I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 155

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

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Chapter 155: Please Stop

On a helicopter, Director Guo tried to communicate with him.

“Are you Sakyamuni the Buddha?”

Hearing him, the naked boy opened his eyes and said. “Why do you ask? I am the Buddha, but I am also not the Buddha…”

Noticing Director Guo’s confusion, Hu Feng asked. “We call them the reincarnators. I wonder if Master is also the same.”

He didn’t answer, in the view of Director Guo and others, the boy seemed to agree with this statement.

God, was the kid the reincarnation of the Buddha?

Surprisingly, Director Guo smiled and lowered his posture, making him look more sincerely. “So, how should we call you, Master?”

“The disaster is coming, the world is like a prison, and I am willing to help people save themselves with great wisdom and perseverance. Just call me Wisdom.”

Not waiting for Director Guo to ask what the disaster was, the boy suddenly looked up and stared at his front, making Director Guo feel that he was naked in front of the other party. “Amitabha! I obtained a thing called the prototype of the cyber evil spirit.”

The boy smiled. “It has a fate with Buddha. If you donate it, you can protect the people from the disaster.”

“Master Wisdom, how do you know…”

Director Guo was stunned, as not more than 20 people knew the existence of the prototype of the cyber evil spirit in the entire bureau.

“No big deal, please take care of the overall situation and give us the treasure.”

Director Guo frowned. “Master, this is a major reference for us to study supernatural events, and it is difficult for others to know its existence; let alone I do not have permission to give it to you.”

Director Guo naturally hoped him to forget about it.

However, the latter seemed to turn a deaf ear and smiled. “Fine, I know what you’re thinking.”

Waving his hands, Director Guo and others, even including the helicopter itself, shrank hundreds of times and landed in the palms of the boy.

“I will find the person with permission.”

Director Guo and others only felt that the environment was changing rapidly, and instantly everyone had left his hands and landed in the office of the head No. 1.

The head No. 1 was looking at it in shock.

Clasping his hands, Master repeated what he said to Director Guo the head No. 1.

Taking this opportunity, Director Guo quickly told the head No. 1 the identity of the Buddha’s reincarnation.

Suddenly whistling sounds came from outside the administrative building, and a Taoist monk in a green robe was standing on a flying sword.

“Please stop!”

“I heard that you have a stuff called the prototype of the cyber evil spirit. It has fate with me, please give it to me.”

Looking straight at the boy, this person touched his beard and said.

Everyone looked at them in amazement.

“You are the head of Shushan now, why do you want to compete with me for a common thing?”

The long-bearded person glanced at the other side. “I can never understand it since it’s such an invaluable treasure!”

The two stared at each other furiously, and they almost started fighting as if there were no outsiders.

Master Wisdom teleported to the side of the head No. 1 and solemnly said. “I hope you can give me the treasure so that I can protect the public from the disaster with it.”

The head No. 1 was shocked and speechless.

“Please don’t believe him.”

The long-bearded man put away the flying sword and came to the head No. 1. “The disaster might never come, so why do you threaten him?

“If you can give this treasure to me, I promise that I will protect you all if the disaster really occurs.”

Everyone could see that they were both eager to get the prototype of the cyber evil spirit.

The head No. 1 thought for a while and smiled. “Two masters, this treasure is unusual. Please forgive me that I need more time to think.”

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