I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 159

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

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Chapter 159: Realistic VR Game

In the Palace, the emperor spent a lot of money to create a group with the app, invited the court ministers into their own group, and started ordering them in the group.

Learning the blacklist function, the emperor prohibited those who did not obey his orders from messaging, and he laughed in ecstasy after seeing those who tried to explain but finding themselves unable to talk in the group.

Some big traders created a group to focus on the prices in every county, which was convenient for them to do business.

The three brothers of Zhang Jiao even started preaching with app and enlarged their sect.

In the real world, Master Wisdom and the bearded man made a proposal to the head No. 1 that they should have a beta test before making it public.

Political orders dominated everything else.

In a very short time, not only the official website of the VR game was established, but also the major news channels began to promote.

“Tired of boring online games?”

“Eager to see a high-level AI?”

“The unprecedented, highly sci-fi, super-realistic virtual reality game is coming soon!”

“From now on, before the official launch of the game, those who complete the registration on the official website within three days are possible to be selected as lucky players, and they can participate in the beta test of the game for free!”

“At the end of the test, the virtual reality game will be sold with three grades nationwide.”

As soon as the news came out, the game became viral on the Chinese Internet.

Numerous netizens quickly signed up on the website to support it.

Professionals who are well versed in the technology of the existing game industry even could not believe it!

A virtual reality game with 100% player realism similar to the past online game novels was impossible for current technology.

To this end, some netizens even suspected that the state had found the alien spaceship.

Otherwise, why did the Chinese government, which had always regarded the games as beasts, allowed the official media to publicize a virtual reality game that had not been heard before?

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