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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 21 - Zenith Novels

I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 21

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 21: First Time in A Coffin

Now was not the time to explore his ultimate strength.

He had to carry out the plan to fool the people of the country.

Thinking, Hu Feng consumed a little fudge value.

He turned around at the same place, and the original modern dress immediately became a kind of black robe with excellent workmanship and smooth silk.

No collar and wide cuffs, it was similar to Yip Man’s dress in the movie of Wing Chun.

The first time he entered the coffin, he was a little nervous.

His eyes turned to the closed coffin in the tomb.

With a thought, the coffin cover weighing 300 kilograms creaked and then was suspended in the air.

Stepping out, the distance of dozens of meters to the tomb was like nothing.

Hu Feng lay in the coffin.

At the next moment, the cover of the coffin suspending in the air dropped.

The lovers lamp with bronze patina on the surface and the meteorite inside, was flashing with weak light and still standing on the coffin.

Closed in the narrow coffin, Hu Feng didn’t have the pain of suffocation because of the lack of oxygen.

His eyes were slightly opened.

Surrounded by dark and dull environment, in his opinion, though his appearance didn’t change, his inner life form was no longer an ordinary human being.

Not to mention a little air problem, even staying in the coffin for hundreds of years without food, Hu Feng would only be weak but not starve to death like ordinary people.

The camouflage started working.

Lying in the coffin, his whole person began to change quickly.

Not long after, a young man of about twenty-seven years old, with a slender and strong body, extraordinary temperament, a handsome face and a tall nose, showed up.

With a few coughs, Hu Feng had become accustomed to the deep, powerful voice, and the new identity he had set for himself!

From now on, I am in love with Lin Qingxue, a female disciple of Kunlun. But because of my unsuccessful achievements, I wanted to clear the humiliation. I took the initiative to challenge the Japanese army, but was killed. I am Meng Jingyu!

“Next, I probably should consume a lot of fudge values to search for antique merchants, tomb thieves and other guys in the nearby black market.”

“Use psychological suggestion to stimulate their greed, let them ‘inadvertently’ find this closed underground tomb.”

“If I do this, will I consume too much? I only have a little over 15,000. I can’t afford it…”

He wondered how to make people take the initiative to dig him out.

However, one thing he didn’t expect happened!


The rainstorm caused mudslides in this mountainous area of Xi’an!

The tumultuous mudslides not only caused many landslides, but also caused the ancient tombs that Hu Feng created to be cracked.

The side burial chambers, the burial pits, the painted murals, and the tombs were all exposed.

In the villages nearby in the highlands, villagers had noticed the unusual scene here.

As the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, under the land, it was possible that unknown ancient tombs of countless wealthy princes and officers were hidden here.

Therefore, people were used to the situation of the tombs being exposed because of natural disasters.

The rumbling sound of mudslide was gone, and some of the courageous villagers had already worn raincoats, carried bamboo poles, and gathered with shovel in their hands.

Instead of reporting to the government, they liked to search first and take away the antiques in the tomb that could obviously be sold for a good price.

After all, this ancient tomb was unusual! Despite being in the dark and dull coffin, Hu Feng’s perception was sharp!

It was easy to detect these villagers slowly gathering in their own places and walking over from kilometers away.

Hu Feng originally wanted to give them psychological hints and persuade them not to come.

But he thought that instead of spending a lot of fudge value to find the tomb thief to dig himself out, it was better to let these villagers bring their own tools to do it.

Anyway, what he wanted was just to be witnessed that he was the secret martial arts master who came out of the grave!

Hu Feng lay leisurely in the coffin.

His perception easily went through the soil, like a live broadcast, he watched the villagers digging.

When they first saw the huge pattern of the cracked ancient tomb, the villagers were simply ecstatic.

Everyone couldn’t care about the mudslide that might happen again.

They rushed over and picked up the funerary objects.

Even when Hu Feng first created the ancient tomb, he did prepare a variety of things.

But considering the number of the villagers in front of him, the funerary objects were obviously not enough.

Gold and silver beads, jade ornaments, silk woven clothing, copper lacquerware, Han Dynasty coins…

Everything that could be taken away from the tomb was finished, but there were many villagers who just arrived and got nothing.

It was unfair!

Everyone found the ancient tomb.

How could they go home without any treasure?

Holding an indignant attitude, some villagers loudly threatened that they wanted funerary objects, or they would immediately call the police, so then no one would get anything!

Some latecomer who gained nothing simply stood out and supported them, threatening others to share some antiques, otherwise they should give them to the country!

After arguing for a while, finally the village chief came up with an idea.

“Everybody! The rule is that whoever comes first gets it!”

“Damn! If you don’t give us today, I will call the police and nobody would get it!”

“Yes, or I will immediately call 911!”

Someone had already taken out the phone, ready to call 911.

The village chief quickly dissuaded them.

“Why are you so angry? We all live in the same village. In fact, you may not know that the most precious and valuable thing in this ancient tomb hasn’t been dug up yet!”

“Think about it. Is the stuff buried with the tomb valuable?”

“We searched for a long time in this place, but at most we found things outside the coffin. If we dig out the coffin, and the treasures will be enough for us!”

Observing the facial expressions of everyone around, the village chief immediately added.

“I can promise that as long as the coffin is dug out, you can choose everything first. Those who have already picked up the antiques should choose later.”

After the speech, it immediately evoked the interest of the villagers who gained nothing.

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