I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 150

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 150: For Love

After the greetings, Meng Jingyu quickly stated why he returned.

In the past few months, he had been secretly visiting all parts of mainland China and searching his lover Lin Qingxue day and night.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he worked, his efforts were in vain.

To this day, he already had no hope in finding Lin Qingxue in the world.

Coincided with his disappointment, he advanced his cultivation realm!

Right now, he had the ability to open the gate to the underground hell.

Now he particularly came to the national special bureau because he hoped they could take care of his body when his soul traveled to the underground hell.

Though stunned, the staff of the national special bureau were delighted because they were still worried that they had no way to enter the underground hell to stop the cyber evil spirit.

Now Meng Mengyu’s request fit their ideas perfectly!

No longer hesitating, Director Guo decisively invited Meng Jingyu to talk to himself alone.

Of course, Hu Feng did not refuse, thus he controlled Meng Jingyu to talk with Director Guo.

Director Guo then elaborated the cause and effect to Meng Jingyu.

Listening to him quietly, Meng Jingyu seemed to understand what he meant beyond his words. “So you want me to take the opportunity to stop the cyber evil spirit and destroy its conspiracy.”

“If possible, we hope that you can give it a try…” Director Guo rubbed his palm slightly.

He knew that stopping the cyber evil spirit recklessly might lead them to failure.

Unexpectedly, Meng Jingyu did he not euphemistically refuse, but stood quietly for a long time and promised. “Well, anyway, I am just a lonely man. Why should I be afraid of death?”

Meng Jingyu seemed to be a bit tired of the world and depressed.

Noticing that something was wrong, Director Guo couldn’t help but frown. “What happened to you, Master Meng?”

Meng Jingyu smiled wryly and didn’t say anything.

After a while, he answered. “After I adjust my body and mind to the peak, my soul will enter the underground hell at noon 7 days later. Please protect my body then.”

Asking for help, Director Guo nodded. “Of course!”

Later, Director Guo began to arrange the food and accommodation for him.

Seeing Director Guo leaving the room, Hu Feng took the initiative to come over and say. “Director Guo, we finished the combination training of the Dragon Group today.”

After the appearance of the dragon totem inheritor Hu Feng, other inheritors could cooperate with each other well and stimulate the hidden skill.

Since then, they had been training to enhance mutual understanding.

To this day, Hu Feng felt that it was about time they realized the powerful act, thus he reported to Director Guo.

“Good! Just in time!”

Director Guo calmed himself down and reported all the news to the head No. 1.

The head No. 1 was overjoyed and stated that Meng Jingyu’s action after seven days was definitely a good timing!

Moreover, since Chiyou did not show up and did not take the initiative to destroy the furnaces, perhaps he could not touch the furnaces himself, so he always tried to destroy it by means of others.

They could fully publicize that the country would dig up the furnaces seven days later to attract Chiyou or Xiangliu to come to the scene.

At that time, the Chinese Dragon Group would perform their combination act.

The combination of the cyber evil spirit and Chiyou would be dismantled because of the return of Meng Jingyu.

The cyber evil spirit in the underground hell must cope with Meng Jingyu, and the Chinese dragon group could pin down Chiyou in the mortal world.

Understanding the plan, Director Guo nodded and started preparing.

In order to fool the enemies, the plan of the national government began.

The plan codenamed [9 furnaces] was issued.

Hundreds of thousands of industrial workers were mobilized, and various huge earth-boring exploration machines were transported to the Turtle Mountain.

As the media kept promoting that they would dig out the Yangzhou furnace in Turtle Mountain, ordinary workers only knew that they were going to excavate the furnace casted by Dayu.

No one knew that the military surveillance satellites monitored every inch of the Turtle Mountain area 24-7.

Director Guo and the head No. 1 were all looking forward to the coming of Chiyou.

On the ground, Hu Feng and other 12 zodiac totem inheritors, since having sensitive five senses, were dispatched to different locations nearby to search.

On the seventh day, Meng Jingyu meditated quietly and gradually slowed down his heartbeat.

Director Guo even personally guarded the room Meng Jingyu was located to avoid anything from disturbing the former to enter the underground hell with his soul.

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