I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 158

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Note: A really short chapter.. More like a filler lol..

2 More Chapters Left for Ending.. 

Chapter 158: App

In the following month, they created the game quietly.

The world of great contention was waiting for the players to kick off.

Zhang Jiao, who protected his believers, sat on the side of the field ill.

Raising his right hand, he saw the weird pattern of widescreen on the back of his hand and muttered, as he was puzzled.

The reason why Zhang Jiao was so confused was because everyone in the nearby village suddenly found that there was a new pattern on their hands.

If modern players were here, they would know that it was clearly the screen of a modern smartphone, but there’s no app in it!

Zhang Jiao sent his two younger brother Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang to the nearest county, trying to invite the famous doctor to diagnose himself and others.

When his two younger brothers went out, Zhang Jiao himself tried to wash the pattern off with hot water or soap, but it did not work.

“Brother, brother!”

The return of his two younger brothers interrupted his contemplation.

They rushed to his front and yelled what they saw. “Brother, bad news!”

“It turns out that everyone over 8 years old in the county has the same pattern on their arms!”


Zhang Jiao stood up incredulously and asked. “Are you sure?”

“It’s true!”

The three brothers did not know not only they were shocked and confused now.

In the palace of the kingdom of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the emperor felt uneasy about the weird pattern on his wrist, and he even ordered the doctor to diagnose his pulse.

In general, everyone was anxious to find the delicate pattern on their wrists.

However, from God’s perspective, Hu Feng only found it quite interesting.

He then started his plan.

Firstly, Hu Feng would like to bring WhatsApp into the Three Kingdoms world.

Considering that the literacy rate of ordinary people was low, not to mention the fear of accepting new things, he decided to carry out his plan with instilling words.

Late at night, when everyone was sleeping, the delicate widescreen on their wrists began to flash, and a large section of simplified Chinese characters was sent to their minds.

Even if they were illiterate, they could have a certain degree of culture after waking up.

In addition, a large section of text and a new icon appeared in the widescreens, which were the basic instructions for those who were unfamiliar with the instant messaging software and the new app.

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