I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 152

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 152: Win-win

Earth never stopped spinning because of the absence of anyone, but in human society, the death of an important person often caused turmoil.

In National Special bureau, the door to the guarded room was open, Meng Jingyu bled all over his face, held the lovers lamp with left hand, and lay on the ground.

Director Guo and others helped him up and were anxious to wait for the medical staff.

Unlike others around, Meng Jingyu smiled and clenched his right hand.

A transparent sphere with data streams consisting of zeros and ones could be seen inside appeared in his palm.

Grabbing the hand of Director Guo, Meng Jingyu handed the transparent sphere to him and said slowly.

Though he was talking slowly, he sounded like ordering formally.

“I fought the cyber evil spirit when visiting the underground hell, knocking it back to its prototype, but I was already exhausted. My injury is so bad that no one can save me…”

“Take this prototype of the cyber evil spirit on behalf of the country, and I’ve already saved those kidnapped by the cyber evil spirit…”

Hearing this, they were also pleasantly surprised, but they became depressed when thinking of Meng Jingyu’s injury.

“Master Meng…” Muttering openly, Director Guo did not know what he should say now.

“Don’t say some nonsense. I don’t blame you. Before I entered the underground hell, I had the resolution to die.”

On his pale face, it seemed like he was recalling his memory. “You and I promised for a hundred years…”

“Xingxue, wait for me in the afterlife.”

Meng Jingyu’s hands hung down.

Countless broken spots surged from Meng Jingyu’s body and disappeared into the air at the fastest speed to naked eyes.

In the end, the traces of Meng Jingyu were gone, and only the prototype of the cyber evil spirit held by Director Guo carefully was left.

Shortly after, each member of the Chinese Dragon Group received a national special gold medal, and everything seemed to be fading away from people’s sight.

However, Hu Feng had only done 4 out of the 7 of his Seven Realms Project.

“A few days ago, I wanted to create a virtual game world developed for the general public. Now, I can take advantage of the prototype of the cyber evil spirit composed of countless zeros and ones.”

Hu Feng’s plan was very simple.

If there were no external pressure or a major social problem, the national government would not allow the promotion of VR games.

After all, once the VR games were open to the public, wouldn’t the game market that contributed hundreds of billions of dollars in tax revenue to the national government every year disappear?

Even if the quality of a normal game was spectacular, could it be compared with the VR game that created the senses of smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste?

Therefore, he decided to force the country to promote the virtual game world by means of state means.

There were still 4 of 7 projects not implemented, including [Magic], [Monster], [Fairy] and [Buddha].

He decided to adjust the plan. “First make everything like animals, plants, household appliances and crafts become monsters and can speak, making the state in over their head and making people worried. This is the [Monster] Project.”

“Let the Buddha and the Taoist Shushan Swordsman reincarnate. The two then fight and declare the foreboding of the Monster Project.”

“When the country becomes anxious, the two propose their own means and ask to borrow the prototype of the cyber evil spirit!”

“The reincarnation of Buddha wants to use the cyber evil spirit prototype to combine the Dharma magical powers to arrange the blissful world, sheltering his followers, and so does the Taoist Shushan Swordsman.”

There was only one cyber evil spirit, thus the country couldn’t make the choice.

Hu Feng inferred that the most likely thing for the country to do was to make Buddhism and Taoism cooperate, so that they could jointly protect the 1.3 billion Chinese people.

He could secretly manipulate the two extraordinary existence, Buddhism and Taoism, and raise objections that they were not real cultivators or had such magical power to protect billions of people.

“At that moment, let the two discuss and compromise to cancel the original plan and create a big virtual game world with the cyber evil spirit as a prototype.”

“They will hide the cultivation methods in the virtual game world. As long as the players try and find it, they can bring it to reality to cultivate it. After he becomes strong, he will not be afraid of the evil.”

“By selling the virtual game world, it is also a big source of national tax revenue, and the country will not reject this win-win approach.”

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