I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 149

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 149: Unvisited

Wang Laoju reached out and countless data streams consisting of ones and zeros were born out of nothingness and turned into a beam of light floating in the air.

Wang Laoju was slightly relieved. “Although most capacity from my past life was gone, the ability to digitize is still preserved. It’s only a matter of time to deal with the mages.”

“The first step, I need to absorb a lot of negative emotions on the Internet to enhance my dataization ability.”

“The second step is to sort out my collection of up to hundreds of thousands of people. We will fight against the underground hell and destroy the mages.”

“The third step is to rule the world, starting from Asia…”


Many experts and professors in the conference room were stunned.

How could he be the cyber evil spirit?

He was clearly an ordinary person who had encountered supernatural event for the first time?

Why Wang Laoju talked to himself like a perpetrator?

Many expert professors were speechless since their common sense could not explain this phenomenon, but some of the younger members thought of a situation.

Memory modificaion!

“The head, it should be the Ghost Gate that did this!”

“It changed and interfered with the memory of Wang Laoju, making her take it for granted that his enemies are the mages and he was actually the cyber evil spirit.”

“I don’t know if you have read online novels. It’s the revival with other bodies as a medium.”

Hu Feng and others were shocked.

It was difficult to imagine the invisible fear of your memory being modified.

After the memory changes, an enemy became a relative, a friend became a stranger, the original personality collapsed, and you consider yourself as a reborn person, fighting with the wish in your so-called ‘previous life’.

Judging from the current number of missing people in the country, the cyber evil spirit at least kidnapped 100,000 living people.

If it brainwashed them one by one, interfered with their memories, and convinced them that they were part of the cyber evil spirit in their past lives, they would easily have a large number of loyal and unrelenting soldiers.

If it opened the channel to the underground hell, let them storm the front, and weakened the mages’ strength, the cyber evil spirit would take them down with ease.

“But why did the cyber evil spirit release a large number of victims’ videos in advance and deliberately tell us their plan?”

Hu Feng pretended to say in an extremely puzzled way.

Some experts and professors thought about it for a moment and arbitrarily speculated.


“It knows that even if it tells us his plan, there is no way for us to stop it.”

Some experts even boldly inferred. “From the perspective of Wang Laoju, there may be a limit to the number of people with memories modified. At most, it is about 100,000.”

“Otherwise, its second step won’t mention the number 100,000.”

“So, perhaps in the future, no one will disappear.”

The head No.1 frowned.

As these experts and professors said, the biggest trump card they had now was the Chinese dragon group, but none of them had the special ability to enter the underground hell or the Internet data world.

After all, there might be no concept of underground hell in the era of the Emperor Huang, not to mention the Internet data world.

Therefore, it was reasonable that the twelve zodiac totem inheritors didn’t have such abilities.

Now they knew the reasons why the Ghost Gate kidnapped so many people in the country.

Maybe it did it for negative emotions?

Or, it would brainwash them and made them vanguards to deal with the mages?

However, the specific reason was not so important since the government had to stop it as quickly as possible!

Very helplessly, the country did not have any means at all.

A week after the meeting, there was no one disappearing throughout the country, but it perfectly fit the experts’ bold inferences, thus not only could it bring any psychological comfort to the head No. 1, but it also made him uneasy and extremely worried about the follow-up event.

Another week passed.

There was an uninvited guest in the headquarters of the National Special Bureau.

He was the one who disappeared a few months ago – Meng Jingyu!

Accompanied by Director Guo and others, Hu Feng also shook hands with the uninvited guest.

No one knew that, in fact, Meng Jingyu was his former identity.

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