang Laoju was desperate.”

“Captain Hu, what do you mean? Are those things the negative emotions of the victim?”

Some experts looked at him incredulously.

Hu Feng did not negate or affirm. “I am not the victim after all. I can’t confirm it. I just put forward a hypothesis.”

“No, maybe your assumption is right, but we can’t accept it immediately.”

Some professors who sorted out their own ideas found Hu Feng’s assumption reasonable.

The head No. 1 did not give any answer, but kept playing the video.

In the screen, Wang Laoju eventually bit her teeth and walked towards the end of the corridor covered with darkness.

However, after a few steps, a fierce and painful scream was heard.

The screen was distorted.

When it became clear, it had returned to the small prison cell, and everything seemed to start again.

Everything was the same in the same cell.

The only difference was that Wang Laoju had become more violent and furious.

“Damn mages who ruined the Ghost Gate! If I get a chance, I will kill you!”

Instead being anxious like before, she screamed angrily. “My past life was a cyber evil spirit. Even if the past data flow was completely gone and it has now scattered into hundreds of thousands of separate small data trapped in a mortal body, all kinds of experience and memory still exist. I even have several ways to enter the underground hell!”

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