I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 16

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 16: The Capital City


Zhongnan Lake.

The administrative department of the State Council.

In the reception room 016.

It had been two hours since the bloody countdown appeared in the suburbs of Shanghai and the black and white mages showed up to catch the ghosts.

Two hours ago, Captain Zhou was still in the suburbs of Shanghai as one of the men in charge of the first spiritual case since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

But now, by the military plane, he had rushed to the capital as quickly as possible to meet with the contemporary leader of the People’s Republic of China, the head number 1, on the unprecedented spiritual event.

After tidying himself up, the 40-year-old captain was still a little nervous.

About five minutes later, a secretary from Zhongnan Lake walked over quickly and smiled.

“Please come with me, the head number 1 wants to see you.”

After searching the body thoroughly and passing multiple strict access control points, Captain Zhou took out the pass that had just been issue, and he finally reached the destination.

After the secretary advanced to inform, Captain Zhou was invited to enter.

He stepped into the office building and was led all the way to the area where the head number 1 was located.

Captain Zhou finally saw the head number 1 in person.

After saluting, Captain Zhou quickly identified his title, and then stood respectfully.

“Don’t be so nervous!”

“Come here, Zhou, you have been sitting for more than an hour on the plane. You must be tired, right? Sit down and have some tea… After your rest, we can work.”

Although the head number 1 was kind of polite, but Captain Zhou had been an official for more than a decade, hence he knew what he should do.

At the moment, Captain Zhou immediately patted his chest and said that when serving the people, it was worthwhile to get tired. It was not a big deal to take a long-distance plane.

As for sitting down and drinking tea, it was even unnecessary for him since he was now energetic and ready to start working.

“That’s good, if that’s the case, then please tell the situation as you have seen to the members of the think tank.”

“Yes, sir!” Captain Zhou stated that he would unconditionally obey the arrangement.

Soon, 80 members of the think tank from different professional fields who had worked for the Republic’s major policies for many years, with the preparation of documents prepared in advance, began to ask Captain Zhou questions.

“I would like to ask Captain Zhou, according to what you said, two hours ago, you were in the air-defense shelter of H701 in the suburbs of Shanghai. You witnessed the black and white mages with the height of 100 meters, and saw that the weather suddenly changed, the cold wind whistling, and the smoke lingering, right?”

Captain Zhou organized his thoughts and said. “I was already attacked by the ghosts and was frozen into an ice sculpture. I was unconscious and completely ignorant of the outside world.”

“What you mentioned was told by my fellow subordinates after waking up. But I can’t be sure about it.”

“That’s good, I should change the question.”

“Was there any death or injury to the police officers of your peers or subordinates after you woke up?”

Captain Zhou shook his head firmly. “I have already learned that except for people spraining their feet, no one was dead or injured at the scene, including those religious people.”

“Thank you for your answer, I finished my questions. Who is next?” After that, he left the position.

“Captain Zhou, please tell me if this information is true.” A scholar wearing a gold-rimmed glasses quickly walked over with the documents.

“At the command center of the H701 air-raid shelter, through the monitoring equipment, you saw the ninth player who gained the book on the mobile phone screen of the policeman who ventured into game…..”

“The latter posted a post in the forum, claiming that he met many ghosts on the high-speed rail carriage in Nanchang City, Jiangxi. Is this true?”

Captain Zhou nodded. “Yes, it is true.”

Suddenly, many scholars and experts around him started whispering.

The scholar who had just asked Captain Zhou took out a list of high-speed passengers in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province from the many documents he held, and handed it to Captain Zhou.

“Captain Zhou, please read this. These are the names of all passengers who have taken the high-speed rail in Nanchang, Jiangxi.”

The scholar stared at him. “However, after our emergency search, none of the high-speed rail passengers are missing. Can you confirm that this is the case?”

Captain Zhou’s face was sweating, and he desperately recalled everything a few hours ago.

He remembered very clearly that he really saw the ninth player who got the book asking for help…

However, how couldn’t the state find any missing passengers when they sent personnel to investigate one by one?

Captain Zhou was a little embarrassed, and he was very puzzled.

But the experts and scholars of the think tanks didn’t intend to let him go.

Another female expert came to him and asked loudly. “Captain Zhou, we have contacted the Shanghai police and learned that more than 100 citizens reported to the police today, claiming that their mobile phones started bleeding. What’s even more weird was that the blood clearly formed the sentence【You can’t escape】…”

“Did you like to see the same situation occurred in the mobile phones of 35 police officers from the monitor at that time?”

The voice of the other party was loud, making Captain Zhou come out of his trance.

“Yes.” Captain Zhou frowned slightly and tried to ask her. “Any problem?”

However, her answer was quite unexpected. “Yes, I have a big problem!”

“According to the report of Shanghai police, when all the police officers who arrived at the reporters, they didn’t see the situation they reported!”

“Even if the reporters insisted that they saw blood contaminated with his clothes, we didn’t find any blood residue after the clothes were sent to the police laboratory for examination.”

Huff! Taking a deep breath, Captain Zhou finally understood what the think tank wanted to know from him.

They seemed to prove that the haunted phenomenon, the weird case, and black and white mages were the illusion that didn’t exist!

“So you mean that these ghosts, black and white mages don’t exist. The truth is that thousands of people at the scene have collective illusions?” Captain Zhou clenched his fists.

Having been frozen into ice sculptures, he was hard to accept that they considered the pain he had experienced as illusion.

“No, Zhou, your thoughts are not accurate.” Quietly listening, the head number 1 smiled and walked over.

“All the members of the think tank have watched the surveillance video that the female ghost attempted murdering at 1 a.m.”

“After receiving the report from the network police department, we knew that ‘Ghost Gate’ was only visible and downloadable in Shanghai from the mobile game list. So we are 100% sure that there is definitely no human factor in this supernatural and splendid events.”

“Because at present, even the United States, the best country in science and technology research and development, doesn’t have such a strange and magical technique!”

“The head… As you said, since the members of the think tank accept the supernatural phenomena, why are you still asking me?” Captain Zhou was a bit puzzled.

At this time, the experts of the think tank took over and said bluntly.

“That is because we want to determine from you whether this supernatural and spiritual phenomenon is a spiritual attack, letting people die in hallucinations; or directly interfering with reality and changing matter.”

Captain Zhou felt that his level of knowledge was not enough. “Which way do you want to understand now?”

“When we got the video of the female ghost, we all agreed that this supernatural stuff can directly intervene in reality and change the material world…because if it isn’t the case, the monitoring equipment couldn’t capture the ghosts!”

With a national-certified special psychology medal on the chest, an expert coughed and said. “But by consulting you and searching for the strange situation of the high-speed rail passengers in Nanchang, Jiangxi. No one was missing, so we can roughly draw conclusions!”

“Whether it is a ghost or black and white mages, they can interfere with reality and change matter in a small area, but once the scale rise, they can only move at the spiritual level.”

Captain Zhou said thoughtfully. “Now I understand this conclusion. Can we attack or resist against ghosts?”
“If we can’t do it, we can make early warning that there will be a ghost in a certain place!”

A member of the think tank looked serious.

Finally, the head number 1 smiled and eased the atmosphere. “Don’t worry so much. Science is about collecting data, summarizing phenomena, and exploring the essence of law…”

“We don’t have to rush it. We should take it slowly.”

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