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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 22

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 22: What Time Is It Now?

“We will pick it first, but why should you continue to choose?”

Thinking a little bit, some of these villagers were firmly opposed to the village chief’s idea.

“Well, how about, after finding the main burial room coffin, you get 60%.”

“No, look at the heavy antiques in your hands. You still want more?”

The village chief was also annoyed. “70%. This is the limit!”

But a tempered person jumped out with a sickle. “Don’t be silly, okay?”

“Only stupid people will make deals with you. We want all!”

Suddenly, it was once again chaotic.

Hu Feng almost fell asleep.

When can you dig me out?

After more than half an hour of arguing, hundreds of villagers finally reached an agreement.

The one who hadn’t got anything could get 80% and have to priority to the antique treasures in the coffin.

The villagers who had already harvested the antiques in the tomb must help, to dig together to find the main tomb.

Hundreds of iron shovels were digging.

Everyone was sweating.

Finally, under the hard work of so many people, the coffin that Hu Feng lived in was finally seen again.

“Wow! This coffin has been buried in the tomb for so many years, but this copper lamp was still burning all the time.

“It’s amazing!” When the coffin was just unearthed, some villagers noticed the faint fire of the lovers lamp.

They suddenly screamed and shouted.

But after more people turned to look, they didn’t find it burning.

Not only did it have no lamp oil, but the copper lamp looked even more quiet.

What burning?


“Are you crazy? You just saw the copper lamp on the coffin, and you think it’s a valuable?”

But some villagers, who also noticed the burning of copper lamp held the opposite attitude. “I also saw the fire!”

“Really! I’m not lying to you.”

It was clear that there was no lamp oil at all, but there were people who claimed that they saw its fire…

This incredible situation really made a lot of people secretly doubt whether there was something unclean in this ancient tomb.

Some superstitious elders insisted on burying the coffin in the soil, so as not to violate the ghosts and gods.

Hu Feng in the coffin smiled, and he tried not to laugh. In order to highlight the peculiarity, he made a weird setting.

When the coffin was touched by outsiders, the weak flare would be automatically extinguished.

“The sky is clear. What a clear sky?” The village chief was busy cheering on everyone.

“The coffin is in front of everyone, and a whole layer of antique treasures are inside. If we don’t open it, it is wasting our time.”

In the face of possible ghosts, and the coffins filled with antiques, most of the villagers chose the latter without much thinking.

The village chief then selected a dozen young and self-promoting adults, and then began to work together to open in.

The copper lamp seemed fearful.

All the men stayed far from it, as if the copper lamp didn’t exist.

“One, two, three!”


With steel shovels, sticks and ropes, they shouted and cooperated to open it.

The coffin cover ‘sealed for many years and full of dust’ was finally opened by the villagers.

“Hey! Let’s see how many antiques are there inside.”

Putting down the tools, the village chief and others came over and squatted over the coffin.

Being cautious, they all took off their shirts and dipped them into water to cover their nose and mouth.

According to those superstitious elders, this could avoid the possibility of poisoning in the coffin.

With a glance, all the onlookers were stunned!

There was no vomiting corpse smell and layers of buried funeral gold and silver antiques…

Inside the wide coffin, there was only one young man lying straight and wearing a black gown.

He looked alive.

His skin was clean, there was no rotten smell, his hair was normal, and his eyes were slightly closed.

If they didn’t dig out the coffin themselves, the village chief and others wouldn’t have believed it.

This wasn’t a strong young man who fell asleep, but an ancient corpse from other dynasty!

It was too scary!

This situation shocked so many villagers around, and made them fall back.

“This corpse is very evil!”

“Isn’t it a zombie?”

“In short, we must deal with this quickly! My wife and children are so scared! If the coffin remains, they dare not stay in the village to sleep.”

“Burn the body and coffin with petrol?”

“No. The coffin wood is very strong, it can be used to make a bed or a door!”

“The body and the grave is so strange, and you still want to keep the coffin to make a door. Do not want to live?”

Deliberately keeping women, children, and elder far from the coffin, the village chief and other adults squatted in place and started smoking, to discuss what to do.


Wondering, the village chief and others suddenly heard a cry.

Looking up, it turned out that their wives and children were trembling and screaming.

“What? Don’t you see that we are busy?”

The village chief stood up and groaned.

However, the village chief immediately discovered that the women and children looked more and more frightened, especially his own wife.

She even pointed to him, and she was scared that she started murmuring. “Fake…fake! Run!”

Not waiting for the village chief to turn around, a strange hand had already reached his shoulder.

Looking at the people around him, all of them looked pale and shouted.

“You son of a bitch, don’t run away. Come here and save me!” The village chief sounded terrified.

But even so, he couldn’t escape.

Because the hand on the shoulder firmly fixed him in place, not only he couldn’t move, but he had no strength to turn around.

Looking at the villagers running crazily, until they had all gone.

His heart beat fast, the village chief now felt the first time in his life what it was like to die!

Just as the village head had completely stopped struggling, what the body said behind suddenly pulled him back to reality.

“Excuse me, where is here? What do you mean by this dress? Am I saved by you?”

The village chief only felt confused.

The young body in the coffin actually went to the front and started saying something strange.

“Are you a man or a ghost?” The village chief’s teeth were trembling.

At this moment, Hu Feng gave full play to his personal acting skills.

His face looked puzzled.

He shook his head and asked. “What do you mean by saying this? Of course I am a human! Touch my hand if you don’t believe me.”

Gently touching his palm, it was warm.

At this moment, the village chief finally let out a sigh of relief. He wiped off the sweats on his forehead.

He looked at Hu Feng and said. “Because you just got dug out by us from the coffin! I dug it out!”

“You don’t believe it? This is the coffin!”

“How is it possible?” Hu Feng kept shaking his head.

He looked at the coffin pointed by the village chief, and his face looked shocked and surprised!

“Is it 1937? Where is the Japanese occupied China’s territory now? Who is the president of the Republic of China today?”

The village chief was shocked.

“Which age do you come from?”

“The Japanese have surrendered unconditionally in 1945! Now there is no more president of the Republic of China, but only a new China!”

“How many years have you slept in the coffin?”

“What?” Hu Feng’s eyes widened to the limit.

And his facial expressions kept changing.

From confusion, madness, joy and gratification.

I really need to perform delicately and exquisitely the emotions of a secret martial arts master of Minguo, who got awakened from from the grave.

Hu Feng was amazed by his performance!

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