I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 15

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 15: Collective Illusion

“You can’t escape!” No one knew what this sentence meant more clearly than Fu Lu!

He could even imagine that as the tenth person who drew the bloody book made of human skin, the player who seemed to be the only surviving player at the moment, the knife of the mobile game had been raised high toward him.

The bloody 300-second countdown in the forum might be the countdown to his death!

Repeating his own conjecture to the command center, Fu Lu and others immediately got the order – Abandon the mobile phones and retreat from the air defense shelter right away.

When they were safely evacuated, the blood countdown gradually reached the end.

10 9 8…

The sky suddenly got darker.

Thick dark clouds floated in the sky, and the hot sun was covered by clouds. It should be the hottest time at noon, and everyone gathered near the air-raid shelter had goosebumps.

They even felt cold at their feet.

The armed policemen were holding their breath and highly concentrated and nerves taut.

As for those religious people, everyone was frowning, and the atmosphere was extremely depressed.

The monks began to knock on the wooden claps and and meditated in a low voice; the Christian bishops in red robe held the Bible and made a cross in front of their chests…

The rest of the self-identified people were also doing their own tricks, as if a yak was besieged by top predators.

They desperately shook their horns to warn that there was danger.

3, 2, 1.

In the command center, thirty-five death squads, including Fu Lu, who had just returned safely, looked at the countdown of the last three seconds on the surveillance equipment and almost stopped breathing.

The blood countdown ended completely.

Everything was so calm, and nothing happened.

“Did I think too much?”

“The bloody countdown isn’t a symbol of my death? Forget it, nothing happening is the best.” Laughing at himself, Fu Lu was relieved.

But at this moment, there was a disturbing scream in his ears.

“The blood! The blood is flowing!”

“God, something is coming out of the blood, they are squirming!”

Fu Lu, Captain Zhou and others went over to see it, which scared them right away!

The bloody words on the ground of the bomb shelter all merged into one piece, forming a bloody lake that constantly bubbled.

Pale and grotesque figures came out of the bloody lake.

The first coming out was holding its head with no facial features one-handedly, and its body was oozing with blue chilling air.

The second looked ragged, flat and crippled, as if it was squashed by heavy trucks.

The third had no brilliance in its eyes, and it spat out red tongue, which was at least two meters long and rounded around its waist…

What scared Fu Lu the most was the long-haired female ghost who kept chasing him.

She came out last!

Looking at these ten very different ghosts, all of which had the intention to go to the entrance of the air defense shelter.

Captain Zhou immediately issued a command to the front line. “Fight, fight against them! The targets are the ten ghosts at the air defense shelter. If we can handle this for a while, the huge army of the Nanjing Military Region will arrive and support us.”

After the communication was completed, Captain Zhou led the team to the front.

At the same time, people were sent to tell those religious people that there were many ghosts in the air-raid shelter.

They asked them to find ways to eliminate or liberate them.

They must not allow these ghosts to invade the city.

However, arriving at the front line near the air-raid shelter.

Captain Zhou, Fu Lu and others were shocked by the scene! Silent!

It was so silent!

All the armed police, the explosion-proof police, and the criminal investigation police officers were all frozen into ice sculptures.

Most of those religious people had long escaped without a trace.

Even if some felt that the ghosts were just illusion, those who rushed up with mahogany swords and sacred wands were all lying on the ground without any exception.

As for those swindlers who painted on the ground with cinnabar, black dog blood, incense ash, etc., they couldn’t dispel the evil spirits, which was completely useless.

Driving from the command center to the air raid shelter at high speed, all staff arrangements failed in one minute.

Looking at the scene carefully, it seemed that only the first ghost was raging, and the other nine ghosts were standing by.

“How is it possible?” These incredible phenomena in front of him were simply unacceptable.

The voice was extremely hoarse. “You can’t escape!” (You can’t escape!)”

Staring at Fu Lu, the voices of ten ghosts sounded at the same time, making him feel like falling into the ice cave.

His body was stiff and trembling, and it was hard to get out.

“Let me do it.” Slightly nodding her head, the long-haired female ghost chasing Fu Lu stood out, raised her hand with red nails, and waved her hand toward Fu Lu’s heart.

“No!” Seeing the female ghost approaching, Captain Zhou screamed in anger and prepared to shoot.

Turning slightly, the ghost that held its head without facial features, one-handedly and exuded cold air, faced Captain Zhou, as if it was staring at him with its eyes that didn’t exist.

Out of nowhere, a cold and heart-wrenching chill spread all over Captain Zhou’s body from top to bottom.

“Is this the taste of death? It’s so cold…” In the screams of other people around him, Captain Zhou gradually became unconscious and quickly turned into a humanoid sculpture with the posture of raising the gun.

Witnessing Captain Zhou being ‘killed’, Fu Lu was about to be killed by the long-haired female ghost.

He was completely desperate.

“How dare you!” But at this moment, a sizzling scream came over.

The long-haired female ghost stopped suddenly, screamed, flew out dozens of feet away.

The original solid body of the ghost became inexplicably illusory.

The rest of the ghosts gathered together, and they all looked serious.

No one cared about Fu Lu anymore.

There was a gust of wind blowing in the sky, and blue smoke rose from the ground.

There was an infinite number of electric lights in the clouds, and the color of the world changed.

In the dim environment, with the light of lightning, Fu Lu and others saw two huge hundred-meter-tall figures which emerged from the blue smoke vaguely.

The 100-meter virtual shadow on the left was dressed in black, with a fierce face, holding a black stick, and a long chain of souls on the shoulders.

Every step he walked, you could hear the chain hitting on the ground. The phantom on the right side was in a white coat.

His red tongue spat out of the mouth.

He held a pure white stick and a copper bell around his waist. His whole body was rusty, and he seemed to be silent.

“My goodness! This… This is…”

“Do we really live in modern society? I am going crazy!”

“Black and white mages… Ghosts from the underground… Black and white mages!”

Fu Lu and others were shocked and confused.

“How dare you disturb the world and kill people. Come back with me!”

The ghosts answered the mages with ghost fire they released.

Ding! The black mage seemed to be a little annoyed.

He took off the chain and shook it.

The long chain automatically entangled them.

These ghosts had no power to fight back.

They were entangled by the chain and crying sorrowfully, which almost broke the eardrums of Fu Lu and others.

Thinking how the ghosts treated police officers, armed police, and religious people with an arrogant attitude, it was hard to believe how strong the black and white mages were!

Glancing at the numerous ‘ice sculptures’ of different shapes on the ground, the white mage rang the rusty bell gently, and the crisp and sweet sound came over.

In an instant, these ‘ice sculptures’, which had long stopped breathing, began to melt rapidly.

“Wow!” “It’s so cold!” Fu Lu and others were surprised and happy to see Captain Zhou and others actually miraculously became alive again!

Came back to life?

Fu Lu and others were very excited and emotional, but they were more shocked and fearful.

“I remember that I was dead, right?” Being surrounded by people, Captain Zhou stood up and held his forehead in confusion.

“Captain, you absolutely can’t think of what happened before! The mages are coming from the underground!”

“Yes, it’s black and white mages. They caught those ghosts as easily as drinking water!”

They started discussing.

“Really? Where are they?” Fu Lu was ready to reach out and point at them.

But as soon as he looked up, it was a cloudless clear sky, and the sun was hanging high above the sky.

Not to mention the black and white mages, even the cloudy weather didn’t exist at all.

Now, if it hadn’t been for that how had he just returned to life from an ice sculpture, Captain Zhou would have doubted whether these thousands of people had collective illusion!

It was so incredible!

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