I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 24

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 24: Into Chongyang Palace!

After receiving a call from the villagers that claimed that an underground tomb was unearthed in the middle of the mountain, and that the body inside the coffin came out alive, a large number of policemen drove over quickly.

However, at the moment, Meng Jingyu, the incarnation of Hu Feng, had already left. Coincidentally, the village chief down the hill just happened to bump into the police officers who heard the news.

“Mr. Policeman, what I said is true, I swear to God!” The village chief pointed his finger to the sky.

He couldn’t wait to swear that what he said was truth.

“That’s good, I will repeat everything you explained to me!” Officer Huang, who led the team, looked at him as if looking at a mentally retarded person.

“About an hour ago, because of the geological disasters such as mudslides, an ancient tomb was exposed to the surface, and all the villagers came to pick up the treasure. Because of the unevenness, you argued for a long time and finally reached a deal. Then you began to dig the grave out to collect treasure…”

“When digging into the coffin of the main burial chamber, some of you found a weird lamp that could still be ignited without lamp oil…”

“Then in the coffin you dug out, there was a body who looked like a living person. The body suddenly became alive and claimed to be a person of Minguo. He not only didn’t hurt you, but also asked you how to use your mobile phone and learned modern simplified characters. When he left, he took your phone away…”

“Mr. Policeman, is there anything wrong with this? This is what I experienced, I said it all!” The village chief frowned and asked.

Repeatedly looking at him, Officer Huang questioned him. “Do I look like an idiot?”

The village chief shook his head decisively. “No, you look normal.”

“That’s good!” Waving his hand, Officer Huang gestured to the police officer behind him.

“Bring this criminal suspect back and interrogate him!”

“I suspect that this is a premeditated theft of the ancient tombs!”

“The village chief deceived the villagers with a fake body, immediately took away the body, and sold them to other places.”

“In Xi’an, among the tomb thieves arrested every year, there are many people selling bodies. The more complete the bodies are, the higher the price they can be sold abroad!”

Before the village chief could struggle, he had been forced to sit in a police car.

Watching him leave, Officer Huang looked at his partner in the criminal investigation department. “Zhang, what about the information about the stolen bodies? Did you collect anything?”

“Some villagers have taken pictures with mobile phones when they opened the coffin. The appearance of the corpse is clear.”

The partner took out a stack of photos that had just been washed out.

It was Meng Jingyu closing his eyes and sleeping on the photos.

“Back at the police station, we can issue a national network of wanted orders with backstage processes. We can call on the departments in the country to find someone smuggling the body and decisively intercept it.”

“Well, this well-preserved corpse is really a rare treasure in our archaeological history.”

Officer Huang nodded with satisfaction.

“I remember that back in the 80’s, the 1000-year-old female body that wasn’t rotted in Mawangdui Han Tombs cannot even be compared with the male corpse we found today!”

“As long as we can find this male corpse, we will definitely be promoted!”

Officer Huang and others couldn’t expect that ‘male body’ they tried to find had now sneaked into the famous Taoist temple in Shaanxi – Chongyang Palace.

Chongyang Palace wasn’t simple.

Its full name was Chongyang Wanshou Palace.

It was the holy place of Taoism of the world.

This was the place where Wang Chongyang repaired and practiced Tao in his early years and his bones were buried in his later years, also known as Tao Palace.

In addition, despite the great influence of Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, the true religion was still quite famous among Chinese people today.

The famous scenic spots ‘Tomb of the Living Dead’, ‘Tomb of Chongyang’, and ‘Seven True Hall’ were widely known.

Hu Feng felt that he was now playing the role of this Meng Jingyu.

Since he wanted to find Taoist and Buddhist monks to help him find his partner Lin Qingxue, how could he not come to Chongyang Palace to give a try?

In the ticket hall at the foot of the mountain, many tourists were waiting in line for sightseeing.

In a black long gown, with long hair, Hu Feng didn’t wait in line like ordinary people.

He tipped his foot gently and jumped easily to the top of the fence where people lined up, then rushed forward like a dragon.

In order to show the visitors this moves, Hu Feng deliberately suppressed the speed to a very slow degree.

But even so, in just a dozen seconds, he rushed to the front of the team, from the end of the queue.

Without the protection of any rope tools, he walked easily at the top of the fence, which shocked numerous tourists!

“God, who is he?”

“Is he a martial arts master? It’s difficult for cats to walk on a narrow fence. How can he do it?”

“I have already uploaded it to Tiktok. Oh, I can feel that it will go viral!”

“Is it a popular stunt actor arranged by the office to create an atmosphere? When I came to Chongyang Palace a few years ago, why didn’t I see it then? Is it new?”

“Mom, is he performing acrobatics?”

Witnessing Hu Feng calmly passing the top of the queuing fence quickly, a child who came to Chongyang Palace with his parents looked up at his back and asked curiously.

But his parents, at this moment, were also stunned.

They looked shocked and confused.

“Daddy and mother don’t know either…”

For the exclamation of these tourists behind, Hu Feng smiled and didn’t respond, but jumped into the ticket hall.

“Is here the road heading to Chongyang Wanshou Palace?” Hu Feng pointed to the entrance to the ticket hall and asked. 

Because the ticket seller was in the hall, he didn’t seem to have seen his amazing feat at all. 

He turned and answered. “It is right here, but the cable car has just started. You have to wait.”

“Thank you.” Getting an accurate answer, Hu Feng smiled and then went straight to the cable car entrance.

He didn’t buy a ticket.

Noticing that he wanted to get in, several security guards in the hall quickly came over and stopped.

“What are you doing? Don’t mess around, get out!”

Without answering, Hu Feng’s shoulders shook slightly.

An invisible force rushed towards them. Before the security guards could get close enough, they all fell down.

At the next moment, on the horrified looks of the tourists and staff, Hu Feng jumped forward and took a few steps, then stepped on one of the steel ropes of the cable car to move quickly and carelessly.

On the cable several kilometers from the ground, Hu Feng didn’t rely on any protective tools.

After he kept the balance, he advanced toward the top of the mountain at high speed.

At this moment, inside and outside the ticketing hall, the whole scene was silent, and people could even hear the sound of each other’s heartbeat.

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