I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 157

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Translator: Sheng Chen
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Chapter 157: VR Games

Hu Feng continued to elaborate. “No one can monopolize, but everyone can utilize it!”
Listening quietly, everyone frowned.

In fact, the head did consider the plan of tripartite cooperation, but the Chinese dragon group seemed to be no match for either of the two, so how was it even possible if the basic equality could not be achieved.

Hu Feng said in confidence. “The head, if you don’t mind, I would like to feel them out about the plan. If I fail, it is just my personal problem and it will not affect the country.”

“If you succeed, then I can discuss the plan with them in the name of the country.”

Considering there was no other suitable method now, the head agreed.

Getting the permission, Hu Feng walked out quickly.

Stay in the conference room, through the monitor and other equipment, everyone could clearly see Hu Feng’s every move and hear their conversation.

Coming towards them, Hu Feng asked them curiously what they would do if they get the prototype and how many people they could shelter if the disaster really occurred.

“If I get it, I will create a tiny world.”

Master Wisdom put his hands together and said. “The tiny world would be enough to shelter millions of people, where there would be no danger.”

The long-bearded man stood up and said without hesitation. “If I can get the treasure, I can also refine a new heaven!”

“It is enough to resettle ten million people.” Stepping forward to Hu Feng, he seemed to get the answer from Hu Feng.

Everyone in the room were also highly concentrated, as they wanted to hear what Hu Feng was going to say now.

Hu Feng made a gesture of ‘13’ and asked.

“You’re both right, but it’s not enough? There are more than 1.3 billion people here. If the disaster is coming, are you going to leave the rest of those?”

The bearded man frowned. “Do you have a plan to save everyone in China?”

“As the saying goes, it is better to teach people to fish than to give them fish. If you can teach people the cultivation methods, they might have the power of self-protection, so why bother you to save them?”

“I wondered what it is, but it turns out to be such an unrealistic plan.”

The bearded man snorted and walked away to drink.

On the other hand, Master Wisdom shook his head towards Hu Feng. “In Buddhism, we must check their characters and the qualifications before teaching them, how can we pass down the cultivation methods indiscriminately?”

He them explained in more detail. “The path of cultivation is rocky, so we must lead them.”

“If we examine their characters and qualifications, maybe it will take a decade to finish.”

Hu Feng lowered his head and thought about it.
Everyone in the room sighed as they thought there was no way to solve it.

Raising his head, Hu Feng suddenly asked. “If you incarnate clones, how many clones can you achieve?”

Master Wisdom said. “More than the number of sand.”

Hu Feng insisted on asking “More than 1.3 billion?”


“That’s enough!”

Hu Feng shouted happily. “Then I have a plan!”

“Do you mean that we create out billions of incarnations and examine the qualifications of every Chinese, and then selectively teach them?”

“You must know that you can’t let all the Chinese people cultivate. After all, cultivation is boring!”

“Of course I know.”

Hu Feng smiled. “A person’s cultivation is of course boring, but what if many people accompany them together? If they cannot beat a high-ranked NPC in the game, won’t they stop cultivating?”

“What do you mean?”

Hu Feng smiled. “Have you heard of virtual reality games?”

Then Hu Feng elaborated his plan.

They two should create a virtual game world, and the country should provide the latest VR game equipment.

The state was responsible for promotion of the game, and the two masters should examine each player’s character and qualification, and then pass down the cultivation methods to them according to the examination result!

In the virtual game world, there was no danger for players to cultivate since they could be revived if they went too far.

The core of the virtual game world was naturally the prototype of the cyber evil spirit, but the national supercomputers could serve to relieve severe server pressure.

However, they two obviously suffered a lot.

After all, how to utilize the cyber evil spirit prototype was up to them, but now they must work together to make it into the core of the virtual game world.

They then thought for a long time.

“Although it is a treasure, but it’s my fortune to have, and it’s my fate to lose.”

The bearded man stood up. “Sure, let’s stick to your plan.”

Biting his teeth, Master Wisdom stood up and smiled. “You’re right; we should follow your plan.”

“However, I hope we can discuss what kind of world we create privately.”



Master Wisdom looked at Hu Feng and said. “Since I just came here, I still can’t get used to the life here. Can you accompany us?”

“Sure, it’s my pleasure.” Hu Feng stood up with a smile.

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